Joseph Chaplik, AZ, State Representative District 3

Co-sponsored the Following Bills:


Election Integrity

HB2041 – Requires robust fraud countermeasures for all ballots including universal, specific, and watermarked paper, holographics, specific ink, unique ultraviolet signatures, and a QR code linking voters to a web-based ballot tracker. 

HB2054 – Requires the Secretary of State to use death certificates to remove voters from the AZ voter registration database.

HB2079 – Prohibits county Board of Supervisors from establishing election precincts that contain more than 1,500 voters. Requires ballots in a voting center be separated by precincts.

HB2080 – Requires ballots be counted by hand.

HB2235 – Exempted county Board of Supervisors from a pay raise in 2025.

HB2236 – Prohibits state agencies from registering voters without their request.

HB2237 – Makes day-of registration insufficient for voting in that election.

HB2238 – Ends the use of unmonitored drop-boxes.

HB2239 – Requires that damaged or defective ballots be duplicated by hand, not by machine.

HB2240 – Restricts voting centers to only voters in that county.

HB2241 – Requires identification to be verified at early drop box locations.

HB2242 – Requires the county recorder and Secretary of State to verify name, address, date of birth, and driver license number during voting registration.

HB2357 – Directs the Attorney General to conduct investigations into voter fraud and enforce subpoenas.

HB2358 – Requires county recorders to cancel voter registration when voter changes address out of county or state.

HB2359 – Requires that voting machines be further secured from unauthorized entry.

HB2360 – Directs the Secretary of State to operate the voter registration system with oversight from a committee of county recorders.

HB2364 – Adds identification requirements for pamphlets for school district override, initiative, and bond elections.

HB2492 – Requires that voter registration include proof of residence, date of birth, and an affirmation of citizenship.

HB2493 – This bill appropriates funds for county recorders to beef up their election security and cybersecurity.

HB2494 – Instructs the Secretary of State and each county recorder to publish online any voter registration events they plan to facilitate.

HB2569 – Prohibits any jurisdictions in the state from receiving private money to conduct elections.

HB2596 – This bill transforms our elections, requiring that all voters present identification, vote only on election day, and only in their precinct.

HB2621 – This bill forbids the State of Arizona from signing onto any consent decree or settlement in which the constitutionality or legality of our election laws are being challenged.

HB2792 – Forbids election officers from delivering a ballot in the mail to anyone who has not requested an early ballot for that election.

HB2793 – Forbids agencies from registering a person to vote unless that person requests to register.

HB2794 – Prohibits state agents from modifying any election deadlines.

HB2811 – Prohibits agents of the state from registering voters day-of an election.

HCR2021 – Declares the legislature’s support for the Electoral College and opposition against any effort to overturn it.

HCR2023 – Declares the legislature’s opposition to any effort by the federal government to usurp election control and administration.

HB2743 – This bill removes no-excuse mail-in ballots, reforms election precincts, eliminates voting centers, and prohibits voting machines.

HB2777 – Gives legislators the ability to call audits of county elections.

HB2778 – Prohibits the Secretary of State and County Recorders from using electronic registration information centers.

HB2780 – Requires county recorders to publish a voter roll before the election and ballot images after the election available for public review.

HB2783 – Increases the penalties for election crimes, including voter fraud.

HB2786 – Prohibits county recorders from accepting voter registration or an early ballot form from any non-official source. 

HCR2025 – This bill puts the Voter ID Act before the voters in 2022, requiring that voters provide an identification to vote. 

HCR2033 – Decertifies the 2022 election.

SB1119 – Requires online copies of ballots to be publicly available after elections.

SB1120 – Adds 19 specific fraud countermeasures to paper ballots.

SB1457 – Requires the Secretary of State to make sure voting machines meet security standards, cannot access the internet, and log user access to the device.


Protecting our Rights

  • Pro-life.
  • Pro 2nd amendment.
  • Election integrity.
  • Ensuring our state budget is always balanced.
  • Protect free speech, due process, and our freedom of religion.

Jobs and the Economy

  • Common sense policies that protect small businesses.
  • Low state income tax for all to prosper.
  • Low tax climate to help small businesses thrive.
  • Limit government regulations to ensure healthy growth for employees and their families. 

Safe Communities

  • A strong and secure border preventing illegal entrance.
  • Properly funded and staffed police force.
  • Protecting our most vulnerable by fighting human trafficking.
  • Promoting a safe environment for our children & elderly.


  • Full Accountability and Full Transparency that eliminates waste.
  • Results-based funding that reward schools that are getting it right! 
  • School choice for all children.
  • Freedom of speech protections on University campuses.
  • Opposes comprehensive sex education in elementary school.


  • Supports fighting unconstitutionality of Obamacare.
  • Supports protecting those with preexisting conditions.
  • Supports laws allowing individuals to deduct the costs of health care from their state income tax.