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RINO Hunter 1776

Warning! Language!

US Representatives for Congress

District 1--Mark Lombardo --


District 2--Neal Dunn (RINO but only option) --


District 3--Kat Cammack, but watch her --


District 4--Jon Chuba --


District 5--Luna Lopez --

Evidence has come to light since this video. See Mara has been a fighter from the beginning. She is active, knowledgeable, and America First. 


District 6--Charl

Ranked Choice for Alaska US House, District 1

1. Sarah Palin 10750674462?profile=RESIZE_400x

2. Randy Purham 10750676283?profile=RESIZE_710x

3. Robert Lyons


4. Tara Sweeney


You have to vote for 4 in the primary. Order is important. 

Here is a great video explaining these choices by RINO Hunter 1776.

As always, do your own research.