Ben Davis, MN, State Representative, District 6A



My name is Ben Davis and I am running for the MN House of Representatives in District 6A. I’ve lived in this area for nearly all of my life and have been married to my lovely wife Dawn for 22 years. We Pastor at a local church in Brainerd and have six beautiful children together. That is a stewardship we do not take lightly. We are fighting for their future, and not just theirs, but for all of our children.

I have a passion for understanding that our rights are God-given, not government given. Government overreach has gone to a whole new level these last two years. Many Americans are concerned that our liberty is at stake.

The time to take action and preserve our liberty is now. Please join me in this fight to put a stop to Government overreach in the great state of Minnesota. I am excited for the opportunity to serve you, represent you, and be A VOICE FOR WE THE PEOPLE of Minnesota.


Speech April 2, 2022