Relationship Team

Welcome to the Relationship Team

Welcome to the Relationship team: How the 5 teams work together




Goals of the Relationship Team

  1. Reports information from all other teams to the state
    coordinator . 
    Set up appointments to meet with officials. 
  2. Rigorously rehearse meetings, plan who says what
  3. Deliver the 1 page document
  4. Follow up after all meetings. Document response or lack thereof from
  5. your meetings.
  6. Liaise with Defend Florida leadership to choreograph live streamed
  7. Press Conference
  8. Watch for and recruit potential candidates.
  9. Create relationships with your election officials, city council, county commissioner, school board members, Municipal leaders, US Congress, legislators, Executive Branch, Republican Executive Committee (REC), and Democratic Committee leaders.
  10. Liaise with the state coordinator. Liaise with Relationship leaders in other counties. Report to State leadership

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What is the Relationship Team about?

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