Research on 2020 Election Process

Todd Bufington
I made this video of 2020 CO election results - proof an algorithm set the results

Michele Swinick
How Mari-Corruption County STOLE The Nov 8th Arizona Election & Committed a FELONY!




Working with local leaders (Election and local party officials)

Dan Schultz - PC Strategy: 
If you are not yet a voting member of your local Republican committee, go to to start learning and watch my podcasts on Search: precinct strategy schultz, sort by Most Recent

Precinct Strategy Weekly Call with Steve Stern and Michelle Swinick - call Steve Stern at  954-562-5225 for access 
Text ACTION to 91776

How to effectively work with Elected Officials from Washington to your local state and county with Ivan Raiklin


Albert Sensors

Candidate Success

We do not endorse nor do we fundraise.  Please learn about these leaders:

Tina Peters - running for GOP Chair AZ
Twitter Truth and Telegram Send the movie

Caroline Calarusso -running for Congress

Media Pressure

Steve Stern
The Flag Shirt

Action Radio
A fully interactive system of listeners, expert guests, social media, writing bills, legislator input, bill submission, lobbying, and citizen action.



Write Your Laws 
Where you can: write, comment, share, submit, advocate, lobby, and track, the legislation YOU consent to be governed by!

Refer to this draft by Diane Warner

Cleta Mitchell
Election Integrity Network

On-demand video training
Check if there is a team in your area:

Captain Seth Kehsel
Four The Core

Contact Seth at

Tim Meisburger
National Conference for Election Reform
We The People Election Integrity Priorities

Raj Doraisamy
Defend Our Union

On demand training + skilled teams + assignments
8 Ways to Protect Your Next Election Book