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What is Defend Our Union

In 2020… While most of the country struggled with lockdowns and heavy restrictions, causing political stress between local/ state governments and their people, Florida was thrown into the spotlight when the state declared we were “open for business.” Due to strong and powerful leadership, Florida has remained open despite political and media pressure to do otherwise. Our great state was again featured as a model for “getting it right” during the 2020 Presidential Election. While many swing and battleground states did not get it correct, and still haven’t, Florida delivered the election.

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    1. MISSION & PURPOSE States First

    The constitution provides for the governing documents for our republic, granting powers and responsibilities to each state. DEFEND OUR UNION is actively educating the great citizens of each state on the constitution, what look for, and how to hold their local senators and local house members accountable. Why? Together the people, along with their elected officials, and are united together building the solid wall around each state. We will not permit Washington to unilaterally enforce their policies in our state, in violation of the State Constitution. And, we the people, will not allow our duly elected officials to allow Washington to determine our state policies.

    BUSINESS LOCK DOWNS Curtailing the rights of each state including locking down our businesses (likely in the Biden Presidency) can only be done by our state legislature. Faith The constitution allows for the practice of religion without interference. Washington overreach will choose what words can be used, what can be taught.

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    The Presidential Election of 2020 woke Americans up. We have comfortably been relying on “those people” to take care of the electoral votes for us. Having little to no knowledge of how the process works. In 2020, and early 2021, our eyes were opened, then got wider in dismay. What we now see…our elective officials are, in many cases, not protecting their constituents from voter fraud, nor advocating contested requests by and for the people. Trust has eroded to an unprecedented magnitude between the people and their elected officials. Trust has eroded in the entire process of certification nationwide. DEFEND OUR UNION seeks to educate the citizens on the electoral process, how it works, how to ensure their voice and vote is heard

    1ST AND 2ND AMENDMENTS RIGHTS Washington views the 2nd Amendment as a threat to its incursion into states and overreach. We the people of the united States view the 2nd Amendment as a core component of Americanism and something specifically protected by the constitution. We The People view the 2nd Amendment as principle to the right to protect. We do not advocate for armed offensive actions. We categorically are opposed to any destruction of property or loss of life.


    While millions are angry and defeated over the Presidential election, their eyes are closed to bigger battles ahead. DEFEND OUR UNION, and it’s key leaders, are quickly regrouping, and developing a protection strategy to keep Florida safe from the threat of Federal mandates. The strategy rollout includes an ongoing multi-faceted communication system to both open the eyes of the people, as well and educated them on ensuring their elected officials get their approval for any legislation that affects them.

    FORCED VACCINES After the Nazi experimentation on Jews, the Nuremburg accord specifically prohibits forcing experimental drugs. Experimental drugs may only be administered with full disclosure and voluntary participation. Not a single Covid Vaccine has been tested on animals. The last time a Corona virus was tested on animals, the vaccine accelerated the virus during secondary exposure. The Covid Vaccine is still experimental and should not be forced. The vaccine must be available to all Floridians who want it and it must be made available in an efficient organized manner. Informed Consent We insist that the vaccine providers must fully disclose the different types of vaccines, the advantages and disadvantage of each different vaccine and provide all the information necessary for all Americans to make an informed decision. And that any effort to intimidate or force an American to take the vaccine be prevented.