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The Farrant Family

I have been married to my husband Jonathan for 20 years. We met as kids while our families were doing missions (charity) work in Central America. We both have a heart and passion to see the youth here in Orlando, as well as Central America, rise up to become leaders and adults with high morals and educational standards. I am so grateful to have a husband who fully supports me in this mission to become the next OCPS School Board Member for District 3.

As a mom of 5 children, my goal is to raise kind, loving, and courageous kids who grow up to be leaders wherever they go in life. By standing up for the youth of Orange County, I hope to show my own children that hard work and dedication can truly make a difference in the world around us.

God is at the core of everything we do. As a family we have been doing missions (charity) work overseas for 18 years. I have taught my children that serving is better than being served and to always care for those in need.

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Goals for our School Board


  • Give parents a voice
  • Curiculum Transparency
  • Remove Critical Race Theory and Social Emotional Learning from curriculum
  • Vote against mandates
  • Push for better compensation for all teachers

Back to the BASICS!


  • Christian Patriots of Central Florida
  • Moms for Liberty
  • Conservative Ministers of Central Florida
  • 1776 Project PAC

I am the mother of 2 elementary school children who were forced to mask even though I opted them out. This is what started my journey to run for school board.

I’m a telecommunications professional and hold a Doctoral Degree in Education from Nova Southeastern University. I’ve held many leadership roles during my career and have worked extremely hard to meet my personal and professional goals. I want you to know that I have the drive and the fight to champion change within our school board.

On a daily basis parents across Orange County share their stories and snapshots of the inappropriate materials students are being subjected to. In the school

Faithfully Serving our Schools and Communities

Chad decided to run because he saw a school board that was hostile toward concerned parents and indifferent toward teacher's struggles.  Chad will work diligently to serve the parents, protect the children, and advocate for the teachers.

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Parents need to be confident that their children are receiving a quality education without indoctrination and that the schools are fully transparent in all areas concerning their children.  Parents are the decision makers for their children. 

Teachers need to be confident that they will receive the support they need to succeed and are viewed as professionals with favorable compensation and a code of student conduct that is strongly enforced.

When speaking with people, the topic I get asked most frequently about is gender identity and sexual orientation.  My position is simple- schools should be silent on these sensitive, non-academic issues.  These topics shoul

Saving The American Dream!



As Your Representative, I will fight for

  • Conservative Values
  • America First 
  • Parental Rights
  • School Choice
  • Donald Trump 
  • Ron DeSantis 
  • Pro-Life, Pro Christian Values
  • Law and Order
  • Lower Taxes
  • Teaching Civics in Schools
  • The 2nd Amendment 
  • Ridding America of Sanctuary Cities
  • Energy Independence
  • The American Family
  • Pro Small Business

    *SPECIAL* One on One Interview with David Dwyer Candidate for FL House 42


All My Favorite People Podcast, June 10, 2022

Join me and FL House District 42 candidate David Dwyer as we discuss the topics most important to parents in Orange County, FL. David is running against radical Leftist Anna Eskamani, who is considered our very own local AOC. Thank you to @Paint The Trump for giving us the opportunity to utilize your studio and share this message with your audience as well.


Education is essential, and I believe that our children’s education is vital to the future of the United States. I will work to put civics back in the classroom s