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In 2021 she was told that her reporting in regard to the vaccine and medicine for Covid-19 had to be checked to make sure it would be acceptable to upper echelon. Contact with Project Veritas, secret recordings, and loss of her job at Fox 26 sent her on a new path. 

Now unencumbered from censorship, she is free to report REAL news. She owns Ivory Media LLC where she is "Covering news that matters most to the people who love their individual liberty, free from corporate overlords, untethered by special interest."


And she is EVERYWHERE!


Ivory Hecker runs down the importance of what is happening right now in the midterms and interviews the co-founder of Defend Florida.


Training is important to become more effective in regard to voting and identifying election issues in regard to voter rolls and mail in ballots.  Ballots may have the wrong candidates. The website to go to for this training is Defend the Midterms . 


  1. People are not going to show up to vote because it