district 22 (3)

It’s about the People, not the Politics

The time has come to CHOOSE FREEDOM over fear.


Some people stand for all the right stuff and some people are wrapped in armor and FIGHTING for the right stuff. That is Carrie Lawlor. 

Carrie Lawlor is "We the People". She is someone who said "enough is enough". I have to change my entire life because our country is in peril. I have to literally fight all the swampy creatures. 

She is not going to Washington DC to "make nice" and build back better. She is going to DESTROY all the corruption and save our country. 


RINO Hunter 1776



The issues facing our country today should not be partisan. Placing people in boxes and choosing sides brought us to the precipice we are at today. It is time to work together and save the country we love.

Inflation is weighing on all of us. As gas prices climb and store shelves are sparse it has become an egregious tax on those who can afford it the least.

Government spending is out of control. While we send billions to


"Sarasota and Manatee County residents need a fighter in Tallahassee who will keep the West Coast of Florida beautiful and free from political corruption"


Florida's Values.  America's Future.

  • Less Taxes, Less Big Government Spending

  • Introduce bills to fight the Drug Epidemic

  • Address gun violence

  • Take on drug companies selling addictive drugs

  • Help dog and cat shelters

  • Put drug dogs near schools to stop drug dealers from targeting our children

  • Support technical schools and give tax credits to businesses to train
    new employees in manufacturing skills

  • Support small clinics and hospitals in every community

  • Senior citizen support for medical, housing and transportation needs

  • Introduce bills to reform DCF and family disputes

  • Eliminate redundant state agencies

  • Limit payouts to politicians

  • Campaign finance reform

  • Improve transportation flow and infrastructure

  • Teach history based on facts



  • Stop Corruption in the Republican

What I Stand For...

If elected for Florida State House, District 22, I will stand by my constituents, fight for them, and serve them well. THIS is the right time, and I AM the right choice!

-Tayari Appiah



Limited Government 

Too many times government has overreached its boundaries. Government should have checks and balances to ensure compliance.

Constitution As Written 

The Constitution is a timeless document that the foundation of America was built on. To stray away from it is to take away our God-given rights.

Pro-Second Amendment 

As American citizens, it is our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Not only to protect ourselves and our families but most importantly to protect our freedom.

Election Integrity 

Laws should be in place to make it harder to cheat and easier for our American citizens to have their voices heard.

Medical Freedom 

All medical decisions should stem from the individual or the parent/legal guardian. We all know what is best for us, and us alone.