Mara Macie, FL, US Congress Representative District 5



Term Limits

Career politicians have created a system in which the constituents are no longer the priority. These establishment politicians, from both sides, often compromise on issues that they believe their constituents may not notice in order to benefit themselves or special interest groups. This prioritizes the establishment and its power, over the American people. We need elected officials that not only represent their electors but also that want to and plan on returning to be among the electors, rather than using a position of elected power to enrich themselves. Term limits will help to prevent the ability for long term corruption and will assist to have patriots representing his or her neighbors on a consistent rotating basis which will keep the elected leader more in tuned with the voters.


The corruption that Americans have seen go unpunished for years has left them feeling that those in a position of power live by a separate set of laws than they do. We must hold all people and entities to the same standard. Corruption must not only be investigated but consequences must be faced regardless of who is involved in the corruption. We must investigate to expose, identify and correct corruption through investigations on everything from political prisoners, to Covid-19, to military leadership and the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and election integrity. The people need results and accountability from the government, not “Rules for thee but not for me”!

Border Security and Immigration

While we throw money that we don’t have towards protecting countries other than our own, we have allowed our own border to be a hotbed of crime and unsustainable illegal immigration. With open borders we have seen an increase in human/sex trafficking, American lives lost to drugs and cartel activity all while Americans are suffering from supply chain issues and inflation. With the administration sending illegal immigrants to cities throughout the country we find ourselves in a situation of needing to stop the influx and locate and send back as many illegal immigrants, who do not have a legitimate claim for asylum/amnesty, as possible. Unfortunately, this will need to be examined thoroughly and may require temporarily halting initiation of new processes of some forms of legal immigration, however still allowing those already in process to continue to completion. In addition, we must discourage the illegal immigration for both those desiring to come to the United States and those who employ these immigrants.

Military and Veterans

Veterans have seen diminishing benefits and gradually worsened care. Many struggle with both physical and mental health issues and find it difficult to have their needs addressed, only leading to a decline to overall health and in many instances the tragic loss of life. In addition, we see an attack on those currently serving in our nation in the form of medical tyranny and woke indoctrination training, even from alleged leaders within the DoD who, like the establishment, truly only seek to further their own importance, power and interests. Our service members protect our Constitutional rights and we must protect theirs. The patriots that have served us and our nation now need us to step up and serve them. We must do better for the Armed Forces. 

Medical Freedom and Mandates

After over 20 years of service, Mara’s husband is one of many service members involved in a lawsuit against the DoD over the shot mandate and its violation of religious rights of service members. In addition, an FDA approved vaccine, as defined by law, remains unavailable, which violates several laws requiring all vaccines mandated to be taken by service members to be FDA approved rather than authorized under emergency use. The administrative state has worked in collaboration with several agenicies to push the narrative that the current Covid-19 shots are safe and effective. Furthermore, they have intentionally used language to imply that the available shots are FDA approved.

Our medical choices, especially when refering to experimental treatments, are not to be mandated by any form of government. Under no circumstances should any agency be able to override our Constitution and mandate how Americans live. Legislators have a purpose in our country and it is time that power is returned to them and taken away from those looking to impose mandates, whether federally, at the state level, or at the municpal level. Requiring proof of a medical record in order to live a normal life in America is unacceptable.

Election Integrity

State sovereignty is an integral part of our country. All power that can remain at state and local levels should absolutely do so. However, when national elections are held, the outcome in each state affects all of the states. It is the right of our citizens to know that elections were held fairly, not only in their own states, but in all places that have representation in the electoral college.

Legislation must be in place to assure that states are not running their federal elections in a way that may leave room for fraud and no outlet for recourse to amend any such misconduct. In addition, any evidence of fraud in federal elections that comes to light needs to be investigated. There must be consequences for those found to be involved with these criminal activities related to our elections.