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State Representative Anthony Sabatini


September 19, 2022

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m recruiting & training America First candidates to run for state & local office all throughout Florida for the 2024 cycle.

I will be hosting the first of several candidate trainings on 9AM SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2022 in Clermont, FL.

It’s time get real conservatives elected who will go on offense to defeat the Left, eliminate RINOs, & save our republic.

APPLY now to be a Florida Freedom candidate. Seats are limited, invite only.



August 24, 2022

BAD news for Democrats & RINOS:

I have 50+ more years of elections Florida politics--get ready

WORSE news for Democrats & RINOs:

I have a BIG political announcement coming this Spring--stay tuned

We have a country to save.--Rep. Anthony Sabatini



State Representative Anthony Sabatini is committed to earning his spot as your Conservative Fighter to represent Congressional District 7 in Florida — Volu