tim sharp (1)

The Sharp Choice


“I am Your Candidate and Your Voice for Florida House. 

I’m running for State Representative because these weak and corrupt Republicans have forgotten that they represent YOU. I’m not afraid to fight for your God given rights. I value people not PAC funded special interests. I’m a small business owner running as a grassroots candidate. I’m your liberty candidate. Principle over Party. Let’s restore the power back to the people! Send me to Tallahassee to Fight for YOU!

I will be the most Conservative member of the Florida State Legislature. We need to restore common sense. 

Election Integrity

Restore Election Confidence​. One person equals one legal vote. The State of Florida must complete a full forensic audit of the 2020 election.

School Choice

Parent's taxpayer dollars should follow the student where the parent has the choice of public, charter, virtual, home, or private school. Our children deserve an education that is tailored to their individual learning style.

2nd Amendm