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Heard Don Bongino say something like this: Most Republicans in Congress are actually Democrats. No Democrat in Congress is a Republican. Most Republicans will trash us, but ALL Democrats will DESTROY our country. 

Yes, this means we are voting for the lesser of two evils. Do we jump into the hot springs of Yellowstone or into an active volcano cauldron? 

In the PRIMARY we fight tooth and nail to vanquish RINOS but this November we only have two real choices Republican or Democrat. All the write-ins, Independents, and Libertarians, etc.--simply split a conservative vote.  Vote Republican. Period.


The RINO Hunter explains when to NOT vote for a RINO. When to vote for a RINO. And why.

10810497071?profile=RESIZE_400xFirst we need to decide where we are headed for our country.

We want America First

  1. America First
  2. Responsible spending
  3. Lower taxes
  4. Policy and spending that is for America
  5. 1st amendment rights
  6. 2nd amendment rights
  7. Secure borders
  8. End abortion
  9. Strong defense
  10. Freedom in Education
  11. Protect v


2022 Commissioner Candidates

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The Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) is a 527 voluntary grassroots membership organization dedicated to advancing the principles of limited government, free enterprise, individual rights, and personal responsibility. Our national organization was founded in 1991, we are the oldest continuously operating organization within the Liberty Republican movement. We are the conscience of the Republican Party.

The RLC is not affiliated with, nor does it answer to the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) or its various County Executive Committees (REC).

RLC members advocate positions consistent with the timeless principles of the founding fathers that stand in stark contrast with existing party establishment.

We are committed to electing candidates who believe in and espouse the principles and positions of the RLC, AND HOLDING those representatives accountable once elected.



There are no free passes in the RLC as we strive to place pri


2020 Mid-Term Liberty Ratings

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2022 Candidates Endorsements

The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, founded in Nov. 2003, is a non-partisan coalition working to increase individual freedom in New Hampshire. We do this by monitoring bills in the legislative sessions and encouraging private charity, a civil society, and citizen involvement.

The NHLA reviews liberty-sensitive bills in each legislative session. Bills are evaluated based on their effects on civil liberties, personal responsibility, property rights, accountability, constitutionality, affordability, regulation, fiscal impact, and taxation. From this evaluation process we publish a weekly handout called The Gold Standard. We distribute it to members of the House of Representatives and Senate prior to their vote in order to give them an understanding about whether a given bill is pro- or anti-liberty.

These are the candidates endorsed by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance for the 2022 election for New Ham

RINO Hunter 1776

Warning! Language!

US Representatives for Congress

District 1--Mark Lombardo --


District 2--Neal Dunn (RINO but only option) --


District 3--Kat Cammack, but watch her --


District 4--Jon Chuba --


District 5--Luna Lopez --

Have been told by Mara that items above have been debunked. See


District 6--Charles Davis --

Ranked Choice for Alaska US House, District 1

1. Sarah Palin 10750674462?profile=RESIZE_400x

2. Randy Purham 10750676283?profile=RESIZE_710x

3. Robert Lyons


4. Tara Sweeney


You have to vote for 4 in the primary. Order is important. 

Here is a great video explaining these choices by RINO Hunter 1776.

As always, do your own research.