September 24, 2022. Full house. No pictures please.




Things done:

1. Information on CVRs received by county and on Frankspeech. They gave records of almost 400,000 votes cast but there is no information to link the data with a certain machine or timestamp of input. 

2. Reviewed the Aug 23, 2022 primaries for watchers, workers

3. Report by REC Chairman on Seth Keshel's findings on the changes in numbers of Republican and Democratic voters in regard to party of president selection


4. Visitor from Santa Rosa Election Integrity Committee. Contact for sharing information betwee the two counties. 

5. Chair requested CVR from SOE. Was given a response and then a "disregard our response". Waiting for new response. 


Things to do:

1. Letter to SOE to detail problems, probably due to improper training. If reoccurs, a formal report will be made.

2. Get backup to watcher organizer, as she fell sick and was unable to get early votes watched.

3. Reach out more at community and church events

4. Find rules for Signature verification, and machine sensitivity

5. ADA machines were visible to public during polling, let SOE know

6. Send list of anomolies to member in bullet form with precinct number

7. Asked why cameras were turned off to the tabulation center.  Employees need to expect questions and that it is not personal.

8. Contact representatives and senators to request they ask for SOS ERIC report by Senate/house leader to EIC, give their assessment of the report of the report, an answer as to what SOE  thinks of why Louisiana dissolved their relationship with ERIC but Florida remains in which Kyle Ardion, LA, SOS ends ERIC, and finally notify them that EIC will share their information with ECREC unless they would prefer to do this themselves. Eric is problem in 31 states. 

Miami has ERIC issue

9. Look up Kyle Ardion and Louisiana's rules for MIB.




10. Look at Heritage Foundation scorecard and determine what we can do to raise our score (idea from REC Chair). Explanation of scorecard data. Need for States to fix election systems. 




11. Mail legislators in regard to "no vote by mail" and there should be a request for each election cycle.

12. Meeting in October

13. Member will be trained to watch for bills coming up in regard to election integrity

14. Eyes on polls list to members. Report to nucleus by Wed, 9/28

15. Info pamphlet being put together for poll watchers

16. Request information from SOE in regard to the policy and procedures for poll workers, also list of relevant non-profit groups

17. Sync voter list with post office list



Ongoing concerns:

1. Cost of election software program: $55,000, new item

2. Enough watchers

3. DS200 ES&S have wifi modem inside.







5. Study of effect of mail-in ballots

6. New FL SOS looking for fraudulent votes




7. Florida election integrity bill, SB90. Strengthen voter id, prohibit mass mailing, banning ballot harvesting, and prohibit private money.

8. Mail In Ballots for military has special issues in that-- no ID is required, there are non military people who are allowed to be on that list, and many came from Canada?

9. It is all about the LEGISLATORS!! How do we motivated them to follow through on ther oath to support constitution

10. Look up 2021 Florida Statute  98.075 Registration records maintenance activities; ineligibility determinations.(2) Duplicate Registration (b)1. 


The department may become a member of a nongovernmental entity whose sole purpose is to share and exchange information in order to verify voter registration information. The membership of the nongovernmental entity must be composed solely of election officials of state governments, except that such membership may also include election officials of the District of Columbia. If the department intends to become a member of such a nongovernmental entity, the agreement to join the entity must require that the Secretary of State, or his or her designee, serve as a full member with voting rights on the nongovernmental entity’s board of directors within 12 months after joining the entity.
2. The department may share confidential and exempt information after becoming a member of a nongovernmental entity as provided in subparagraph 1. if:
a. Each member of the nongovernmental entity agrees to maintain the confidentiality of such information as required by the laws of the jurisdiction providing the information; or
b. The bylaws of the nongovernmental entity require member jurisdictions and the entity to maintain the confidentiality of information as required by the laws of the jurisdiction providing the information.
3. The department may only become a member of a nongovernmental entity as provided in subparagraph 1. if the entity is controlled and operated by the participating jurisdictions. The entity may not be operated or controlled by the Federal Government or any other entity acting on behalf of the Federal Government. The department must be able to withdraw at any time from any such membership entered into.
4. If the department becomes a member of a nongovernmental entity as provided in subparagraph 1., the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles must, pursuant to a written agreement with the department, provide driver license or identification card information to the department for the purpose of sharing and exchanging voter registration information with the nongovernmental entity.
5. If the department becomes a member of a nongovernmental entity as provided in subparagraph 1., the department must submit a report to the Governor, the President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives by December 1 of each year. The report must describe the terms of the nongovernmental entity membership and provide information on the total number of voters removed from the voter registration system as a result of the membership and the reasons for their removal.



11. Maria Matthews

12. Upcoming election of officers will be in December. Precinct memberships are for 4 years from time of joining. 

13. There is a location behind Jimmiy Johns to pick up candidate signs. May be useful for future meeting place.? 720 N Navy Blvd, 10am – 7 pm, Monday – Saturday
Call or text John Roberts

14. Possible resolution to make description of REC to be more action oriented

15. What non-profit is paying for mail-in-ballots?

16. Gather more information for the new Department of Election Fraud.

17. Mail in Ballots were sent to woman for her husband she has been divorced from for 21 years.. Another woman received two MIB. The address was not from the county but non-profit.

18. What personal information is ERIC collecting? Does it conflict with laws set up to protect personhood?





1.  Form for Candidate Oath, For Precinct Committeemen/women. Will need to be notarized, this is form DS-DE 305CM (Rev. 08/2021)

2. EREC. 9/12/2022. Pam reads resolution in regard to the illegitimatcy of Biden.


3. Real America's Voice News Network

4. Precinct Strategy. Making the GOP Great Again.

5. Election Integrity Network. Information and Training

6. Florida Freedom Alliance  Defending Florida's Rights

7.Freedom of Information Act What is a FOIA?

8. Death and the All-American Boy 1974 Interview of Biden

9. Whistle Blower Report Election crimes on FrankSpeech.

10. Poll Watching Training. One hour 5pm central, registration link

11. Protect Florida Voters Get credentialed as a poll watcher.



Florida Election Information

  • Vote by Mail (VBM) envelopes are available for public inspection
  • Your SOE can tell you when this will be


  • Florida Statute 101
  • 101.572 (2)Public Inspection
  • 101.62 (4)(a)  VBM must be duplicated when ever there is damage or questions in regard to voter intent
  • Duplicationis may be observed
  • A canvassing board member must be present during duplication
  • Duplicates will be marked duplicate and with the same serial number as the original ballot
  • You will not touch the ballot or envelope
  • Check the duplicate against the original ballot and if there is a discrepancy move it to the canvassing board
  • You will have to sign that you will not share election results
  • Canvass board will note the serial number
  • If there is no problem with the duplicate, it is then tabulated


  • The canvassing board will review all reasonably objected ballots
  • The voter may have followed most instructions correctly and then marked a candiidate incorrectly.
  • A voter may have wrote in someone or things who is not eligible to be a candidate, such as "American flag" or "Mickey Mouse"
  • A voter may have simply wrote a message across the ballot


  • 101.68 (c)1. Canvassing of Vote by Mail Ballot  Voters must have a valid signature that matches registration OR they must provide certain identification proving who they are. The Canvassing Board will vote to determine whether signatures match
  • 101.572 Public Inspection of Ballots Designees are granted reasonable access to ballot materials.
  • These materials are the voter certificates on the VBM envelopes, the signatures used for comparison, and the duplicate ballots. 
  • Public inspection times are listed at least 48 hours in advance.


  • During inspection you will see that ballots are organized, probably by precinct
  • Check what method is used to organize
  • Ask where the signatures come from that are being used for comparison
  • The designee will randomly pull a ballot unless requested otherwise. 
  • Try to inspect as many as possible
  • Without touching, compare the image and most recent on-file voter signature
  • Only challenge where there are obvious differences and you can tell there will be agreement with the canvassing board


  • One watcher from each party/candidate may watch the canvassing board directly or through a computer screen
  • If a designee believes a ballot is illegal BEFORE the ballot is removed from the envelope, they file a protest with the attorney
  • The volunteer attorney asks for protest/objection voter name on record
  • If it is a reasonable objection, then it is presented to the canvassing board


  • On the protest, write voter's name, precinct, and reason
  • The volunteer attormey will verify that the claim is legal, winnable and upholds Florida's Voter's Bill of Rights


  • 101.111 is NOT being used. SOE may be confused
  • A signature/duplicate is the issue--not the voter
  • There is no liability in this instance



  • We want every citizen to rest assured that every task has been undertaken to make sure their legal vote counted the way they intended it to count.
  • To do this ballots are carefful examined, counted. The results are reported.
  • This is called canvassing.


  • A canvassing board consists of three people who follow election law to record the election results
  • 102.141 states these people will be the county supervisor of elections, county court judge (the chair), and either the county commission chiar, a county court judge, or another county commissioner.
  • All three will be trained and then will work from a period of testing, through VBM, election night and then after election auditing.
  • There must be a list of their names, their activities, and times. They will wear badges.
  • Thursday September 29 will begin the Logic & Accuracy testing and so will the canvassing board.
  • Saturday September 24 overseas ballots are mailed
  • The canvassing board does EVERYTHING: test the machines, canvass (VBM, early voting, write-in votes, returns from polls, provisional ballots, uocava ballots), submit preliminary returns and unofficial count, machine AND manual recounts, certify returns, audit system, AND contest of election
  • 102.141.4(2)(a) Their meetings are open to public and anytime they break for greater than an hour it must be posted both on the door and on their website.


  • 30 minutes after the polls close the board reports to the state the results o early voting and already tabulated VBM
  • Every 45 minutes precinct results are reported until finished.
  • All returns are reported to board by 2am night of election
  • Unofficial returns are reported to state by noon the fourth day
  • If any race has less than a 0.5% difference, there must be a machine recount
  • Official returns are reported to state by 3pm the ninth day
  • 102.166. If any race has less than a 0.25% difference, there must be a manual recount. with counting teams appointed to review duplicates


  • 102.111 The Elections Canvassing Commision is made of the governor and two members who he selects from his cabinet 
  • They meet on the 14th day at 9am to certify federal, state, and multicounty office returns 


  • Two canvassing board members who are in agreement may act because they are the majority
  • Number of board members needed for: the logic and acurracy testing-1, approve duplication of ballots-2, duplicate ballots-1, approve and order canvass VBM-2, opening and running of ballots through tabulation machine-1, determining whether to count ballot-2, finding signatures do not match voter record-2, rejecting provisional ballots-2, during recount-2, discrepancy during recount-3, during automatic independent tabulation-1, certification of results and conduct of report-2, post-election certification audit-2 (1 if automated independent audit system), 


  • Volunteer attorneys go to public canvassing board meetings but wil need candidate/party designation for some activities
  • Starting Sept 29, volunteer attorneys will be scheduled to cover the various election activitites
  • Attorneys will be scheduled by RPOF with the top ticket candidates
  • How to behave: respectful, courteous, and knowledgeable of voting process, laws


  • 101.031 Voter Bill of Rights is posted at every polling place. 
  • Voters can request assistance
  • Voters can vote if they are in line before 7pm
  • Voters can receive up to 2 more ballots if they make a mistake
  • If there is a problem the voter will get an explanation
  • If there is an identity issue, the voter will get a provisional ballot
  • If needed, written and/or oral instructions
  • No intimidation/coercion
  • A working system that accurately casts 
  • May bring sample ballot and other voting materials


  • 101.111 Voter challenges are only by registered electors and poll watchers
  • Frivolous challenges are punishable as a first degree misdemeanor 
  • Watchers should NOT file written challenges without consulting with a RNC attorney and getting permission


  • 101.051 Voters can request assistance of two voting officials or a person of their own choosing
  • Both the voter and person they have self selected will have to fill out a form
  • An employer or union may not assist
  • No person is allowed to persuade the voter on who to select


  • 101.131 Poll watchers--one is allowed in each voting area
  • Poll watchers are selected by a candidate, party, or PAC
  • Candidates and law enforcement may NOT be poll watchers
  • 101.23 There is an election inspector to keep list of those voting
  • Poll watchers  are able to look at this list


  • 101.657 secure ballot intake stations are available Monday through Friday at least 8 hours and opening by 9am. They are located inside a designated manned office where an official keeps track of dropped off ballots and requires a signed voter certificate
  • There is a $25,000 fine if dropboxes are left accessible other than authorized
  • Secure drop boxes are now called secure ballot intake sttions
  • Ballot harvesting is now a third degree misdemeanor 


  • Roaming attorneys will be available
  • They will come to incident, Gather information from poll watcher and poll clerk. Report to lead attorney and work with poll clerk on next step.




1. Awesome book: The Screwtape Letters by C S Lewis



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