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In response to Biden's Philadelphia Speech accusing half of America as a threat, DeSantis, Governor DeSantis of Florida points out some facts. He lists problems with the Biden administration policies:

  1. Open border
  2. Knee-capped American energy
  3. Inflated the currency, worst inflation in over 40 years


Biden is the "American Nero". Nero is famous for killing his mother, two wives, possibly being the cause of Rome's great fire, building the burnt part into his own palace, and blaming everything on the Christians. He increased taxes to pay for poor and inappropriate use of the nation's wealth.This lead to the killing of Peter, Paul, and many Christians. This he did before he died at 30.


Our President is actually whoever the teleprompter writer is. He may respond to questions contrary to what he says in speeches and what "someone" writes for him on Twitter. 

Whoever is in power is mobilizing our country to go against anyone they don't like. They want to control with mask mandates, vaccine mandates wha