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We are a divided country of normally sane, caring, intelligent people....but with opposing views politically.

This is not to bring compromise but understanding. These links show what each side, for the most part, believe. 


1.  Biden is a great president.

    Trump is a great president. 

2.  Biden should be in jail.

Capt. Seth Keshel, Mar 28, 2022


Complaints are only useful if they are paired with solutions.  We already know enough about 2020 to make a national case for decertification.  In all truthfulness, we are only able to “stay in our lanes,” which is, interestingly enough, Lesson 2 in my forthcoming book, Ten Veteran Lessons for Every Day.  Staying in our lanes means to not get distracted with the final outcomes when there is still plenty of work to be done by teams, whether they are exposing fraud through analysis or canvassing, arguing in court, or contributing content through the new media.  Keep on the pathway to fixing every problem you encounter.

Here are the Ten Points to True Election Integrity:

I.               Clean Out the Voter Rolls

II.              Ban All Electronic Elections Equipment

                We used to vote without electronics but convenience, corruption, and money won out. Getting rid of machines means deleting an entire industry and replacing with another.


Oops! ERIC laying down on the job? Despite being sold as voter roll help, Soros funded ERIC appears to be a data gathering program who takes that info and gives it to liberal left leaning groups.

Where counties used to take care of their own rolls, ERIC has taken over. It appears we are going to one Federal voting roll data base controlled by unknown users.

States need to withdraw from ERIC. Voters need to vote in person.


Alabma is leaving ERIC.  Thank you Wes Allan

“I made a promise that I would withdraw Alabama from ERIC and I am keeping that promise,” Allen said in a statement. “I have informed them, via certified letter, that upon my inauguration on January 16, 2023, Alabama will immediately and permanently cease to transmit any information regarding any citizen in the State of Alabama to their organization and that we will no longer participate in any aspect of the ERIC program.”


Florida Voice News reporter, Eric Daugherty:

Voting in Multiple States

On November

In response to Biden's Philadelphia Speech accusing half of America as a threat, DeSantis, Governor DeSantis of Florida points out some facts. He lists problems with the Biden administration policies:

  1. Open border
  2. Knee-capped American energy
  3. Inflated the currency, worst inflation in over 40 years


Biden is the "American Nero". Nero is famous for killing his mother, two wives, possibly being the cause of Rome's great fire, building the burnt part into his own palace, and blaming everything on the Christians. He increased taxes to pay for poor and inappropriate use of the nation's wealth.This lead to the killing of Peter, Paul, and many Christians. This he did before he died at 30.


Our President is actually whoever the teleprompter writer is. He may respond to questions contrary to what he says in speeches and what "someone" writes for him on Twitter. 

Whoever is in power is mobilizing our country to go against anyone they don't like. They want to control with mask mandates, vaccine mandates wha

Did you miss the conference or simply want to hear the speakers again?

Click here for recording.

A collection of America First patriots gathering to help save our country and focusing on Florida elections. What is being done? What needs to be done? What can be done?



Carolyn Ryan, Independent Journalist and Commentator

Patrick Byrne, CEO The America Project and Former CEO, Overstock

Laura Loomer, Florida Congressional Candidate

Raj Doraisamy, Founder Defend Florida

Anthony Sabatini, Florida State Representative

Dr. Douglas Frank, World Reknowned Physcist

Tim Canova, Professor of Law and Public Finance

Mark Finchem, Candidate, Secretary of State, Arizona

Seth Keshel, Elections Expert

Jim Marchant, Candidate, Secretary of State, Nevada

Kristina Karamo, Candidate, Secretary of State Michigan


American Citizens & Candidates Forum for Election Integrity

Listing of Future and Past forums
Plus Registration for Newsletter

In 2021 she was told that her reporting in regard to the vaccine and medicine for Covid-19 had to be checked to make sure it would be acceptable to upper echelon. Contact with Project Veritas, secret recordings, and loss of her job at Fox 26 sent her on a new path. 

Now unencumbered from censorship, she is free to report REAL news. She owns Ivory Media LLC where she is "Covering news that matters most to the people who love their individual liberty, free from corporate overlords, untethered by special interest."


And she is EVERYWHERE!


Ivory Hecker runs down the importance of what is happening right now in the midterms and interviews the co-founder of Defend Florida.


Training is important to become more effective in regard to voting and identifying election issues in regard to voter rolls and mail in ballots.  Ballots may have the wrong candidates. The website to go to for this training is Defend the Midterms . 


  1. People are not going to show up to vote because it

A great site for all Floridians and patriots -- Alfie Oakes for America


Whenever Alfie Oakes detects a need, he jumps in. He went door to door to give out food and water to communities effected by hurrican Ian. He enabled various ministries to give out resources. He researched, endorsed, and helped support America First candidates.  

He is a farmer, businessman and patriot. His three stores are Seed to Table, Oakes Farms, and Food and Thought

Alfie Oakes is one of the rare gutsy, true leaders of truth who from the beginning of the pandemic refused to enforce masks, social distancing, and vaccines. Like Mike Lindell, he paid a price for his stance and lost accounts. He did not bow.

Alfie & Joe Ladapo

Florida Surgeon General Lapado and Alfie Oakes.

He has been on Tucker CarlsonReAwaken Tour, Alex Jones, Liberty & Justice, John DiLemme, Bannons War Room, He shares information on how global and national events are impacting each of our lives and of special concern is the cost of farming and the availability o


Votifynow is a free ap--by the people, for the people.

Johnny Vieira speaks about votifynow on the John Fredericks Show  October 13, 2022

2 Prong Approach

1. Reported incident, verified, put on app. Hotspots show up on phone screen--color coded.

2. Chain of custody of severe incidents are stored for future possible evidence as needed.

Everyone needs this app. 

The vast amount of information that must be verified requires volunteers who have access to administration. This has also been taken care of and if you are interested let Votifynow know.

  1. Notify others of election irregularities as it happens
  2. Check for and report mail-in ballot issues
  3. Monitor polling stations
  4. Acquire share, and rate candidate information
  5. Find school board and city council meetings
  6. Coming soon--walk your neighborhood and update voter lists
  7. Coming soon--your own ideas

Available for Android and iPhone

Google Play
App Store  

Installation Steps



Election Integrity

Candidate Awareness




Get this app today t

Election Integrity Network and Who's Counting with Cleta Mitchell is a project of Conservative Partnership Institute. We are a coalition of conservative leaders, organizations, public officials and citizens dedicated to securing the legality of every American vote. EIN is lead by CPI Senior Legal Fellow for Election Integrity, attorney Cleta Mitchell, a nationally recognized election law attorney, author, scholar and advocate.


CPI is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization located in Washington, D.C. It was founded in 2017 by former U.S. Senator and CPI Chairman Jim DeMint, and joined this year by former Trump White House Chief of Staff and former U.S. Congressman Mark Meadows, who now serves as CPI Senior Partner.

Making it “Easy to Vote and Hard to Cheat”


  • To make the goal of ‘easy to vote and hard to cheat’ a reality in every voting jurisdiction in America.
  • To protect the federalist system enshrined in the US Constitution that vests the primary authority for election systems and administr

We do not have to do everything, but we all have to do something. 



1. If you get a mail-in-ballot and are going in to vote in person, do not open the ballot.

  1. Take a picture of the unopened ballot.

  2. Take the ballot with you to the polls but leave it in the car.

  3. If you are told you have already voted, this means someone has voted for you and used your name. Politely note the workers name from their badge and step outside to call your sheriff.

  4. (Put your sheriff's number on your phone--NOW!).

  5. Tell the sheriff your name and that you have a problem with Identity Theft. Some one has used your name to vote.

  6. Give them the name of the person you talked to and explain what happened.

  7. When they arrive you can show them your unopened ballot and the sheriff can go inside and talk with the poll worker.

  8. Be polite and respectful.

2. While you are in the voting booth, look at your Bluetooth to see (and take Picture) of which voting machines are connected to the internet

3. Preserve evidence, Gather evidence. We mus

Article on Gateway Punditby Jim Hoft, September 24, 2022

With information from The West Bend Daily News by Grayson Sewell


It was recommended to Washington County to hand count the governor and US Senate in several places. This was to provide trust in regard to the machines

They decided to hand recount all of the county.

If the count is good--Yay!

If the count is bad we will have evidence of fraud.

The end game plan--do not use the current Voting System Machines. Initially this will be a good bit of money but after people are trained and the current way of running the election has been updated there will be less expense.

Fortunately the county will be able to use $75,000 to move to the next stage..

Washington County plans to hand recount the governor, lieutenant governor and the US Senate races. They have up to $50,000 to use for the recount.

PLEASE encourage other counties to also hand recount. The more information the better. 

There will be a county executive committee meeting October 19, 4pm

September 24, 2022. Full house. No pictures please.




Things done:

1. Information on CVRs received by county and on Frankspeech. They gave records of almost 400,000 votes cast but there is no information to link the data with a certain machine or timestamp of input. 

2. Reviewed the Aug 23, 2022 primaries for watchers, workers

3. Report by REC Chairman on Seth Keshel's findings on the changes in numbers of Republican and Democratic voters in regard to party of president selection


4. Visitor from Santa Rosa Election Integrity Committee. Contact for sharing information betwee the two counties. 

5. Chair requested CVR from SOE. Was given a response and then a "disregard our response". Waiting for new response. 


Things to do:

1. Letter to SOE to detail problems, probably due to improper training. If reoccurs, a formal report will be made.

2. Get backup to watcher organizer, as she fell sick and was unable to get early votes watched.

3. Reach out more at community and church events

4. Find rules for

Article on RSBN network by Summer Lane, on September 23, 2022



Speckin, who we just saw named in the Pennsylvania suit against Dominion, has been busy. 36,000 ballots from 2020 show discrepancies. More information can be found on Gateway Pundit in a September 19, 2022 article by Brian Lupo. Here is Speckin's video: September 17, 2022 10.5 minute Rumble. 48 minute February 1, 2022 interview with Nick Moseder. .9.5 min video with Gail Golec on February 1, 2022. 


He also found that in 61 batches of 200 ballots that 58 had 90% for Biden AND 3 had 90% for Trump. This is very strange because Arizona has been red and why was each batch having 90%?! 


All that was dropped because of threat by Arizona election officials.. Senate president Hobbs threatened that Speckins work must be dropped our their liability would not be covered. So buried. 10825583253?profile=RESIZE_710x

While the above had to do with evidence found at Ma

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Article by Kanekoa the Great on September 21, 2022

and BillLawrenceOnline and Truth Press

 Pennsylvania County Sues Dominion Voting Systems for 'Unauthorized Python Script' & 'Foreign IP Address'

Fulton County, Pennsylvania filed a lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems this morning for a “breach of contract”.


Why? Breach of contract


  • Unable to reconcile data and actual votes during 2020 election
  • Ballot scanning errors and installed non-certified data base
  • Report presented September 15, 2022 showed issues that broke contract between Fulton county and Dominion
  • Log files showed 4.2% error rate but federal government says error rate  should be 0.0004%
  • Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools were installed and are not Election Assistance Commission certified
  • Log files show Quebec, Canada, IP address
  • Log files show unauthorized script installed after certification
  • The script made machines vulnerable to outside access, data export and import PLUS no recording/logging of manipulation on ALL inspected ma

Video by CD Media, by Todd Wood, September 10, 2022. 16 minutes

Henry Zarb interview. Miami Dade  voter rolls off by 98,000. Research shows possible fraud issues. 


Election Integrity and the veracity of voting machines is of concern to most Americans. This is information we should all know about as we set out to make our elections more transparent and verifiable.
Henry Zarb is the head of the Miami-Dade Republican Executive Committee Integrity Subcommittee. He used the National Change of Address (NCOA) database to check the voting rolls and found a 6%+ failure rate. This database is maintained by the United States Postal Service to use when people change their address and fill out a form to notify the post office of their new address.
This database is provided to everyone. Mass mailing companies use this database to update their addresses so they don't send out mail to people at bad addresses, thereby wasting postage.
The particular service used by Henry Zarb is called True

An Article on Midwest Seeds by Erik van Mechelen, September 9, 2022

The entire title is provocative with action and hope: 

Silenced But Not Ignored

Influence Operations, Plausible Deniability, and Why the Physical Ballots and CVR Reports are Key – Those Who Control the Machines Control Who Wins, But We Don't Have to Use the Enslavement Devices


Van Mechelen again shows his ability to write intelligently, mastering the English language with prose while mastering what needs to be done to fix what has been foiced on the American people and most especially the state of Minnesota.

  1. Muzzling our voices
  2. Muzzling AND experimenting on our children

Van Mechelen--attempted silencing by GOP. YOU SHALL NOT PASS! You shall not speak unless approved.

Electronic voting dangers--big No, no.

You will not speak at the endorsing convention.

You will not speak with Bishofsky

You will not present in Rochester

Change your message and we will let you "talk".

No. No. No.

We will NOT let the machines be in control. We are a f