state representative (13)



  • Pass the Life at Conception Act

  • Help End BidenFlation

  • Secure Our Elections

  • Pass Constitutional Carry

  • Restore American Values to Classrooms

  • Uphold the Constitution

Mike is a Veteran of the United States Air Force. Mike has been a strong conservative voice for the people of Florida over the years. He has been applauded for his passion for open government, military service, and fight to lower taxes during his time in the Florida Legislature between 2014-2016.

Mike's interview with Raj about working with your representatives.





Conservative Organizations

  • Florida Family Action (FFA), 2015-16:  A+ 
  • National Federation of Independent Business FL (NFIB-FL), 2019-2020:  100% 
  • American Conservative Union FL (ACU-FL), 2020:  97%93% (cum.)† 
  • American Conservative Union (ACU), 2016:  93%91% (cum.)† 


Liberal Organizations

  • LEAP Forward Florida, 2019:  4% 

What I Stand For...

If elected for Florida State House, District 22, I will stand by my constituents, fight for them, and serve them well. THIS is the right time, and I AM the right choice!

-Tayari Appiah



Limited Government 

Too many times government has overreached its boundaries. Government should have checks and balances to ensure compliance.

Constitution As Written 

The Constitution is a timeless document that the foundation of America was built on. To stray away from it is to take away our God-given rights.

Pro-Second Amendment 

As American citizens, it is our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Not only to protect ourselves and our families but most importantly to protect our freedom.

Election Integrity 

Laws should be in place to make it harder to cheat and easier for our American citizens to have their voices heard.

Medical Freedom 

All medical decisions should stem from the individual or the parent/legal guardian. We all know what is best for us, and us alone.



It's not about me; it's about we.


I support a full cyber forensic audit of the 2020 election and a recall of Wisconsin's ten electors. We the People of Wisconsin deserve to know the truth! Those who broke election laws must be held accountable. Ramifications would include removal from office, fines and/or jail time.

Proposed Integrity Measures:

* Allow one day only to vote.

* Require voter ID.

* Provide one paper ballot per voter.

* Discontinue the use of voting machines.

* Discontinue the use of ballot dropboxes.

* Install cameras at all polling locations to allow real-time viewing on election days.

With 30+ years of experience as a Registered Nurse, I have witnessed government overreach in the healthcare system and the subsequent acquiescence of hospital administration. It saddened me to see doctors and nurses succumb to guidelines that were not in the best interest of their patients.

Proposed Healthcare Solutions:

* Eliminate medical mandates of any kind.

* Enforce religious and medical exempti

On the Issues


Fixing the Dumpster Fire That is Joe Biden's America

Election Fraud, Hacking, & Ballot Harvesting


Hunter Biden Laptop Truth & Chinese Spies

More videos on his web page:

I Represent Tampa Bay, Not The Swamp!

Liz Cheney Belongs On "The View" Not House Leadership

33% of Millennials Approve of Communism, How To Save The Most Entitled Generation


Inspirery: Interviews with Entrepreneurs & Executives: Jake Hoffman, Feb 1, 2022

What are your thoughts on the current state of politics?

In a word – disastrous. The Biden administration is by all accounts a complete and utter failure, but to be honest most of the leaders we’ve had dating back the last 30 years have also been disasters both Democrat and Republican. Both parties have massively expanded the federal government and bloated the bureaucracy, failed to fix broken systems like immigration and healthcare, exacerbated our debt to the point of currency collapse, and neglected basic needs of the constituents because they’ve

Saving The American Dream!



As Your Representative, I will fight for

  • Conservative Values
  • America First 
  • Parental Rights
  • School Choice
  • Donald Trump 
  • Ron DeSantis 
  • Pro-Life, Pro Christian Values
  • Law and Order
  • Lower Taxes
  • Teaching Civics in Schools
  • The 2nd Amendment 
  • Ridding America of Sanctuary Cities
  • Energy Independence
  • The American Family
  • Pro Small Business

    *SPECIAL* One on One Interview with David Dwyer Candidate for FL House 42


All My Favorite People Podcast, June 10, 2022

Join me and FL House District 42 candidate David Dwyer as we discuss the topics most important to parents in Orange County, FL. David is running against radical Leftist Anna Eskamani, who is considered our very own local AOC. Thank you to @Paint The Trump for giving us the opportunity to utilize your studio and share this message with your audience as well.


Education is essential, and I believe that our children’s education is vital to the future of the United States. I will work to put civics back in the classroom s





I fully support getting rid of any and all election fraud in Florida elections.

I support and will fight for Florida to have:

  • Voter ID

  • One single Election Day

  • No mail-in voting except for military and those who absolutely need it

  • Paper ballots only - NO machines!


I fully support firefighters and police, as well as their unions.

I fully support our military and our veterans.

I believe in strong border security.

I will fight to eradicate human trafficking from the state of Florida, and fight to ensure that every child is placed in a loving home.


I support keeping taxes low.

I will fight for Florida to continue to have no state income tax.


I'm anti-vaccine mandates and anti-mask mandates.

I will fight for medical freedom for all.


I support school choice.

I will fight to keep critical race theory out of all Florida schools.


I am pro second amendment.

I am pro life.

I will fight for the rights of all people, including the unborn



I’m running for the Florida State House because we need Republicans that are willing to fight for our great state. As a Veteran of the Marine Corps and Navy, I know that we need a Florida-First Conservative to step up and help Governor DeSantis FIGHT the Radical Left Socialists and Weak RINOs in Tallahassee.”
Endorsed by General Michael Flynn, State Rep. Anthony Sabatini, Former
Congressman, Ted Yoho

First time running. Inspired by Trump. Grassroots versus establishment party candidate.



The Sharp Choice


“I am Your Candidate and Your Voice for Florida House. 

I’m running for State Representative because these weak and corrupt Republicans have forgotten that they represent YOU. I’m not afraid to fight for your God given rights. I value people not PAC funded special interests. I’m a small business owner running as a grassroots candidate. I’m your liberty candidate. Principle over Party. Let’s restore the power back to the people! Send me to Tallahassee to Fight for YOU!

I will be the most Conservative member of the Florida State Legislature. We need to restore common sense. 

Election Integrity

Restore Election Confidence​. One person equals one legal vote. The State of Florida must complete a full forensic audit of the 2020 election.

School Choice

Parent's taxpayer dollars should follow the student where the parent has the choice of public, charter, virtual, home, or private school. Our children deserve an education that is tailored to their individual learning style.

2nd Amendm

Putting Hawaii First

Focusing on what really matters. Family, Freedom, and Government Transparency


Government Transparency and Accountability

In 1998, I swore an oath of office as a Federal Civilian that I continue to live by today.

Likewise, I will continue to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Hawaii State Constitution.

I believe that all political power of this State is inherent in the people and the responsibility for the exercise thereof rests with the people. Our rights are slowly being taken away by mandates, lockdowns, medical tyranny, and parental rights. Corruption must not be tolerated.

Energy and Food Security

As a Hawaii House representative, I would introduce legislation pertaining to the Jones Act Reformation at the state level similar to a resolution submitted by Maui County Councilmember, Mike Molina.

Noting that Hawaii's significant supply of oil from Russia had been cut off because of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the resolution states, "for bot



My name is Ben Davis and I am running for the MN House of Representatives in District 6A. I’ve lived in this area for nearly all of my life and have been married to my lovely wife Dawn for 22 years. We Pastor at a local church in Brainerd and have six beautiful children together. That is a stewardship we do not take lightly. We are fighting for their future, and not just theirs, but for all of our children.

I have a passion for understanding that our rights are God-given, not government given. Government overreach has gone to a whole new level these last two years. Many Americans are concerned that our liberty is at stake.

The time to take action and preserve our liberty is now. Please join me in this fight to put a stop to Government overreach in the great state of Minnesota. I am excited for the opportunity to serve you, represent you, and be A VOICE FOR WE THE PEOPLE of Minnesota.


Speech April 2, 2022



Co-sponsored the Following Bills:


Election Integrity

HB2041 – Requires robust fraud countermeasures for all ballots including universal, specific, and watermarked paper, holographics, specific ink, unique ultraviolet signatures, and a QR code linking voters to a web-based ballot tracker. 

HB2054 – Requires the Secretary of State to use death certificates to remove voters from the AZ voter registration database.

HB2079 – Prohibits county Board of Supervisors from establishing election precincts that contain more than 1,500 voters. Requires ballots in a voting center be separated by precincts.

HB2080 – Requires ballots be counted by hand.

HB2235 – Exempted county Board of Supervisors from a pay raise in 2025.

HB2236 – Prohibits state agencies from registering voters without their request.

HB2237 – Makes day-of registration insufficient for voting in that election.

HB2238 – Ends the use of unmonitored drop-boxes.

HB2239 – Requires that damaged or defective ballots be duplicated by hand, not by mach

Views on Election Integrity

Maelstrom News recorded Jenna last August after her 7 hour drive to Tallahassee to speak for 30 seconds on the importance of election integrity. They show her actual "speech" and an interview with her on the way home. 

About Jenna



There’s nothing extravagant or over-the-top about me. In fact, I’m just like YOU! I’m a hardworking, strong-willed Mother of two, and devoted Wife that became fed up with sitting on the proverbial sidelines, yelling at my television and made the conscious decision to run for Florida’s House of Representatives where I can be the voice for my Friends and Neighbors from my community.

 Originally hailing from New York, I made the transition here to beautiful South Florida with my Parents at a young age and found my forever home where my roots are firmly planted in the salt water of our glistening Atlantic Ocean. I graduated High School with honors here and eventually attended Florida State University in Tallahassee, right

Why Vote For Liz


After moving to Chandler in the late-90s, Arizona is the place I call home. It’s an amazing state and I love it! But the things that make Arizona successful and a wonderful place to live are in jeopardy.

As we discovered in 2020, our elections are not secure. We need strong legislators who are willing to fight for election integrity - so that the true voices of the Arizona citizens will be heard.

Ironically, many people are fleeing Democratic areas that are imposing policies such as COVID-19 mandates, defunding the police, implementing CRT/SEL, higher taxes, higher regulations, just to name a few. We need to stand strong against these policies and make sure that those who are fleeing to Arizona leave their liberal policies and voting habits behind.

I’ll be your voice to:

  • Fight for common-sense, election integrity legislation that protects your vote -  and your voice.

  • Advocate for secure borders and the enforcement of our laws.

  • Protect school choice and keep CRT/SEL out of our