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Term Limits

Career politicians have created a system in which the constituents are no longer the priority. These establishment politicians, from both sides, often compromise on issues that they believe their constituents may not notice in order to benefit themselves or special interest groups. This prioritizes the establishment and its power, over the American people. We need elected officials that not only represent their electors but also that want to and plan on returning to be among the electors, rather than using a position of elected power to enrich themselves. Term limits will help to prevent the ability for long term corruption and will assist to have patriots representing his or her neighbors on a consistent rotating basis which will keep the elected leader more in tuned with the voters.


The corruption that Americans have seen go unpunished for years has left them feeling that those in a position of power live by a separate set of laws than they do. We must

District 1, Vote John Mills For Florida Senate August 23rd



As a U.S. Navy pilot, I took an oath to serve America. I swore to defend and uphold the Constitution. It was my duty and honor to do so. My interest is the same; to serve and uphold the principles that we hold dear. May God bless you and may God bless Florida. Send me to Tallahassee to fight for your values!


Military Service and Support

  • U.S. Navy Pilot (Retired), Rotary Wing and Fixed Wing
  • Product Developer, Military Aircraft Operator Manuals
  • Commanding Officer, Naval Security Force Naval Air Station Kingsville
  • Commanding Officer, Naval Security Force Naval Air Station Whiting Field
  • Program Manager, National Naval Aviation Outreach
  • Director, Navy Regional Emergency Management Operations
  • Disaster Preparedness Officer, Naval Air Station Pensacola
  • Air Terminal Officer, Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
  • Safety Officer, Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 16, NAS Pensacola
  • Public Affairs O



  • US Constitution’s Original Intent
  • Second Amendment
  • Border Security/Legal
  • Immigration
  • Military Readiness
  • Education Reform
  • Election Integrity
  • Energy Independence
  • No Medical Mandates
  • Health Freedom
  • Term Limits

“Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid”

Here is some of what Sid wants to achieve, putting America First!

Sid Preskitt

Introduce Legislation to hold elected officials accountable to their Oath:“The Oath of Office Accountability Act”

Introduce Legislation for mandatory prison for anyone convicted of election fraud:“The American Election Integrity Act”

Introduce Legislation for health and medical freedom whereby doctors and medical practitioners have the freedom to practice medicine without restrictions for all types of natural, nutritional and integrative healing treatments. Your body, your choice, informed consent, no mandates.“The Americans Deserve Health Freedom Act”

Introduce Legislation to insure an America First energy policy prohibiting importing natural gas or petroleum when the U

My Platform



I am a beekeeper and I’ve got thick skin.  I have taken the stings of the bees to put honey on your table.

I will take the stings of politics to put honesty in your government.

From “Save the bees” to “Save our country”, I got this.  Vote for me, vote for my team, vote America First.



Restore Liberty

Stand for Health Freedom

Republican Liberty Caucus


Your Pocket Book

Inflation is hitting us hard, and with a $14 an hour minimum wage in Florida in the near future, we need to make sure that Gas and Food doesn’t rise along with it.

Inflation is real and our personal buying power needs to be protected against Federal takings.  Alaska gives back to its citizens out of the state’s prosperity.  Why not Florida?!  It’s a prosperous state! Let’s make the people prosper too! 

Your Family's Education

Let the parents be parents; teachers and school boards don’t need to control the way we raise our children.  I have had the fortune of homescho


"Sarasota and Manatee County residents need a fighter in Tallahassee who will keep the West Coast of Florida beautiful and free from political corruption"


Florida's Values.  America's Future.

  • Less Taxes, Less Big Government Spending

  • Introduce bills to fight the Drug Epidemic

  • Address gun violence

  • Take on drug companies selling addictive drugs

  • Help dog and cat shelters

  • Put drug dogs near schools to stop drug dealers from targeting our children

  • Support technical schools and give tax credits to businesses to train
    new employees in manufacturing skills

  • Support small clinics and hospitals in every community

  • Senior citizen support for medical, housing and transportation needs

  • Introduce bills to reform DCF and family disputes

  • Eliminate redundant state agencies

  • Limit payouts to politicians

  • Campaign finance reform

  • Improve transportation flow and infrastructure

  • Teach history based on facts



  • Stop Corruption in the Republican

Freedom Fighter For Florida


I am in this fight at a great personal cost. I am not in this for myself. I am not in this to make friends in Tallahassee or to become an enriched career politician. I am here for the love I have for this great state. I want to make Florida better for our future children and grandchildren. I am in this to fight for you. I will be the most conservative legislator in the Florida Senate.

GerryJames_Senate.mp4 from Ken McCray on Vimeo.


Medical Freedom

We must end medical tyranny. Medical coercion and mandates violate our constitutional rights.

Election Integrity

We must restore confidence in our elections. If we refuse to make this right, the fraud will NEVER END. In 1st 30 days will write legislation to mandate one day voting, paper ballots.

Two-Tier Justice System

We must uphold law and order. We must put an end to a justice system that protects the radical left and ruling class RINOs in our state and country. There's a blatant disregard for our laws as t


Christian. Constitutionalist. Conservative.

Regina Piazza, Florida State Senate

"As a veteran, I know what it means to serve sacrificially and I will always do the same for my fellow citizens. "

- Regina Piazza


2nd Amendment

I’ll be blunt. Red flag laws are unconstitutional.  The 2nd Amendment is the foundational right that equips you to protect all other rights. But red flag laws jeopardize and even outright violate them.  That’s why, in the Senate, I’ll work to repeal red flag laws, and I’ll support Constitutional Carry.  As a veteran and gun owner myself, I know how precious your right to defend yourself, your family, and your property is. And it’s a right that we must actively work to protect. The government does not exist to grant or allow freedoms – it exists to protect and defend them. Therefore, I will fiercely defend your 2nd Amendment rights in the Florida Senate, and I’ll make sure that our state continues to shield you and your rights from encroaching federal overreach.

Attainable, Sustainable Hous

What I Stand For...


If elected for Florida State House, District 22, I will stand by my constituents, fight for them, and serve them well. THIS is the right time, and I AM the right choice!

-Tayari Appiah



Limited Government 

Too many times government has overreached its boundaries. Government should have checks and balances to ensure compliance.

Constitution As Written 

The Constitution is a timeless document that the foundation of America was built on. To stray away from it is to take away our God-given rights.

Pro-Second Amendment 

As American citizens, it is our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Not only to protect ourselves and our families but most importantly to protect our freedom.

Election Integrity 

Laws should be in place to make it harder to cheat and easier for our American citizens to have their voices heard.

Medical Freedom 

All medical decisions should stem from the individual or the parent/legal guardian. We all know what is best for us, and us alone.




May be an image of 4 people, child, people standing, suit and text that says 'FAMILY FIRST E R FRANK ..ுரனர. P บ B c N POLO FL A For U.S. S.CONGRESS'



Our policies are focused on protecting our families, liberty, and the traditional values ​​that made America great. After this crisis that has left our country’s economy devastated, we must resolve the problems of America First. Therefore, we want to implement policies that are going to help district 27 to get back on its feet. Nothing better to accomplish this than getting better-paid jobs, better and more affordable access to quality education, more affordable access to healthcare, and occupational on-the-job training.


Our Policies on The Issues

    Judicial Misconduct is one of the worse problems our American people are living in today. Families are suffering from improper conduct of the Judiciary and many children are left without the presence of one of their parents due to Judicial misconduct.
    Our brave men

Laura Loomer



✓ Rebuild Our Economy and Lower Inflation
✓ Restore Election Integrity and Fight Voter Fraud
✓ Stop Big Tech’s Suppression Of Free Speech
✓ Fighting to Protect the 2nd Amendment
✓ Proudly Pro-Life
✓ Fighting Against Medical Tyranny and Unconstitutional Vaccine and Mask Mandates
✓ End the tax on Social Security
✓ Restore America’s Energy Independence
✓ End Illegal Immigration and Secure Our Borders with an Immediate Immigration Moratorium
✓ Support Our Veterans and Police
✓ Protecting Parental Rights
✓ Stop Federal Government Overreach
✓ Restore Law and Order
✓ Clean Water Advocate
✓ Tax Stipends For Parents Who HomeSchool
✓ Pro School Choice
✓ Strong Support of President Trump
✓ Stand with Our Ally Israel

Laura Loomer, 28, is a Jewish Conservative investigative journalist and activist. Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Laura began her journalism career working as an undercover journalist for Project Veritas from 2015-2017. Loomer’s investigations have unco


Election Integrity

Free and fair elections are the foundation upon which America has been built. We need mandatory voter identification. Ensure elections do not fall under liberal power grab to federalize election laws. Routine audits to ensure compliance. Currency-grade ballots that cannot be forged. Abolish all electronic vote-counting or tabulation machines with internet access.  

Jobs & Economy 

We must continue to cut taxes and needless regulation to encourage economic growth and help working people and their families. Biden’s plan includes 30 tax hikes that would eliminate 165,000 jobs and shrink wages by 0.8%.  

Border Security

 Finish The Wall. Stop the inflow of illegal immigrants. End Sanctuary Cities. Enforce mandatory E-Verify, including penalties. Those with work visas must pay taxes on wages earned. Immediate deportation for anyone engaging in criminal acts. ICE removal of all criminals and gang members (jail for anyone that recrosses the US border). Removal of all per

The Issues We Face


Ladies and Gentlemen, mi BEAUTIFUL Amiga Lavern Spicer has arrived! 😂🥰🤗 BEST ADS EVER!!!


EP 51 | Diamond and Silk talked to Lavern Spicer about her Congress run


Our elected officials are meant to be public servants, not lifelong political albatrosses. The Founders believed civilian leaders should serve in government for a limited period of time, get the job done, and then go back to being a civilian.


Today’s do-nothing problematic government has been ushered in by lobbyists and corrupt people who are in government not to serve the people, but to line their own pockets ad infinitum. My solution is that all Senators be limited to ONE six-year terms, with the people deciding BY VOTE whether they should remain. Furthermore, I propose that the House stops having elections every two years. From the moment a new Congressperson gets to Washington, they are campaigning for re-election. When do they have time to work for their constituents?

I propose that

America First. Always.


The Gaetz, Lombardo decision has been the most difficult. Gaetz has several issues as can be seen in the video by RINO Hunter 1776

However, it is difficult to ignore that Lombardo has come late in the game. And most damning,he appears to have funding from the Lincoln Project.The Lincoln Project is known for anti-Trumpers and sexual molestation of 21 young men. 

Also Gaetz is appearing with Jim Jordan tomorrow and although Jim Jordan is seen on a TV ad saying positive things about Gaetz he is not blatently endorsing him. 

So Vote for Gaetz, August 23, 2022. 


When so many political savvy people have decided that Gaetz is the lesser of two evils, it clinches the decision to support Matt Gaetz. But I do hope someone rises up because this will be his 4th term and we do not want to have life time career politicians. Get into office, work hard, represent your constituents, and go back home.


Actually voted to expand govenment land control: http://ratings.conserva

America First

I am NOT a politician. I am a local business owner, veteran and God-fearing Christian, who believes in “America first” and knows how to get things done. I am running for Congress because I swore an oath to support and defend the constitution, and our values are under attack.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past two years, you have witnessed that the situation is dire. We have seen our freedoms stripped away, and our values come under attack like never before. The media and the current administration are more concerned about using preferential pronouns to not offend people, rather than actually standing up for freedom.

Local, state and federal government agencies have enacted mandates and claimed powers, which are completely unconstitutional, and it’s time to put an end to that overreach.

I am a God-loving, pro-gun, pro-law enforcement, pro-military, pro-free-speech, Constitution-loving, fiscally conservative, libertarian-minded, decorated war veteran, Republican, w


Inflation and Taxes

Inflation & Taxes

Mac has served around the globe in senior positions in both war and peacetime. He is an engineer and a businessman. He has seen firsthand how the actions in D.C. have far reaching and dire consequences internationally, that will then impact the citizens of Central Florida. Reckless “Tax & Spend” policies must stop.

America was energy independent and enjoyed low inflation. Now at a 40-year high, we are begging dictators for oil. Surging prices for food, energy and shelter are destroying our paychecks. Mac will bring sanity and control to Washington where taxes, corruption and wasteful spending are destroying our National Security and our way of life.


Military Strength & Law Enforcement

Mac spent years in D.C. as a Navy Captain overseeing the production of our next generation stealth fighter jet, the F-35. He has a lifetime of military experience from Asia to Afghanistan. Our military cannot sacrifice readiness and strength over “diversity” and “equity”. The only



Rumble Video: The Attack on Public Education

For 20 years, Wendy Schmeling has been fighting non educational ideologies in the classroom. She will continue to fight against Socialism in Education. While we have seen this in our college and university campuses, it has begun to creep into our elementary and secondary schools. This is not healthy for our students. Wendy will fight to stop this from corrupting our children. Wendy will also fight against CRT, Critical Race Theory. This theory was invented by non-historians to cause racial division; victimizing some children based on their skin color and laying racial blame on other children for their skin color. This is not fair to our students, and it has far reaching effects on student mental health and peer socialization. Another ideology that Wendy has fought in her own classroom is the 1619 Project. Like CRT, this is also a non-historical ideology that states that America was founded in 1619 as a slave nation. This is simply n


Vote August 23, 2022


"Representation must be free from corruption." - Martz


          The Constitution and our inalienable God-given rights, are a non-negotiable. We are seeing a fierce attack on our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, along with all five of our First Amendment Rights. The Constitution does not grant rights. It enumerates the rights that the government is charged to protect.  As a government minimalist, I support the the following: 

*Abolish the U.S. Department of Education 

*Abolish the ATF

*Get RID of the double TAX on Social Security

*Take exceptional care of our Veterans!

*Repeal the 16th Amendment

*Implement TERM LIMITS for US House. Representatives

*Protect Election Integrity

*Cut Unconstitutional Spending & reduce Federal Employees

*Secure our border against child Sex trafficking and drug trafficking

*ROE v. WADE was overturned because it was UNCONSTITUTIONAL. This remains a states issue under our 10th Amendment. I will not vote to pass




Mark Levin talks about Byron Donalds



Election Integrity --Dailycaller.com by Michael Ginsberg, 7, 9, 2021

“While Democrats are losing the argument and reversing their positions over appropriate voter laws like requiring an ID, the DOJ is acting as the political arm of the White House with their baseless lawsuit against a recently passed election law in Georgia,” Donalds told the Daily Caller.

“It is unfathomable that the DOJ has injected its authority under the guise of civil rights by politically attacking a state operating within its right to pass election reforms. AG Garland is not interested in the so-called disenfranchisement of voters; if he and his team were, they’d file lawsuits against New York and Delaware, where it is harder for Americans to vote compared to states like Georgia, Florida, and Texas.”



A true limited federal government wouldn’t leave over $26 trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities as a burden to future generations

Issues: https://www.votejim.us/

Watch Interview on TruNews

The state commissioner of agriculture has been run by a lone Democrat who surprisedly won in the last 30 minutes. This office does not only run the agriculture of the state but also fuel AND the concealed carry laws. 

“Walk toward the fire. Don’t worry about what they call you. All those things are said against you because they want to stop you in your tracks. But if you keep going, you’re sending a message to people who are rooting for you, who are agreeing with you. The message is that they can do it, too.” Andrew Breitbart

*Let Farmers Farm 

  Farmer's need the ability to produce the best, healthiest product, in the most efficient low cost manner. The Florida Agriculture Team and Farmer's working together need to make this goal a reality. 

 *Protect the consumer 

 Simply, fairness and honesty between the seller and buyer in all situations. As a consumer, when I pay for a gallon of gas, I get a gallon of gas .

 *My Gun My Right