Election Integrity Segments

Required Components for Increased Election Integrity


Voter Roll Clean up

Analyze county and state data, identify inaccuracies, and advocate for clean-up. Work with state officials to have your state exit the ERIC system.



Create working relationships with your Sheriff so you can share knowledge with them, advocate for lawful conduct regarding the ballot counting process as well as solicit their participation in enforcing your state's election laws.


Supervisor of Elections / County Clerks / REC

Creating viable relationships with as many of the election officers in your county as well as your county Party groups is necessary.


Identify counties in your state most likely to revoke the use of machines and utilize the process outlined here to begin the revocation process


Review your state's election process procedures (Election Code / Statutes), identify gaps, and advocate for necessary legislation change.


Once you have understood your state's existing election code, work with your states executive branch to prioritize the enforcement of existing election procedure laws

Media Pressure

All the above will likely require strategic public pressure on specific individuals who are breaking the laws of your state or who are intentionally blockading the wishes of your state's residents.  Apply this pressure by identifying and working with your friendly local radio stations, podcasters, vloggers, bloggers, and influencers.  After you have achieved a beachhead in your local area with Local Media, work with national influencers to magnify your pressure campaign. 



Provide training and new findings to grassroots volunteers and train on how to create allies with as many of the 3000+ existing precinct groups is necessary.  Join these groups and earn sufficient support to establish alliances. Specifically train group leaders on how to persuade, resolve conflict and scale their group's influence. incentivize leaders to coordinate with others to minimize duplication and increase coverage


Candidate Success

Train candidates to win.  Train volunteers on how to adopt and collaborate with candidates.