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About Steve

Above is a link to his website.

Don't vote for him. Don't vote for Steve Scalise. Look for a good Independent candidate. 

Check out Howard Kearney for Congress, District 1


Read on to see why Steve Scalise is a RINO extraordinaire.

Steve Scalise was part of Republican leadership on phone call with Cheney and McCarthy and did not speak up for Trump. Matt Gaetz on Tuck Carlson explains. 

Steve Scalise has reported $16 million dollars to the FEC. No other Republican opponent candidate has reported a penny. His salary is $174.000 according to legistorm.com plus he has paid staff. 

He has raised $28 million according to The Hayride, Jan 11, 2022 which also mentions that if McCarthy is unpopular for Speaker of the House, it could go to Scalise..


For more in depth information see RINO Hunter 1776

Steve Scalise voted to take away rights and A LOT of money from U.S. citizens:

  1. Voted for -- RC 145 — Providing DOJ Bureaucrats Over-Reaching New Authority via the “COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act” -- Thi



RINO Hunter 1776

Election integrity is the cornerstone of our Democracy. Tim is proud to have led the fight for a full forensic audit of the 2020 Presidential election. Tim believes every voter deserves nothing less than full transparency in our elections. All cases of voter fraud MUST be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Tim Baxter is pro-life. Baxter is the only candidate in this race with a proven voting record of defending life. In the New Hampshire legislature, Baxter fought with other members of the New Hampshire Freedom Caucus to pass a late abortion ban. Baxter’s brother, Taylor, has special needs, so this issue is very personal to him. We must always stand for life, because we must fight for those that are the most vulnerable in our society, like Taylor.

America is falling behind on education. Every child deserves the best education possible and every parent deserves a say. Critical race theory is poison and this should not be taught to our kids. We must stop the “wo



  • Pass the Life at Conception Act

  • Help End BidenFlation

  • Secure Our Elections

  • Pass Constitutional Carry

  • Restore American Values to Classrooms

  • Uphold the Constitution

Mike is a Veteran of the United States Air Force. Mike has been a strong conservative voice for the people of Florida over the years. He has been applauded for his passion for open government, military service, and fight to lower taxes during his time in the Florida Legislature between 2014-2016.

Mike's interview with Raj about working with your representatives.





Conservative Organizations

  • Florida Family Action (FFA), 2015-16:  A+ 
  • National Federation of Independent Business FL (NFIB-FL), 2019-2020:  100% 
  • American Conservative Union FL (ACU-FL), 2020:  97%93% (cum.)† 
  • American Conservative Union (ACU), 2016:  93%91% (cum.)† 


Liberal Organizations

  • LEAP Forward Florida, 2019:  4% 

District 1, Vote John Mills For Florida Senate August 23rd



As a U.S. Navy pilot, I took an oath to serve America. I swore to defend and uphold the Constitution. It was my duty and honor to do so. My interest is the same; to serve and uphold the principles that we hold dear. May God bless you and may God bless Florida. Send me to Tallahassee to fight for your values!


Military Service and Support

  • U.S. Navy Pilot (Retired), Rotary Wing and Fixed Wing
  • Product Developer, Military Aircraft Operator Manuals
  • Commanding Officer, Naval Security Force Naval Air Station Kingsville
  • Commanding Officer, Naval Security Force Naval Air Station Whiting Field
  • Program Manager, National Naval Aviation Outreach
  • Director, Navy Regional Emergency Management Operations
  • Disaster Preparedness Officer, Naval Air Station Pensacola
  • Air Terminal Officer, Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
  • Safety Officer, Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 16, NAS Pensacola
  • Public Affairs O

America First. Always.


The Gaetz, Lombardo decision has been the most difficult. Gaetz has several issues as can be seen in the video by RINO Hunter 1776

However, it is difficult to ignore that Lombardo has come late in the game. And most damning,he appears to have funding from the Lincoln Project.The Lincoln Project is known for anti-Trumpers and sexual molestation of 21 young men. 

Also Gaetz is appearing with Jim Jordan tomorrow and although Jim Jordan is seen on a TV ad saying positive things about Gaetz he is not blatently endorsing him. 

So Vote for Gaetz, August 23, 2022. 


When so many political savvy people have decided that Gaetz is the lesser of two evils, it clinches the decision to support Matt Gaetz. But I do hope someone rises up because this will be his 4th term and we do not want to have life time career politicians. Get into office, work hard, represent your constituents, and go back home.


Actually voted to expand govenment land control: http://ratings.conserva

Ranked Choice for Alaska US House, District 1

1. Sarah Palin 10750674462?profile=RESIZE_400x


2. Randy Purham 10750676283?profile=RESIZE_710xhttps://www.rpurham4us.com/

3. Robert Lyons


4. Tara Sweeney



You have to vote for 4 in the primary. Order is important. 

Here is a great video explaining these choices by RINO Hunter 1776.

As always, do your own research.




I’m Jeremy Munson. Father. Patriot. Minnesotan.

Since being elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives four years ago, I have stood up to lobbyists and special interest groups to fight for what is right for the people of Minnesota.

Over the past two years, our Republic and Constitution have been under attack. Since day one, I have been with you in the trenches, fighting back against tyrannical executive edicts and defending our Constitution.

I’ve fought for our liberties whether they were being trampled by our Governor, the corporate media, or members of our own party…


And now, with your vote, I am ready to take on the DC Swamp, Dr. Fauci, and the political elites seeking to destroy our way of life.

In Congress, I will support the America-First agenda.

As a member of the Minnesota House, I spoke at protests against Governor Walz’s lockdowns, offered the first resolution to end the peacetime emergency, and filed lawsuits challenging the Governor for unilatera


Diana is an unapologetic conservative Trump Republican. She is running for Congress because she believes that our nation is at a tipping point. Fringe liberals threaten the future of our country with the false promises of socialism. They stand in the way of President Donald Trump’s progress and economic freedom. The president needs an outsider like himself in Congress that has his back. The president needs someone that is not beholden to political games or special interests, someone who understands what it takes to build a business and raise a family. The president needs Diana Harshbarger.


Career politicians – from both parties – have failed the American people and East Tennessee for years. They have had years to solve the problems that plague every day families and have had decades to change politics as usual. Enough is enough. When America’s future, and the futures of her son, her grandsons, and so many others in East Tennessee are on the line, it is time to get Tennessee Tough



Parents are Greater than Politics

Meet your Florida candidates Christine DeVigili, Denise Nystrom & Rachel Kirby 2022

Video by Florida Freedom Keepers, FLFreedomKeepers, April 6, 2022


Secure and Protect the Rights of Parents

It is a fundamental liberty of parents to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their children.

But what does that mean?
That means parents have the right to make decisions regarding their child's education, health, and mental care under the protection of the Florida Constitution, which is explained in the Florida Parents Bill of Rights.

Drain the Swamp

Legitimize a Verifiable Budget & Accountability Measures

Strengthen Morale Through Professional Development

When our educators are successful, so are our students, and that is why Christy will fight for educators every day. She will advocate to increase their pay, improve overall working conditions, and develop enhanced professional development opportunities to all of our education professionals.

Outside of p

Goals for our School Board


  • Give parents a voice
  • Curiculum Transparency
  • Remove Critical Race Theory and Social Emotional Learning from curriculum
  • Vote against mandates
  • Push for better compensation for all teachers

Back to the BASICS!


  • Christian Patriots of Central Florida
  • Moms for Liberty
  • Conservative Ministers of Central Florida
  • 1776 Project PAC

I am the mother of 2 elementary school children who were forced to mask even though I opted them out. This is what started my journey to run for school board.

I’m a telecommunications professional and hold a Doctoral Degree in Education from Nova Southeastern University. I’ve held many leadership roles during my career and have worked extremely hard to meet my personal and professional goals. I want you to know that I have the drive and the fight to champion change within our school board.

On a daily basis parents across Orange County share their stories and snapshots of the inappropriate materials students are being subjected to. In the school

Harriet on the Issues

RINO Hunter 1776 Pick for Wyoming

Wyoming US House, District 1 Debate


Protecting Our Constitution

Big government politicians in our country have steered us dangerously away from the Constitutional foundation on which America was built. The separation of powers, a limited and confined federal government, and individual liberty are more endangered now than at any time in the history of the United States. The Left has unleashed an onslaught on our Constitution, and they are working their way down the list of freedoms they have decided must be taken away. They want to eliminate freedom of speech, dissolve our right to keep and bear arms, and seize our private property, just to name a few. Our rights are not allowances from the government that can be so easily destroyed.  Freedom and liberty are inherent in each of us, granted upon conception by our Creator, and we must fight every day to protect those rights from big government liberals and bureaucrats who seek to curtail