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To maintain the cornerstone of our Republic, we must fully adjudicate the Presidential election of 2020. Several courts should have done the adjudication. However, each court that had the chance to strengthen our system neglected its duties. Therefore, Congress must fully adjudicate the election of 2020 in a congressional hearing, subpoena witnesses, and evidence to show the American people exactly what transpired in November of 2020. The trust that we have in our system of government is sacred. We must have complete faith that all legal votes are counted and that states only count legal votes. In November of 2020, the American people’s trust was broken by widespread irregularities, fraud, and the media’s commanding narrative that Joe Biden had won the Presidency and anyone who questioned this narrative would be labeled an insurrectionist, terrorist or be de-platformed.


We must reopen our economy, bring manufacturing back to the United States and gain

Transparent, Secure, and Verified Elections

Tamborine Borrelli is the only candidate in this race with the experience, knowledge and ability to implement a valid solution to election fraud. She gained this deep understanding first as a board member of Election Justice USA (2016) and as the Director of Washington Election Integrity Coalition United (WEiCU) since 2020.


Honest Elections Could be as Easy as 1 – 2 – 3:

  1. Replace Washington’s insecure mail-in voting process with convenient in-person voting requiring valid I.D.
  2. Remove every ‘hackable’ electronic voting machine.
  3. Hand-count paper ballots at the small, local precinct level with full citizen oversight. Ballots counted on Election Night.

Borrelli is a Proven Advocate for Election Integrity

Unlike her opponents, Borrelli is not an ‘election season’ newcomer to fighting for Election Integrity; she has even taken legal action against another Secretary of State candidate in their role as County Auditor for not conducting transparent elections.




We need immigration reform that considers needs in agriculture, manufacturing, and technology.


We operate our homes and businesses within a budget. Congress needs to get out of the candy store and do the same with our national budget.


We must honor and defend those who care for and protect our safety, including our 2nd Amendment rights.


Regulations on our lands, including draconian control over water rights and usage, needs to change.


A strong economy yields capacity and capital for us to ensure we protect the environment.


We need to protect Eastern WA from the constant attacks born in Western WA.


As patriotic Americans, we find ourselves at the whim of a small but radical faction that seeks to control us, cancel us, and belittle our traditional values. And while they would have us reject America and its founding documents and beliefs, I propose a different path. We must r