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Jeremy Brown’s Story

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Former Green Beret Jeremy Brown's message to DJ Trump

Our government agencies have harmed us.

I supported you and I will again. Three things must happen first.

  1. Admit you should have fired more people, more often
  2. Expose the FBI setup of January 6--NOW
  3. Admit you were mislead on the Covid experimental shots and have trials of those involved

If you will do this publicly, I will support you once again. AND I will offer to be FBI director, free of charge to the American taxpayer.

I will fix the FBI or smash it into pieces.

It is time to secure our legacies and restore our liberties.

Inmate 1875858 and candidate for Florida House of Representatives for District 62.

--Jeremy Brown

Pastor requests support for Jeremy Brown



I am a product of the American Dream. I am a Retired Special Forc

Luis Miguel’s Agreement to Florida


Fellow Floridians,

I, Luis Miguel, vow in this agreement to you that if I am voted into the Florida House of Representatives by the People of Florida, I will introduce legislation to:

*Apprehend and remove illegal aliens in Florida, eliminate all incentives to illegal migration, mandate E-verify, and establish criminal penalties for those who aid and abet illegals.

*Drain the swamp, shut down the Deep State, and end the influence of seditionists like George Soros, including by sanctioning and prosecuting them.

*Enact terrorist designations for Antifa and other violent organizations in order to dismantle them.

*Further secure our elections, including by having a statewide audit and by outlawing fraud-enabling technologies like Dominion and Smartmatic.

*Prevent COVID-type overreach from ever happening again, including by taking on Big Pharma, banning requirements of ANY vaccine for work or school, and prohibiting forced closures of businesses and churches.