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April 20, 2023


Biden Regime’s Seven-Year Prison Sentence for Green Beret Jan 6 WhistleblowerRe-Opens Festering Wounds of Fedsurrection Lie

December 8, 2022


Live Update from Tampa: Retired Green Beret Jeremy Brown’s Attorney: FBI “Planted” Evidence In His Trial

November 18, 2022

 After Being Incarcerated for Over 13 months, Jan. 6 Prisoner Jeremy Brown Will Finally Have His Day in Court on Dec.5

"While I’ve been held in maximum security jail for 414 days in a row," Brown said, “I am innocent until proven guilty."

Epoch Times article

Jeremy Brown speaks to Abundant Life for 5 minutes at 29 minutes in, October 14, 2022.


We are at a place that we are like those getting ready to jump from an airplane at night, miles up in the sky. The world below looks so small.

Fear and doubt are normal. Only training and the knowledge of our equipment gives us the strength to jump.

The Bible tells us that our world is going to be like that. As we look at it, we



November 16, 2022



Election Integrity

Free and fair elections are the foundation upon which America has been built. We need mandatory voter identification. Ensure elections do not fall under liberal power grab to federalize election laws. Routine audits to ensure compliance. Currency-grade ballots that cannot be forged. Abolish all electronic vote-counting or tabulation machines with internet access.  

Jobs & Economy 

We must continue to cut taxes and needless regulation to encourage economic growth and help working people and their families. Biden’s plan includes 30 tax hikes that would eliminate 165,000 jobs and shrink wages by 0.8%.  

Border Security

 Finish The Wall. Stop the inflow of illegal immigrants. End Sanctuary Cities. Enforce mandatory E-Verify, including penalties. Those with work visas must pay taxes on wages earned. Immediate deportation for anyone engaging in criminal acts. ICE removal of all criminals and gang members (jail for anyone that recrosses

Florida Freedom Action



McCarthy's actions cost Republicans major victories on Election night. His contributions of nearly $10 MILLION against America-First candidates could have been used to boost the Republicans we saw fall short.

November 21, 2022

06e1a6b7-2d01-3c62-8068-7db4d05e8a0e.png?w=564&dpr=2&profile=RESIZE_400xKevin McCarthy - Caricature (from: DonkeyHotey, in the Public Domain, via flickr)

Click Link Below:


November 15, 2022

Any Republican that supports Kevin McCarthy for Speaker is either:

-A coward


-A corrupt grifter

-A confused & detached person

-One or more of the above

November 14, 2022

Florida Freedom Action is leading the fight to STOP Kevin McCarthy from becoming the next Speaker of the House, and we are proud to announce our full and total endorsement of Andy Biggs as Speaker.

Former Chairman of the Hous

Ron DeSantis is the 46th Governor of Florida.

No, no, no!

Super pacs trying to push DeSantis and get donations recieved warning from DeSantis  team to desist. No money is going to help the DeSantis team. 

Cease and desist using the Gov's name and likeness!


A native Floridian with blue-collar roots, Ron attended Dunedin High School and worked his way through Yale University, where he graduated with honors and was the captain of the varsity baseball team. He also graduated with honors from Harvard Law School. While at Harvard, he earned a commission in the U.S. Navy as a JAG officer. During his active-duty service, Ron deployed to Iraq as an adviser to a U.S. Navy SEAL commander in support of the SEAL mission in Fallujah, Ramadi and the rest of Al Anbar province. His military decorations include the Bronze Star Medal for Meritorious Service and the Ira

Paul's Priorities


Paul's Views at a Women for Responsible Legislation Candidate Forum

0.11 Background
0:22 Moral compass is love and to care for others the same way you love and care for yourself
0:28 Stand with Governor DeSantis and conservatives that indoctrination and socialism are not appropriate and no political agenda should be being brought into the classroom.
0:35 Public schools should be improved to be able to compete with homeschool and private schools
0:41 Teacher groups improve school district
0:49 Social workers are in every school and contact the home to involve parent with school and many use positive behavior strategies. Very successful for improving flow in classrooms. 
0:54 Christian values are brought into classroom by demonstration. Students are allowed to initiate prayer and groups
1:01 Financial and civics literacy is important but what do we take out. When a class is mandated, this impacts the students' schedules and their options.
1:05 Allowing biological males to

Laura Loomer


I want to say thank you to all of my supporters, all of my volunteers, and my staff for their hard work on my campaign and the faith all of you amazing patriots put in me throughout this race. I am so sorry that I didn’t post anything last night or earlier this morning. But, as you can imagine, I am devastated, and I am utterly heartbroken and saddened over the state of our country, our Republican Party, which is an active participant in the voter fraud machine here in America.

I am heartbroken over the fact that we no longer live in a free country. We no longer have free and fair elections. And I am disgusted over the fact that our Republican Party and media are complicit in Big Tech tyranny and illegal Big Tech election interference.

As you all saw last night, the Laura Loomer For Congress campaign had the nation on its heels because the entire night, I was ahead of Daniel Webster, beating him in the election. Then, there was a very strange long pause i


Fellow Patriots we are 570,000 strong. THAT IS A VOICE. We can't give up. This race was an indicator of just what a simple message can bring about. 

We went up against an absolute government machine ... president of the state senate, endorsed by Trump, and DeSantis, and outspent by 30x (3 million vs. $100,000).

All this and still received 35% of the vote.

We did not lose,  just laid the groundwork for something bigger and better... God bless you  all... Fight on...  James W Shaw 




Watch Interview on TruNews

The state commissioner of agriculture has been run by a lone Democrat who surprisedly won in the last 30 minutes. This office does not only run the agriculture of the state but also fuel AND the concealed carry laws. 

“Walk toward the fire. Don’t worry about what they call you. All those things are said against you because they want to stop you in your tracks. But if you keep going, you’re sending a message to people who are rooting for you, who

Alisabeth Janai Lancaster



Lancaster retired from a 28-year career as a Federal Reserve law enforcement officer in 2010.

During her career, she worked in protective services and performed duties such as dignitary escorts, dignitary protection, U.S. Treasury operations and other law enforcement-related services.

Lancaster holds a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and law enforcement certification through the state of Colorado.



"I am running because I had attended a school board meeting in which the parents and the community were not being addressed with their concerns, and I did have some people ask me to run," Lancaster said. "As a voter, and not just the candidate, I had some issues with the current board members."

Lancaster said that the Santa Rosa County School Board was not nearly as transparent as it should be and that its current members have not done a good job addressing concerns

Elect K.W. Miller to Represent YOUR Values

Once again we are fighting an incumbent who is a major RINO.

Florida has some really rino representatives in Congress. Here is a screenshot from lowest conservative to highest at the low end. Gimenez is right in there, #5. This guy is worse than Diaz-Balart.




KW Miller is stepping up for America First against all odds. Someone has to. We cannot keep stabbing our own people in the back by re-electing Gimenez.

One year voting record for Gimenez. Definitely Republican in name only. 


So look at the bills he has passed in one year! Stealing citizen money and rights. 



The incumbent CANNOT go back into office! You must vote for KW Miller.

This is NOT mud slinging. These are facts.These are wake-up calls. More info from Rino Hunter 1776


VOTE KW Miller. 

  • I WILL uphold my Oath to protect and defend the Constitution
  • I WILL implement a comprehensive Infrastructure Development Plan (IDP) to clean our waters and deliver th

Fighting for Our Families


There is a a threat to Florida and our country. It is the incumbent, Mario Diaz-Balart. Mario has voted for horrible legislation that takes the money, rights, and land away from citizens. 


Diaz-Balart is posing as a Republican but votes as a Democrat and spends citizens' money like there is no tomorrow. It is VITAL that he is replaced no matter what.



There is only one option and it is Darren Aquino. Put Darren Aquino in for two years. He appears to be trying to be a Republican while the incumbent isn't even trying. 

Vote Darren Aquino. Voting for Mario Diaz-Balart is worse than voting for Cheney. Don't do it. 



Our country is been under assault from left wing activists and rioters. Unfortunately, our elected leaders, who we trusted to protect us and preserve law and order, have chosen to cower in fear from the mob.




  • Pass the Life at Conception Act

  • Help End BidenFlation

  • Secure Our Elections

  • Pass Constitutional Carry

  • Restore American Values to Classrooms

  • Uphold the Constitution

Mike is a Veteran of the United States Air Force. Mike has been a strong conservative voice for the people of Florida over the years. He has been applauded for his passion for open government, military service, and fight to lower taxes during his time in the Florida Legislature between 2014-2016.

Mike's interview with Raj about working with your representatives.





Conservative Organizations

  • Florida Family Action (FFA), 2015-16:  A+ 
  • National Federation of Independent Business FL (NFIB-FL), 2019-2020:  100% 
  • American Conservative Union FL (ACU-FL), 2020:  97%93% (cum.)† 
  • American Conservative Union (ACU), 2016:  93%91% (cum.)† 


Liberal Organizations

  • LEAP Forward Florida, 2019:  4% 

Luis Miguel’s Agreement to Florida


Fellow Floridians,

I, Luis Miguel, vow in this agreement to you that if I am voted into the Florida House of Representatives by the People of Florida, I will introduce legislation to:

*Apprehend and remove illegal aliens in Florida, eliminate all incentives to illegal migration, mandate E-verify, and establish criminal penalties for those who aid and abet illegals.

*Drain the swamp, shut down the Deep State, and end the influence of seditionists like George Soros, including by sanctioning and prosecuting them.

*Enact terrorist designations for Antifa and other violent organizations in order to dismantle them.

*Further secure our elections, including by having a statewide audit and by outlawing fraud-enabling technologies like Dominion and Smartmatic.

*Prevent COVID-type overreach from ever happening again, including by taking on Big Pharma, banning requirements of ANY vaccine for work or school, and prohibiting forced closures of businesses and churches.


RINO Hunter 1776

Warning! Language!

US Representatives for Congress

District 1--Mark Lombardo -- https://rumble.com/v1f07uh-florida-republican-primary-for-us-house-districts-1-2-and-3-august-23-2022.html


District 2--Neal Dunn (RINO but only option) -- https://rumble.com/v1f07uh-florida-republican-primary-for-us-house-districts-1-2-and-3-august-23-2022.html


District 3--Kat Cammack, but watch her -- https://rumble.com/v1f07uh-florida-republican-primary-for-us-house-districts-1-2-and-3-august-23-2022.html


District 4--Jon Chuba -- https://rumble.com/v1f4amn-florida-republican-primary-for-us-house-4-5-and-6-august-23-2022.html


District 5--Luna Lopez -- https://rumble.com/v1f4amn-florida-republican-primary-for-us-house-4-5-and-6-august-23-2022.html

Have been told by Mara that items above have been debunked. See https://defendourunion.org/candidates/mara-macie-fl-us-congress-representative-district-5


District 6--Charles Davis -- https://rumble.com/v1f4amn-florida-republican-primary-for-us-house




Greg Steube has dedicated his life to service and comes from a family that has been in Florida for five generations. Greg earned his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Florida, majoring in Beef Cattle Sciences and minoring in Agricultural Law. Upon completing law school, Greg decided to enlist in the U.S. Army after the September 11th attacks.

In the Army, Greg spent one year as a commissioned Airborne Infantry Officer, and three years in the U.S. Army JAG Corps, serving as a Captain with the 25th Infantry Division in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Greg’s service continued with his election to the Florida House in 2010, the Florida Senate in 2016, and Congress in 2018. Greg has utilized his legal and military background to build a record of accomplishment as a strong defender of conservative principles and the America First agenda. He is running for re-election in Florida’s 17th Congressional district, which includes Sarasota, Charlotte, and

Together We WIll Restore America

Right now the stakes are too high to sit back and hope for the best.  We find ourselves at a defining moment in history that demands integrity and personal sacrifice from its citizens.  The current political atmosphere is so toxic that most citizens fear for themselves and their family if they were to challenge the status quo. Cancel-Culture is real!


I am a lover of the United States Constitution and believe that “we the people retain the power” to self-govern and have the inherent right to live free from government oppression and interference. I further believe that all public servants should pledge to uphold
the U.S. Constitution and promote an America First agenda.


My Mission

Right now the stakes are too high to sit back and hope for the best.  We find ourselves at a defining moment in history that demands integrity and personal sacrifice from its citizens.  The current politi

The Change We Need and Leadership We Deserve


Election Integrity

One of the cornerstones that glues us together in America is having free and fair elections.  There are too many Americans that believe the 2020 election was fraudulently manipulated and thus stolen; this should be absolutely unacceptable to both Democrats & Republicans alike.  There are two questions that we must continuously answer after each election; was it secure and what does the public perceive about it being secure?  

In order to secure our process and restore public trust we must consider the following.

  • Stop the push to federalize elections and hold all involved to the letter of the constitution
  • Require voter ID because any argument with regard to voter suppression is baseless and only serves as a political talking point by radicals and our media.
  • If it is a computer with software or is connected to the internet, it can be hacked with the right motivation.  Therefore I am a big fan of paper ballots.

Secure Our Border


It’s about the People, not the Politics

The time has come to CHOOSE FREEDOM over fear.


Some people stand for all the right stuff and some people are wrapped in armor and FIGHTING for the right stuff. That is Carrie Lawlor. 

Carrie Lawlor is "We the People". She is someone who said "enough is enough". I have to change my entire life because our country is in peril. I have to literally fight all the swampy creatures. 

She is not going to Washington DC to "make nice" and build back better. She is going to DESTROY all the corruption and save our country. 


RINO Hunter 1776



The issues facing our country today should not be partisan. Placing people in boxes and choosing sides brought us to the precipice we are at today. It is time to work together and save the country we love.

Inflation is weighing on all of us. As gas prices climb and store shelves are sparse it has become an egregious tax on those who can afford it the least.

Government spending is out of control. While we send billions to

Re-Elect Kevin Adams!


Kevin’s Letter to District 1 Voters

I am a candidate for the District 1 School Board. With your support, I will work hard to keep Washington, D.C. bureaucrats from dictating how we provide education to our students.

Critical Race Theory (CRT), Common core, discipline in our class rooms, control of lunch menus in school cafeterias and yes, even trying to control bathrooms in our local schools--- These are all unconstitutional overreaches by our federal government ----which need to be challenged!

If re-elected, I will continue to be your warrior in the battle for local control of our school districts.

I believe that education of our children is best left to the States and local school districts.

I believe in home rule.
As a fiscal conservative, I will be a good steward of taxpayer money. I will not support new increases in property taxes because I believe government at all levels must live within their means, as citizens must.

I know too many of our friends and n

Kat on the Issues

July 16, 2022 voted with RINOS Cheney and Kinzinger to pass Defense Spending Bill along with amnesty for illegal immigrant children and millions more pork. So keep an eye on her!


 I want you to know that I will proudly stand with our President and fight alongside him for an America First agenda. I commend President Donald Trump for taking decisive action in all he does and for standing on principle against steadfast opposition and hatred from the Left. I promise to defend the American people, alongside President Trump, from the threat of socialism at every turn. I was proud to be a part of the 2016 Women for Trump bus tour in North Carolina, helping to get President Trump elected in a key swing state and I am looking forward to campaigning for him again this year in Florida.



Be assured that on day one, as your Representative, I will work with the Trump Administration to help build the wall and secure the border. You can al