Uniting America

We are a divided country.

How can we utterly believe such opposing views?  Normally sane, caring, intelligent people....

Today a long time friend and I met for lunch. We are on opposite sides politically. Normally we simply skirt politics but today we spent some time trying to understand each other.

We are polar opposites. She wants to lock up Trump and throw away the key and thinks Biden is awesome and has no dementia. She is very angry about the RoeV Wade decision. The only thing we agreed on is that we don't like McConnel and don't trust Fox. She thinks NPR is unbiased because they interviewed McCain.

She never heard of Ray Epps, believes Jan 6 hearing is unbiased and true and that Trump stole top secret materials and hid them with his golf clubs. Also, no other president before did such a thing. She believes Jan 6ers are in jail justly and a cop was killed by MAGA people. She thinks this all a conspiracy to take over our country by the GOP and pastors like Jerry Falwell. She believes a fetus is not a life any more than a kidney is. She does believe that MSN is not that great for news. She never heard of Konnech or Yu. 

She can't stand MTG or Boebert. While I think they are heroic.

She thinks people on welfare should get a shot so they can't have more children and I think people on welfare should have a one year limit.

She thinks everyone in America should get $1000 a month and we buy one less jet.

We finally agreed to disagree knowing that we are both trying to save America but so differently.


My idea is to look at proof of both sides

At first we tried to work together, but found we could not agree on sources. I invite the reader to decide the veracity of each link. They are not presented as undeniable proof but to give you a sense of where each side is coming from. 

Most of the links for both sides come from me, as I strive to look at this from both sides. 

This is not to bring compromise but understanding of each other. These links show what each side, for the most part, believe. 


1.  Biden is a great president.

    Trump is a great president. 

2.  Biden should be in jail.

    Trump should be in jail.

3.  Biden does not have dementia.

    Biden does have dementia.   

4.  Roe vs Wade decsion was horrible

    Roe vs Wade decision was awesome

5.  McConnell is bad from Democrat view

    McConnell is bad from Republican view

6.  Fox is bad from Democrat view

    Fox is bad from Republican view

7. NPR is unbiased

    NPR is biased 

8.  Why Jan 6 was so awful

    Why Jan 6 was a setup. 

    Epoch Times Research

9.  Ray Epps from Democrat standpoint 

    Ray Epps from Republican standpoint 

10.  Trump stole top secret materials and this is bad because... 

    Trump had top secret materials but this was not a problem because...

11.  No other president ever had top secret materials.. 

    Other presidents had top secret materials..

12.  Jan 6ers should be in jail because..

    Jan 6ers should not be in jail because...

13.  A cop was killed because of Jan 6...

  • Would not have died if not injured in Attack:  
  • A stroke victim: A Capitol Police release the day after the riots said that USCP Officer Brian Sicknick “passed away due to injuries sustained while on-duty.” The report stated that Sicknick “was injured while physically engaging with protesters. He returned to his division office and collapsed.”

    A cop died but it was not anything to do with Jan 6..

  • Confusion around Sicknick  
  • Sicknick died after sustaining injuries while physically engaging with protesters, per the Capitol police.They’ve silently removed the “by,” and added a “while” and a “with. Then reframed the entire clause in the passive tense so 90% of readers conflate what happened and move on. But “Injured while physically engaging” is like “dying with Covid.” 

14.  4 cops committed suicide shortly after Jan 6 because of Trump? 

    4 cops committed suicide shortly after Jan 6 because of what they knew??? suicided?

15.  There is a conspiracy to take over our country by GOP and pastors like Jerry Falwell

    There is a conspiracy to take over our country by China

16.  A fetus is not a life

    A fetus is a life 

17.  MSM is not great for news from Democrat standpoint

    MSM is not great for news from Republican standpoint

18.  Konnech and Yu from Democrat side

    Konnech and Yu from Republican side

    Center Square Research

19.  Universal Income is good because...

    Universal Income is bad because...


So over time I will research these. I will ask her for her proof and I will look up my proof. 

Hopefully we can find a way to understanding if never agreement.


Time to make dinner and go to the fair...10/20/2022

Have some links! 10/21

Sick for awhile but searching...

VERY difficult to be unbiased.  11/3/22

Some links are not factual but place holders to look up more information as time permits. 11/19/22






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