Jake Hoffman, FL, State Representative, District 65

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Inspirery: Interviews with Entrepreneurs & Executives: Jake Hoffman, Feb 1, 2022

What are your thoughts on the current state of politics?

In a word – disastrous. The Biden administration is by all accounts a complete and utter failure, but to be honest most of the leaders we’ve had dating back the last 30 years have also been disasters both Democrat and Republican. Both parties have massively expanded the federal government and bloated the bureaucracy, failed to fix broken systems like immigration and healthcare, exacerbated our debt to the point of currency collapse, and neglected basic needs of the constituents because they’ve been too focused on foreign wars. America is falling victim to the same mistakes that Rome made when it collapsed, but if we get enough libertarian minded conservatives in office, we may just be able to reverse course before we head off the cliff.

What are your political views?

I am a fiscal and cultural conservative, but I’m also socially a moderate. I’ve always considered myself a libertarian because I believe in individuality. I believe that people can make their own decisions and it isn’t the government’s place to interfere unless it involves protecting people or property.

I strongly believe in shrinking the size and impact of government in your life whether that be regulations on home building or making policies restricting gay marriage. You do not need big brother to tell you how to live your life and history has shown, they usually don’t know what’s best for you or worse…are lying to you. Every bill that crosses my desk, I will ask myself, “Does this make people more or less free?”, and if all politicians took that approach, we’d have a better society.

What do you think are the biggest problems that Florida is facing right now? What do you think needs to be done?

The biggest issue in the country, including Florida is the impact of inflation. All of the other issues people are upset about, such as rent increases, healthcare, insurance increases, and economic uncertainty come from the monetary policy taking place in the federal reserve and the spending spree in Washington D.C. However, I would change my answer to “lockdowns and mandates” if I lived in any other state.

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing young people today?

There are a lot of challenges that young people face today; our generation is the first one in history worse off financially than our parents’ generation. Home ownership has becoming nearly impossible for young people to participate in, particularly in major cities and there are ways for us to adjust policy to fix that. The Baby Boomers and older generations have benefited greatly from asset appreciation through their lives, as once again our dollar is devalued and real assets are rising. For example, every older person in Florida has seen the price of their home or multiple homes 3x-10x over their lifetime simply because of demand, but our generation just wasn’t old enough to be purchasing homes at the right time to experience the same benefits.

In addition, we also need to find ways to make our political process more inclusive and accessible for young people. Too often, we see that young people are not given a voice in our politics, and are often ignored.