Ivory Hecker: Exposing Corruption with Free Press

In 2021 she was told that her reporting in regard to the vaccine and medicine for Covid-19 had to be checked to make sure it would be acceptable to upper echelon. Contact with Project Veritas, secret recordings, and loss of her job at Fox 26 sent her on a new path. 

Now unencumbered from censorship, she is free to report REAL news. She owns Ivory Media LLC where she is "Covering news that matters most to the people who love their individual liberty, free from corporate overlords, untethered by special interest."


And she is EVERYWHERE!


Ivory Hecker runs down the importance of what is happening right now in the midterms and interviews the co-founder of Defend Florida.


Training is important to become more effective in regard to voting and identifying election issues in regard to voter rolls and mail in ballots.  Ballots may have the wrong candidates. The website to go to for this training is Defend the Midterms . 


  1. People are not going to show up to vote because it is not that important of an election. 
  2. People are discouraged because they do not trust the election.
  3. People decide to wait until 2024 to get another president.     

To fix this we need YOU to get trained and DO.

  1. Get out the people to vote who were not going to. 
  2. Find a specific candidate and help with phone calls, signs, and flyers.
  3. Connect the community with your candidate. 

If the Midterms are not successful, the 2024 election of a good president will almost not matter. 

This is vital because of the problems we see in our country: gas prices, Russia, North Korea, Ukraine, China/Taiwan, food prices, supply chain. This is vital because of the need for good candidates as judges, county commissioners, school district officials. 

We have to stay energized. Over half of the population is expecting cheating according to a Rasmussen poll in the last few days. 

In the past we have NOT been engaged with our country's politics. We need to take action.

  1. Keep watching Ivory to get good information
  2. Go to Defend the Midterms. Sign up. It costs $20. Do not let the price deter you, contact them because there are scholarships available.
  3. Text the word DEFEND to 91776 to get resources and training.
  4. Get people into the polling places as workers, watchers. 

Search, such as Duck, Duck, Go for country clerk or supervisor of elections for your area. There will be instructions there to apply for working during the election. The time may be passed but please try. This way there are eyes on the ground to report any regularities.

For example if you hear someone being told that they cannot vote because they voted by mail. If you find the machinery is connected to the wifi. If you see ballots have mysteriously run out for one party. 

Training helps volunteers and workers to know their rights about where they can stand and what they can do or say. We train to get informed, confident volunteers and workers.

Report all issues using an app: votifynow.org

If we do not take control of our country it can turn into a country like Ethiopia, or Zimbabwe. There if you did not vote correctly, you are physically assaulted. Now the U.S. has gone from the bastion of freedom of speech to having a leader who communicates disdain for a portion of the population. It is not too late to step back to the freedom we had just a few years ago.

We MUST encourage more people to go to people like Ivory in order to get raw, uncensored, REAL news.

The time for complacency is past. It is time for YOU to be the one who going to do what needs to be done. You CANNOT wait for someone else. You start now. 

Pedal to the metal.

You are the light. Jesus did not say--"The leaders are the light". You are the light.


Here at Defend Our Union we are strongly focused at Election Integrity and True Transparent Elections. 



Thank you so much to Ivory Hecker for what she is doing and the TRUTH she is spreading. Make sure you check out her amazing journalism.

Now we all have work to do. Look above for your action. Be the light.


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Ivory's website  to watch her on your TV, phone or computer.

Email: ivory@ivoryhecker.com to report any news

Some of her recent videos in the last week:


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So many great podcasts. You might want to check out Kevin McCarthy seeming to care more for the Democrat candidates than the Republican candidates. Undercover Recordings: GOP Election Shenanigans from October 18, 2022.




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