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Meet Shaun Clarmont

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Hello, I want to become the U.S. Congressional Representative for the 8th District of Wisconsin.

My name is Shaun Clarmont.

I come before you with great concern for the future of our country. I am a Wisconsin native and I live and operate a small business in the Northeast Wisconsin community. I have established a solid business and I have lived a fulfilling life in the Green Bay area. For this I feel a great sense of obligation to give back to the community which gave me the opportunity to succeed. I am a God fearing conservative running on the Republican ballot and these are my beliefs.


I am a patriot and constitutional conservative.

I believe in one God and utilize Judaeo Christian values.

I am a gun owner and I support the second amendment.

I believe in free speech and the necessity of a free and honest media.

I believe in supporting our civilian police force.

I believe in

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Tom Tiffany has deep roots in Wisconsin. He grew up on a dairy farm in Elmwood, Wisconsin, received an agricultural degree from UW-River Falls and went on to be a successful small business owner.

Tom and his wife Chris owned and operated Wilderness Cruises in Wisconsin’s beautiful Northwoods for 20 years, and he served as the damtender on the Willow Flowage for 29 years. Yes, he was a dam man!

Tom served as a supervisor in the Town of Little Rice for two terms and ran for State Assembly in 2010 when the state was mired in high unemployment and soaring budget deficits. After two years in the State Assembly, Tom was elected to the State Senate where he helped balance the budget and worked tirelessly to protect private property rights and defend the Second Amendment and our region’s rich hunting and fishing heritage.

Tom believes the same common-sense that defines northern and western Wisconsin is sorely needed in Washington

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"I work for you, and your priorities are my priorities."


Glenn Grothman is honored and proud to serve the people of Wisconsin’s 6th congressional district.

Now in his fourth term in Congress, Glenn was first elected to Congress in 2014. Serving on the House Oversight and Reform, Budget, and Education and Labor Committees, Glenn has been fiercely fighting to protect and create Wisconsin manufacturing jobs, advance welfare reform, secure our borders, and cut federal spending.

The 6th District has the most manufacturing jobs of any congressional district in the nation. Manufacturers have been facing many challenges from complicated and burdensome regulations to struggling to find workers with the skills to fill their openings, which has only been worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Glenn has been a vocal advocate for Wisconsin manufacturing and the over 80,000 6th district residents who work in this critical industry. When the pandemic hit, Gle


It is time for change. Let's move Wisconsin Forward together. United, we can make the changes needed. 

- Tim Rogers 



We need to dissect the school budget to understand where the money is being spent. The Milwaukee School District is one of the worst school districts in the nation, even though they have one of the largest education budgets in the country. There are several ways to prevent poverty. One is through education. Urban schools throughout the country, including Milwaukee Public Schools, have failed our students for decades. Many students are graduating without being literate in reading and math. I support School Choice and School Voucher programs. In many urban districts, these programs have proven to be the best option to let students reach their full potential. We must not let school districts spend excessive amounts of money on educational methods that have been proven to fail urban communities. We must not let any more of our children graduate w

Meet Charity

This is my country and I believe in her, and I believe in her flag, and I’ll defend her, and I’ll fight for her and serve her.
General Daniel “Chappie” James

10746020286?profile=originalI have been a constituent of the Second Congressional District of Wisconsin all my life, and I understand the frustration we all have when our politicians do not actively represent the needs of the people. For years, we have been represented by Mark Pocan and his Socialist Policies. It is time for our voice in Washington to be Of, By, and For the People.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of EVIL, is for Good Men to do nothing, as they must if they believe they can do nothing.”

~ Sir Edmund Burke
  EconomicsOur representatives in Congress need to remember that they are spending Your Money I stand for a balanced budget and responsible spending. The current state of our economy and the historic inflation rates we see every day are the direct result of irresponsible budgeting and spending in Congress. I will do my be

It's not about me; it's about we.


I support a full cyber forensic audit of the 2020 election and a recall of Wisconsin's ten electors. We the People of Wisconsin deserve to know the truth! Those who broke election laws must be held accountable. Ramifications would include removal from office, fines and/or jail time.

Proposed Integrity Measures:

* Allow one day only to vote.

* Require voter ID.

* Provide one paper ballot per voter.

* Discontinue the use of voting machines.

* Discontinue the use of ballot dropboxes.

* Install cameras at all polling locations to allow real-time viewing on election days.

With 30+ years of experience as a Registered Nurse, I have witnessed government overreach in the healthcare system and the subsequent acquiescence of hospital administration. It saddened me to see doctors and nurses succumb to guidelines that were not in the best interest of their patients.

Proposed Healthcare Solutions:

* Eliminate medical mandates of any kind.

* Enforce religious and medical exempti

Free, Fair and Lawful Elections


We are blessed to live in a country framed by brilliant men, our Founding Fathers, who went to great pains and deliberations to construct a Republic that would protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all citizens. When our Constitution is violated, we must reinforce and defend it, for the sake of not only America, but the free world and all of western civilization.

When laws are broken, we must prosecute the perpetrators. When corruption is at play, we must end it. When the Republicans encourage us to “move on,” and Democrats block justice at every turn, neither party is serving the people. Tim Ramthun courageously investigated claims of fraud and spoke the truth. He won’t stop.

Representatives are not supposed to consider themselves members of an exclusive club for their own benefit. They are elected to represent the people, and the people know there was outcome altering fraud during the 2020 election. Those who look the other way and have