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We are ordinary diverse citizens co-operating to Defend Our Union. Patterned after Defend Florida, the fastest growing state election integrity movement in American, we employ best practices, technology and brilliant volunteers to achieve uncommon results!
Momentum Matters!

Lets GO!

Brunson Brothers Zoom call 12-7-22

Four Brothers are requesting the Supreme Court to hold 388 U.S. legislators accountable for their conduct!

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Now what?? - Insights on what follows the Midterms

Are we in a Uni-Party system?
What will it really take to get America First candidates?

How do we Defend Our Union?
We study, organize, plan and act.
We employ "data driven conversations"  and avoid hype

What is a "Data Driven Conversation?"

Unlike many others, we focus on solutions rooted in research and process optimization. This allows for dialogue with both sides of the aisle, grounds us in viable solutions and creates buy-in from dismissive officials.

  • We Identified errors in Voter Roll Database → get officials to fix
  • We Identified ambiguity in regulations → clearer policies passed
  • We heard "What do we do now?" from patriots → provided expert training
  • We saw Outdated get out the vote strategies → Created Next gen processes

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