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An Article on Midwest Seeds by Erik van Mechelen, September 9, 2022

The entire title is provocative with action and hope: 

Silenced But Not Ignored

Influence Operations, Plausible Deniability, and Why the Physical Ballots and CVR Reports are Key – Those Who Control the Machines Control Who Wins, But We Don't Have to Use the Enslavement Devices


Van Mechelen again shows his ability to write intelligently, mastering the English language with prose while mastering what needs to be done to fix what has been foiced on the American people and most especially the state of Minnesota.

  1. Muzzling our voices
  2. Muzzling AND experimenting on our children

Van Mechelen--attempted silencing by GOP. YOU SHALL NOT PASS! You shall not speak unless approved.

Electronic voting dangers--big No, no.

You will not speak at the endorsing convention.

You will not speak with Bishofsky

You will not present in Rochester

Change your message and we will let you "talk".

No. No. No.

We will NOT let the machines be in control. We are a f

By Frank Clips, June 30, 2022


Testimony Before Louisiana Senate Committee

Mike Lindell testified to the Louisiana Senate Committee about the voting system. Mike testifies about how everything is computerized these days. Every machine has a flaw, and voting machines are no exception. ES&S (Election Systems & Software) testified earlier and Mr. Lindell points out something they overlooked.

ES&S was forced to sell Diebold to Dominion in 2011 by the DOJ (Department of Justice). On May 24th, from voting in Georgia,  one of the candidates had zero votes. The candidate thought this was odd, so an audit was held. Once the audit was done, there were 3762 votes for the candidate. The Secretary of State claimed it was a programming error in the machine.

Hand Counting Elections

In addition, the flaws also happened in Alabama and in Texas in the past few months. France in a recent election did a full hand count with 70 million votes because they banned machines from the voting process. Mike would like

Colonel Shawn Smith is an Air Force veteran of 25 years experience. The former director and test manager for the operational testing of complex, computer-based weapon systems. He is a subject matter expert on the security of computer-based election systems.


4 minute video on Rumble in which he explains the dangers of electronic voting to Tarrant County.