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Lane's Priorities

         As a Pastor in Abbeville for over 20 years, I have watched as the good people of South West Louisiana have been seen as more of a side note than we deserve. We have some of the greatest resources in America and that means in the world, yet the business climate seems to struggle more than states that do not have our resources. We need a different level of LEADERSHIP in Washington to highlight the people of South Louisiana, who are some of the hardest working people I know. We need to turn around our economic, agricultural, educational and business climate so that the people of our Great State can live in an atmosphere that matches our resources. We need someone with the moral backbone to stand against the elite corruption, the deconstruction of our value system and stand up for the people who elected them. I will stand up for the principles of Family and Strength that my Louisiana roots and your support demands.


Parental Rights

          One of the greates

Alisabeth Janai Lancaster



Lancaster retired from a 28-year career as a Federal Reserve law enforcement officer in 2010.

During her career, she worked in protective services and performed duties such as dignitary escorts, dignitary protection, U.S. Treasury operations and other law enforcement-related services.

Lancaster holds a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and law enforcement certification through the state of Colorado.



"I am running because I had attended a school board meeting in which the parents and the community were not being addressed with their concerns, and I did have some people ask me to run," Lancaster said. "As a voter, and not just the candidate, I had some issues with the current board members."

Lancaster said that the Santa Rosa County School Board was not nearly as transparent as it should be and that its current members have not done a good job addressing concerns

Kat on the Issues

July 16, 2022 voted with RINOS Cheney and Kinzinger to pass Defense Spending Bill along with amnesty for illegal immigrant children and millions more pork. So keep an eye on her!


 I want you to know that I will proudly stand with our President and fight alongside him for an America First agenda. I commend President Donald Trump for taking decisive action in all he does and for standing on principle against steadfast opposition and hatred from the Left. I promise to defend the American people, alongside President Trump, from the threat of socialism at every turn. I was proud to be a part of the 2016 Women for Trump bus tour in North Carolina, helping to get President Trump elected in a key swing state and I am looking forward to campaigning for him again this year in Florida.



Be assured that on day one, as your Representative, I will work with the Trump Administration to help build the wall and secure the border. You can al

Issues I'm fighting for...


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I Will Stand Up for the People of Tennessee and our Great Country!


Second Amendment

“The Right to Bear Arms.  A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

As your Representative, I will not vote for ANY legislation which erodes YOUR right to bear arms.  Likewise, I will stand resolute in funding any agency whose job it is to enforce laws which are on the books and work to defund those agencies which do not, including withholding federal funding from cities and states.  

Perhaps no more important time since our nation’s founding has this been such an important issue.  With the Leftist Progressives shouting (and denying) “Defund the Police,” the civil society’s first line of defense, while failing to denounce actual violence, vandalism, arson and theft much less take actions to stop such crimes, the next thing th

Service Leadership Patriotism

Tom believes in service, leadership, and America. He retired from the United States Navy with over 20 years of service after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. His love of family and home brought him back to Minnesota, and his love of country and desire to continue to serve led him to run to represent Minnesotans of the 3rd District. Tom was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, and raised in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. He graduated from Eden Prairie High School and then attended the University of Notre Dame, participating in the Navy ROTC program. Tom graduated with honors in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and was commissioned in the Navy in 2001. He served as a submarine officer for over 20 years. Tom is running to represent his fellow Minnesotans in Congress to fight for the country he loves and to ensure that each and every child has the opportunity to live his or her American dream.

My story begins in the farmland of western Minnesot



Election Integrity

Our elections must be made trustworthy again.  If we can’t trust the counting of votes, we lose trust in our Republic.

Voting is a right, and with rights come responsibilities (please see my writings on the Second Amendment above).  

Citizens that choose to exercise their right to elect their representatives and thereby hold power over the State have a responsibility to declare themselves by their identity to that State.

The State may not compel you to reveal for whom you voted, but it must insist on publicly knowing who voted.  There is no reason for a Citizen not to declare himself or herself appropriately when voting.

No state currently has any laws that place an undue burden on obtaining proper identification, and all attempts to prevent states from identifying voters and preventing election fraud are obvious attempts to influence elections.

This issue will need to be raised to the Constitutional Amendment level.  In our current system, the individual states deci

Co-sponsored the Following Bills:


Election Integrity

HB2041 – Requires robust fraud countermeasures for all ballots including universal, specific, and watermarked paper, holographics, specific ink, unique ultraviolet signatures, and a QR code linking voters to a web-based ballot tracker. 

HB2054 – Requires the Secretary of State to use death certificates to remove voters from the AZ voter registration database.

HB2079 – Prohibits county Board of Supervisors from establishing election precincts that contain more than 1,500 voters. Requires ballots in a voting center be separated by precincts.

HB2080 – Requires ballots be counted by hand.

HB2235 – Exempted county Board of Supervisors from a pay raise in 2025.

HB2236 – Prohibits state agencies from registering voters without their request.

HB2237 – Makes day-of registration insufficient for voting in that election.

HB2238 – Ends the use of unmonitored drop-boxes.

HB2239 – Requires that damaged or defective ballots be duplicated by hand, not by mach



Election Integrity 

Make voter ID mandatory, eliminate ballot drop boxes, and develop other rigorous standards that restore all Americans' faith in our electoral process.

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Finish the wall and militarize the border, deport everyone who is in the country illegally, and institute an immigration moratorium for the next decade.

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Protecting Children

Ban transgender surgeries and puberty blockers for anyone under 18, and create a national law that mimics the recent "Parental Rights in Education" law in FL that restricts the promotion of sexual orientation and gender identity to young children.

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Term Limits

An overwhelming majority of Americans support term limits for Congress, just like we have for the President. I have pledged to co-sponsor and vote for a Term Limit Amendment that would restrict Representatives to three terms, and Senators to two terms. My opponent, Mr. Guest, has refused to support any term limit legislation. (Read More)