Fulton County, Pennsylvania Sues Dominion Voting

Article by Kanekoa the Great on September 21, 2022

and BillLawrenceOnline and Truth Press

 Pennsylvania County Sues Dominion Voting Systems for 'Unauthorized Python Script' & 'Foreign IP Address'

Fulton County, Pennsylvania filed a lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems this morning for a “breach of contract”.


Why? Breach of contract


  • Unable to reconcile data and actual votes during 2020 election
  • Ballot scanning errors and installed non-certified data base
  • Report presented September 15, 2022 showed issues that broke contract between Fulton county and Dominion
  • Log files showed 4.2% error rate but federal government says error rate  should be 0.0004%
  • Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools were installed and are not Election Assistance Commission certified
  • Log files show Quebec, Canada, IP address
  • Log files show unauthorized script installed after certification
  • The script made machines vulnerable to outside access, data export and import PLUS no recording/logging of manipulation on ALL inspected machines
  • The Quebec address was found at same workstation that had Python script
  • Security patch not updated since April 10, 2019
  • Username/passwords not changed since installation
  • Extra software: Solitaire and MS Edge
  • No training or system manuals
  • Logic and Accuracy Testing Requirement not fulfilled


Rumble by Nick Moseder

Who investigated? Wake Technology Services, February 2021 and Speckin Forensics Laboratories, July 2022. 


What did they look at? Forensic images of six hard drives

Side note--Company's executive vice president was threatened and harassed





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