County in Wisconsin Will Hand Recount to Verify Machine Count

Article on Gateway Punditby Jim Hoft, September 24, 2022

With information from The West Bend Daily News by Grayson Sewell


It was recommended to Washington County to hand count the governor and US Senate in several places. This was to provide trust in regard to the machines

They decided to hand recount all of the county.

If the count is good--Yay!

If the count is bad we will have evidence of fraud.

The end game plan--do not use the current Voting System Machines. Initially this will be a good bit of money but after people are trained and the current way of running the election has been updated there will be less expense.

Fortunately the county will be able to use $75,000 to move to the next stage..

Washington County plans to hand recount the governor, lieutenant governor and the US Senate races. They have up to $50,000 to use for the recount.

PLEASE encourage other counties to also hand recount. The more information the better. 

There will be a county executive committee meeting October 19, 4pm at the Herbert J Tennies Government Center which will be live streamed on YouTube





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