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We are a divided country.

How can we utterly believe such opposing views?  Normally sane, caring, intelligent people....

Today a long time friend and I met for lunch. We are on opposite sides politically. Normally we simply skirt politics but today we spent some time trying to understand each other.

We are polar opposites. She wants to lock up Trump and throw away the key and thinks Biden is awesome and has no dementia. She is very angry about the RoeV Wade decision. The only thing we agreed on is that we don't like McConnel and don't trust Fox. She thinks NPR is unbiased because they interviewed McCain.

She never heard of Ray Epps, believes Jan 6 hearing is unbiased and true and that Trump stole top secret materials and hid them with his golf clubs. Also, no other president before did such a thing. She believes Jan 6ers are in jail justly and a cop was killed by MAGA people. She thinks this all a conspiracy to take over our country by the GOP and pastors like Jerry Falwell. She believes