Jenna Hague, FL, State Representative, District 96

Views on Election Integrity

Maelstrom News recorded Jenna last August after her 7 hour drive to Tallahassee to speak for 30 seconds on the importance of election integrity. They show her actual "speech" and an interview with her on the way home. 

About Jenna



There’s nothing extravagant or over-the-top about me. In fact, I’m just like YOU! I’m a hardworking, strong-willed Mother of two, and devoted Wife that became fed up with sitting on the proverbial sidelines, yelling at my television and made the conscious decision to run for Florida’s House of Representatives where I can be the voice for my Friends and Neighbors from my community.

 Originally hailing from New York, I made the transition here to beautiful South Florida with my Parents at a young age and found my forever home where my roots are firmly planted in the salt water of our glistening Atlantic Ocean. I graduated High School with honors here and eventually attended Florida State University in Tallahassee, right in the shadow of our Capital not knowing then just what that tall, looming building would have in store for me!


I am the living embodiment of the “American Dream!” I am a Self-Starter that has diligently strived to achieve my very personal best in everything I do and that take-charge approach led me to begin my career path at the tender age of 19-years old in the Construction and Commercial Real Estate Development Industry. Applying my strong work ethic and “can-do” attitude, I steadily rose through the industry to eventually become a professional Financial Controller for not one, but two major Construction and Real Estate Development Companies here in South Florida where I oversee and work with multiple, large-scale construction and development projects at once and manage hundreds of millions of dollars in funds and assets for my Companies.


In my personal life, I am a Wife and Best Friend to my amazing Husband whom I get a lot of my drive and motivation from. As a United States Marine and Government Contractor, my Husband has served our Country for most of his adult life in one way, shape, or form and is not only my closest Confidant, but also a large part of my “take-charge” approach to life. I am the Mother of two beautiful Children who are my whole world and when I am not working, I’m keeping in shape, chasing those two around constantly.