Liz Harris, AZ, State Representative, District 17, to be 13

Why Vote For Liz


After moving to Chandler in the late-90s, Arizona is the place I call home. It’s an amazing state and I love it! But the things that make Arizona successful and a wonderful place to live are in jeopardy.

As we discovered in 2020, our elections are not secure. We need strong legislators who are willing to fight for election integrity - so that the true voices of the Arizona citizens will be heard.

Ironically, many people are fleeing Democratic areas that are imposing policies such as COVID-19 mandates, defunding the police, implementing CRT/SEL, higher taxes, higher regulations, just to name a few. We need to stand strong against these policies and make sure that those who are fleeing to Arizona leave their liberal policies and voting habits behind.

I’ll be your voice to:

  • Fight for common-sense, election integrity legislation that protects your vote -  and your voice.

  • Advocate for secure borders and the enforcement of our laws.

  • Protect school choice and keep CRT/SEL out of our schools.

  • Protect parental rights.

  • Support legislation that ensures a strong economy.

  • Support law enforcement to keep our neighborhoods safe.

  • Protect your second amendment rights.

  • Oppose efforts to raise taxes or give government greater control over our lives and daily decisions.

As a servant leader for the last several decades, I am committed to YOU. I have been working tirelessly for Arizonans to find out what happened in the 2020 Election and I plan to work twice as hard as your legislator. I ask for your vote so your voice can be heard and we can fight to keep Arizona and America great!

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