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To maintain the cornerstone of our Republic, we must fully adjudicate the Presidential election of 2020. Several courts should have done the adjudication. However, each court that had the chance to strengthen our system neglected its duties. Therefore, Congress must fully adjudicate the election of 2020 in a congressional hearing, subpoena witnesses, and evidence to show the American people exactly what transpired in November of 2020. The trust that we have in our system of government is sacred. We must have complete faith that all legal votes are counted and that states only count legal votes. In November of 2020, the American people’s trust was broken by widespread irregularities, fraud, and the media’s commanding narrative that Joe Biden had won the Presidency and anyone who questioned this narrative would be labeled an insurrectionist, terrorist or be de-platformed.


We must reopen our economy, bring manufacturing back to the United States and gain

Meet Tina


Tina Forte grew up in the Throggs Neck area of the Bronx. She learned the value of hard work and love of country from her father, a Marine Corps veteran, and her mother, an entrepreneur. Tina learned that through perseverance and hard work, she could achieve the American Dream.

As a small business owner, wife, mother, and grandmother, Tina Forte understands the issues facing New Yorkers. Time and time again, politicians talk, make promises, and fail to deliver – Unemployment is still high, inflation is squeezing family budgets, crime is on the rise, taxes keep going up, and our schools continue to fail our students. Tina has been a vocal activist, fighting for families, and calling out hypocritical politicians. She has raised awareness for veterans issues, fought against draconian lockdowns and mandates, demanded schools open for students, and always supported our law enforcement.

Radical socialist politicians routinely degrade America and the dream it represents. They’ve vilifi


Most of Colorado’s congressional delegation subsists in a state of obscurity. Then there’s 3rd Congressional District Rep. Lauren Boebert, who breaks the mold.

Though her mildly bombastic style keeps conventional Republicans on edge, this Western Slope business entrepreneur stands as Colorado’s first nationally relevant politician since the era of Sens. Bill Armstrong and Gary Hart, and Gov. Dick Lamm in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s.

Her clear and concise messaging commands attention, even when the media contextualizes comments to cast her as another version of Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green or Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Boebert’s communication style more resembles that of Lamm, who never feared saying the unthinkable so long as he believed it.

Remember: “Elderly people” have a “duty to die;” society should scrap the Olympics; “multiculturalism” will destroy America; and we need to infuse “



RINO Hunter 1776

Election integrity is the cornerstone of our Democracy. Tim is proud to have led the fight for a full forensic audit of the 2020 Presidential election. Tim believes every voter deserves nothing less than full transparency in our elections. All cases of voter fraud MUST be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Tim Baxter is pro-life. Baxter is the only candidate in this race with a proven voting record of defending life. In the New Hampshire legislature, Baxter fought with other members of the New Hampshire Freedom Caucus to pass a late abortion ban. Baxter’s brother, Taylor, has special needs, so this issue is very personal to him. We must always stand for life, because we must fight for those that are the most vulnerable in our society, like Taylor.

America is falling behind on education. Every child deserves the best education possible and every parent deserves a say. Critical race theory is poison and this should not be taught to our kids. We must stop the “wo

Kat on the Issues

July 16, 2022 voted with RINOS Cheney and Kinzinger to pass Defense Spending Bill along with amnesty for illegal immigrant children and millions more pork. So keep an eye on her!


 I want you to know that I will proudly stand with our President and fight alongside him for an America First agenda. I commend President Donald Trump for taking decisive action in all he does and for standing on principle against steadfast opposition and hatred from the Left. I promise to defend the American people, alongside President Trump, from the threat of socialism at every turn. I was proud to be a part of the 2016 Women for Trump bus tour in North Carolina, helping to get President Trump elected in a key swing state and I am looking forward to campaigning for him again this year in Florida.



Be assured that on day one, as your Representative, I will work with the Trump Administration to help build the wall and secure the border. You can al



Term Limits

Career politicians have created a system in which the constituents are no longer the priority. These establishment politicians, from both sides, often compromise on issues that they believe their constituents may not notice in order to benefit themselves or special interest groups. This prioritizes the establishment and its power, over the American people. We need elected officials that not only represent their electors but also that want to and plan on returning to be among the electors, rather than using a position of elected power to enrich themselves. Term limits will help to prevent the ability for long term corruption and will assist to have patriots representing his or her neighbors on a consistent rotating basis which will keep the elected leader more in tuned with the voters.


The corruption that Americans have seen go unpunished for years has left them feeling that those in a position of power live by a separate set of laws than they do. We must

America First Patriot with Financial Background



Video of Introduction

Vote for Charles E Davis

For U.S. REPRESENTATIVE District 6 Florida

Hello… I’m Charles E. Davis and I’m running for U.S. Congress for District 6 FLORIDA: Geographically this includes Flagler, Volusia and portions of Marion, St. Johns’, Lake & Putnam Counties.


  • I have been in the Financial Investment Business for over 38 years.
  • I am 100% Conservative with strong Economic values and background.
  • I believe in enforcing All Constitutional Rights for Everyone.
  • We must Finish the Wall and protect our Borders against Illegal Immigration and Drug Smugglers.
  • I strongly believe Our Children’s Minds are the Future of the United States of America. Make Proper Education Great Again! 
  • I stand Firmly with growing our Powerful  Military Forces.  This will create Peace, not War.
  • We must improve  our Health Care and Benefits for all.
  • I st

Service Leadership Patriotism

Tom believes in service, leadership, and America. He retired from the United States Navy with over 20 years of service after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. His love of family and home brought him back to Minnesota, and his love of country and desire to continue to serve led him to run to represent Minnesotans of the 3rd District. Tom was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, and raised in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. He graduated from Eden Prairie High School and then attended the University of Notre Dame, participating in the Navy ROTC program. Tom graduated with honors in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and was commissioned in the Navy in 2001. He served as a submarine officer for over 20 years. Tom is running to represent his fellow Minnesotans in Congress to fight for the country he loves and to ensure that each and every child has the opportunity to live his or her American dream.

My story begins in the farmland of western Minnesot



I’m running for Congress to “serve” – not to serve big business, not to serve the political elites – but to serve everyday Minnesotans who are increasingly concerned about our country’s future.

“We need representatives in D.C. who serve their districts, because America’s future is at stake. I’m a native Minnesotan who served 9 years active duty in the Marine Corps (most of which was in the elite Marine Special Operations unit, Marine Raiders), with four overseas tours, so I know service starts with protecting our nation – not open borders and defunding the police. Congress needs to serve our children and future generations with schools that educate, not indoctrinate. And we also need to serve  hard working everyday Americans with an economy that grows while cost of living and gas prices don’t.

I was born and raised in Minnesota, and after 9 years of active duty in the Marines, my wife Marie and I returned home to put down roots in Prior Lake. We’


I’m Jeremy Munson. Father. Patriot. Minnesotan.

Since being elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives four years ago, I have stood up to lobbyists and special interest groups to fight for what is right for the people of Minnesota.

Over the past two years, our Republic and Constitution have been under attack. Since day one, I have been with you in the trenches, fighting back against tyrannical executive edicts and defending our Constitution.

I’ve fought for our liberties whether they were being trampled by our Governor, the corporate media, or members of our own party…


And now, with your vote, I am ready to take on the DC Swamp, Dr. Fauci, and the political elites seeking to destroy our way of life.

In Congress, I will support the America-First agenda.

As a member of the Minnesota House, I spoke at protests against Governor Walz’s lockdowns, offered the first resolution to end the peacetime emergency, and filed lawsuits challenging the Governor for unilatera


Diana is an unapologetic conservative Trump Republican. She is running for Congress because she believes that our nation is at a tipping point. Fringe liberals threaten the future of our country with the false promises of socialism. They stand in the way of President Donald Trump’s progress and economic freedom. The president needs an outsider like himself in Congress that has his back. The president needs someone that is not beholden to political games or special interests, someone who understands what it takes to build a business and raise a family. The president needs Diana Harshbarger.


Career politicians – from both parties – have failed the American people and East Tennessee for years. They have had years to solve the problems that plague every day families and have had decades to change politics as usual. Enough is enough. When America’s future, and the futures of her son, her grandsons, and so many others in East Tennessee are on the line, it is time to get Tennessee Tough

The Congressman Our District Needs

Born and Raised in Missouri’s Sixth Congressional District.  Dakota Shultz knows that our representatives in Washington are out of touch with the people they are supposed to represent. 


A Vision For The Future

I see a future where the people we elect to fill the roles in our government are actually representing the people’s best interests and not corporations.


Dakota has a strong determination and a great work ethic that makes him stand out.  He is passionate about America and helping rebuild the great country that we all live in.  Dakota believes in strong American values.  He also believes in the American Dream;  Anyone, no matter their Race, Creed, Religion or Sex can do or be anything they want to be.  As long as you work hard, set goals and are determined to achieve them.  The world is yours.  That’s the America Dakota loves.


The brainwashing of the youth of Missouri has to stop.  The disregard for facts and radicalization has be

Not a career politician; a man who serves country, community, and God.



Jerry was born and raised in New Madrid and Pemiscot counties in the Missouri Bootheel in the town of Portageville. His family farmed in the area, raising cotton, corn, and other crops. Jerry’s parents also owned and operated several full-service gas stations and garages during his childhood and young adult hood. Working in the cotton fields and tending the family service stations instilled a work ethic Jerry carries with him today. His parents raised 4 boys, Larry, Gary, Jerry, and Terry. All the Barham boys proudly served in the military during the VIETNAM era. Larry, the oldest, was killed in action during the Vietnam war in 1968. Larry’s life, and death, had a profound impact on Jerry’s life moving forward.

Jerry joined the US Navy in 1968, wanting to serve as his older brother had.  He attended Boot Camp at the Great Lakes Training Center in Great Lakes, Illinois.  From 1968-74, based

Meet Eric



Dedicated Family Man. Proven Leader. Proud Conservative.

I am blessed to have been the leading voice for conservative Missourians in both the State House and the State Senate. I’m proud of my conservative achievements and enjoy fighting every day for Missourians’ liberties and freedoms. Now, with radical Democrats in power in Washington D.C. attempting to destroy what made our country great, I am ready to take my proven conservative leadership to Congress to stand up for our southwest Missouri values.

A proven conservative and leading voice for constitutional rights and Christian family values, Eric Burlison is now ready to take the fight to Washington.

Eric Burlison, is a Republican State Senator, who represents the 20th Senatorial District.

Before his election to the Senate, he was a State Representative in the House, where he was named the Missouri Republican Assembly’s Legislator of the Year in 2011.

Eric has received 100 percent conservative rankings from leading national cons



Election Integrity

Our elections must be made trustworthy again.  If we can’t trust the counting of votes, we lose trust in our Republic.

Voting is a right, and with rights come responsibilities (please see my writings on the Second Amendment above).  

Citizens that choose to exercise their right to elect their representatives and thereby hold power over the State have a responsibility to declare themselves by their identity to that State.

The State may not compel you to reveal for whom you voted, but it must insist on publicly knowing who voted.  There is no reason for a Citizen not to declare himself or herself appropriately when voting.

No state currently has any laws that place an undue burden on obtaining proper identification, and all attempts to prevent states from identifying voters and preventing election fraud are obvious attempts to influence elections.

This issue will need to be raised to the Constitutional Amendment level.  In our current system, the individual states deci

The Issues


Missouri Republican Primary for US House Districts 3 and 4 - August 2, 2022
Rumble on RINO Hunter 1776. Specifically Mark Alford is at time 16:51. 

Secure Our Elections!

We all know that something wasn't right with the election in 2020. Multiple states circumvented The Constitution of the United States in the name of a man-made virus. We must bring integrity back to our elections!
  • Sponsor Voter ID legislation
  • Fight against “For the People Act”
  • Fully investigate the 2020 election

"Bidenflation" Must End!

The left's woke and broke agenda is causing inflation at levels we haven't seen in decades. We need to get back to stable and able.
  • Make America energy independent again
  • Reduce corporate and personal income taxes
  • Decrease federal regulations and red tape
  • Stop out-of-control spending
  • Hold China accountable

Finish the Wall!

Let's be clear, a nation isn't a nation without borders. We must put an end to illegal immigration and fully fund the completion of the border wall and our border patrol.



We must stand strong for conservative values and work to achieve goals that help improve the lives of all citizens.

I will keep taxes low, reduce the federal deficit, stop rapid inflation, regain our energy independence, secure our border, retain funding of police to keep communities safe, protect the benefits of seniors and veterans, ensure our children receive the best education possible, uphold the integrity of our elections, defend our Constitutional freedoms, and stand firm in values of faith and reason.

Primary Election: August 23, 2022
General Election: November 8, 2022

View/Update your Voter Info at:

We must protect the faith and liberty upon which our country was founded, as they are the source of our greatness.

  • Protect Constitutional Rights
  • Secure our Border
  • Accurate Voter Rolls
  • Pro-Life
  • No CRT Classes in School
  • No LGBTQ Classes in School
  • No Mandates
  • Low Taxes
  • Less Government
  • Lower Gas Prices
  • Reduce House Shortage
  • Finance Classes in School



No matter who




Our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms is absolute and I oppose efforts to create a national gun registry and other anti-gun legislation that erodes our gun rights. My strong support of the 2nd Amendment has earned me a career “A” voting record from the NRA and Gun Owners of America.


The U.S. national debt is now more than $30 trillion. Yet, the Federal Government continues to borrow over 40% of every dollar it spends. I will continue to support true spending cuts and a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, which is why I was named “Hero of the Taxpayer” by Citizens Against Government Waste.


As Former Chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus and Former Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Minerals and Energy, I have been a leader in Congress for U.S. energy independence. I’ve also worked tirelessly to open up federal lands in Arizona to reasonable usages for agriculture and natural resource development.


Core Beliefs

I am Josh Barnett and I am running to represent the people of Arizona Congressional District 6. As a business owner and family man, I have witnessed the corruption and disregard for our Constitution that is eroding liberty in our country. Instead of doing what is right, politicians are pushing legislation and bad ideas in order to advance themselves or their political party without regard for the people. ​ I am a loyal American who loves God, my country and my family. I believe that all people are created equal, and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, and that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. ​ I am committed to ALWAYS put people over politics. Please sign my petition so I can get on the ballot and deliver results for you.

Video Interviews


Why Rep. David Schweikert isn't For the People


Eli Crane is a faith-oriented, family man and is pro-life, pro-second amendment, and unafraid to take a stand against cancel culture and the radical left. He is active in Arizona as a brand ambassador for Sig Sauer firearms and as a former member of the national Advisory Committee on Veteran Business Affairs. Eli believes in giving back to local communities and helps support numerous vet organizations every year.


  • Eli knows that without fair elections, our Republic cannot be saved.
  • Eli will fearlessly fight for clean elections and will push back aggressively against voter fraud.
  • Arizona and America must reinstate Election Day voting, bolster polling sites, end unregulated mail-out balloting and enact stronger voter ID laws and stiffer penalties for anyone caught harvesting ballots or found guilty of voter fraud. 


  • Eli is the only candidate in this race endorsed by the National Border Patrol Council.
  • As a Navy SEAL in Iraq, Eli stopped terrorists from wre