ERIC Doing It? Florida voter rolls off by 6%

Video by CD Media, by Todd Wood, September 10, 2022. 16 minutes

Henry Zarb interview. Miami Dade  voter rolls off by 98,000. Research shows possible fraud issues. 


Election Integrity and the veracity of voting machines is of concern to most Americans. This is information we should all know about as we set out to make our elections more transparent and verifiable.
Henry Zarb is the head of the Miami-Dade Republican Executive Committee Integrity Subcommittee. He used the National Change of Address (NCOA) database to check the voting rolls and found a 6%+ failure rate. This database is maintained by the United States Postal Service to use when people change their address and fill out a form to notify the post office of their new address.
This database is provided to everyone. Mass mailing companies use this database to update their addresses so they don't send out mail to people at bad addresses, thereby wasting postage.
The particular service used by Henry Zarb is called True NCOA. You do have to pay something to use this service but it is not too expensive. 
Henry took the 5 million people in the Miami-Dade voter roll and sent it to True NCOA. True NCOA then ran that information against the NCOA database. The information comes back with a time-stamped certificate by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). 
The results showed 98,000 people had notified the USPS but the voter rolls had NOT updated the new addresses. This means that mail-in ballots and other election materials were sent to incorrect addresses. AND if there was no response another mailing would be sent out to that wrong address AGAIN. 
98,000 is approximately 7.16% of the Miami-Dade voter roll. 
This does leave open the possibility of election hanky panky using those addresses. Someone could use these addresses to request ballots and then pick them up.
Evidence from other sources in Florida seems to show that this did happen. 
In Orange County it was found that addresses were changed in June/July, a ballot was sent out, and then the address was changed back immediately before the election.  Who got the ballots??? And did they use them to vote?
There are two possible reasons. 1. The Supervisors of Election (SOE) are simply not doing as they should and cleaning the voter rolls. OR 2. The Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) is not doing its job. 
ERIC was set up a few years ago to mostly service Democratic states. It is funded by the PEW Institute which was conservative but now left wing. ) ERIC signs agreements with over 30 states and each state pays $60,000 to join ERIC and $15,000-$25,000 a year to stay with ERIC. 
Links to ERIC info
ERIC takes the consolidated voter roll from the Department of State in Tallahassee and supposedly runs NCOA checks. 
The Miami-Dade Election Integrity Subcommittee went to see their SOE, and asked her what ERIC does for her. She said ERIC does a NCOA check. So Henry Zarb sent the SOE the NCOA report he had. He asked, "If ERIC did a NCOA check why are there still 98,000 people who should not be on your roll?" 
She has NOT responded, but Henry believes that the SOE does think that ERIC is doing what it is supposed to be doing. 
Now Henry Zarb has a report for the entire state of Florida of over 15 million voters. From that information he sees that Miami-Dade is not unusual and the percentage of voters who have moved but are still on the voter rolls is fairly consistent throughout the state of Florida. This percentage is 6.16%. Since this is throughout the state, it appears the issue is with ERIC and not the SOEs. Otherwise some SOE's would have this issue and others would not. 
This data was sent to Mr. Zarb. The voter rolls are available and the NCOA check is $20 per 5 million people.  Now there were 67 files for each county so it might have been $20 per county. We do not know. 
It appears that ERIC is saying that it is doing NCOA checks but not doing them. 
For one thing, that is fraud because money was paid for a service that is not being done. And another this is that 6% can be enough to effect an election. 
Every undeliverable address is a potential for fraud to occur. We don't know what is happening to ballots sent out. They could be sent out so that the actual person intentionally does not receive them. They could be returned and someone at the Post Office could be picking those up and doing who-knows-what with them instead of returning them to the SOE. Or someone in the SOE's office could be collecting them. We simply do not know. 
The Miami-Dade SOE office is run very professionally and the election integrity subcommittee has a very good relationship with them. So, personally, Henry feels that this is probably all done by ERIC. 
ERIC does not just collect voter data. Every month ERIC gets the voter roll from the state. And every 60 days it processes that and sends it back. It also collects every bid of information that the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) collects on everybody that the DMV interacts with for ANY reason. 
This would be another way to acquire data needed for identity theft. 
The Florida state Secretary of State (SOS) should stop using ERIC. With NCOA checks $20/file and simple to do then we do not need ERIC to do this. If we do not need ERIC, why stay in it?
People then argue that we can exchange information with other states if we use ERIC. This is easily fixed by making individual agreements with states. This will save money and keep us away from an organization founded by David Becker, an extreme progressive. Even if Becker has been thrown off the board we cannot trust this organization to pick someone we can trust. 
Endless vigilence is required by all of us. We must have an investigation into ERIC and into what is happening to the voter rolls. 
We are eager to hear what the SOS and Governor DeSantis decide should be done.
Another issue in Miami-Dade is the problem of unsolicited mail-in ballots. See the Miami Independent article, August 16, 2022. 


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