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A great site for all Floridians and patriots -- Alfie Oakes for America


Whenever Alfie Oakes detects a need, he jumps in. He went door to door to give out food and water to communities effected by hurrican Ian. He enabled various ministries to give out resources. He researched, endorsed, and helped support America First candidates.  

He is a farmer, businessman and patriot. His three stores are Seed to Table, Oakes Farms, and Food and Thought

Alfie Oakes is one of the rare gutsy, true leaders of truth who from the beginning of the pandemic refused to enforce masks, social distancing, and vaccines. Like Mike Lindell, he paid a price for his stance and lost accounts. He did not bow.

Alfie & Joe Ladapo

Florida Surgeon General Lapado and Alfie Oakes.

He has been on Tucker CarlsonReAwaken Tour, Alex Jones, Liberty & Justice, John DiLemme, Bannons War Room, He shares information on how global and national events are impacting each of our lives and of special concern is the cost of farming and the availability o