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The Congressman Our District Needs

Born and Raised in Missouri’s Sixth Congressional District.  Dakota Shultz knows that our representatives in Washington are out of touch with the people they are supposed to represent. 


A Vision For The Future

I see a future where the people we elect to fill the roles in our government are actually representing the people’s best interests and not corporations.


Dakota has a strong determination and a great work ethic that makes him stand out.  He is passionate about America and helping rebuild the great country that we all live in.  Dakota believes in strong American values.  He also believes in the American Dream;  Anyone, no matter their Race, Creed, Religion or Sex can do or be anything they want to be.  As long as you work hard, set goals and are determined to achieve them.  The world is yours.  That’s the America Dakota loves.


The brainwashing of the youth of Missouri has to stop.  The disregard for facts and radicalization has be

Not a career politician; a man who serves country, community, and God.



Jerry was born and raised in New Madrid and Pemiscot counties in the Missouri Bootheel in the town of Portageville. His family farmed in the area, raising cotton, corn, and other crops. Jerry’s parents also owned and operated several full-service gas stations and garages during his childhood and young adult hood. Working in the cotton fields and tending the family service stations instilled a work ethic Jerry carries with him today. His parents raised 4 boys, Larry, Gary, Jerry, and Terry. All the Barham boys proudly served in the military during the VIETNAM era. Larry, the oldest, was killed in action during the Vietnam war in 1968. Larry’s life, and death, had a profound impact on Jerry’s life moving forward.

Jerry joined the US Navy in 1968, wanting to serve as his older brother had.  He attended Boot Camp at the Great Lakes Training Center in Great Lakes, Illinois.  From 1968-74, based

Meet Eric



Dedicated Family Man. Proven Leader. Proud Conservative.

I am blessed to have been the leading voice for conservative Missourians in both the State House and the State Senate. I’m proud of my conservative achievements and enjoy fighting every day for Missourians’ liberties and freedoms. Now, with radical Democrats in power in Washington D.C. attempting to destroy what made our country great, I am ready to take my proven conservative leadership to Congress to stand up for our southwest Missouri values.

A proven conservative and leading voice for constitutional rights and Christian family values, Eric Burlison is now ready to take the fight to Washington.

Eric Burlison, is a Republican State Senator, who represents the 20th Senatorial District.

Before his election to the Senate, he was a State Representative in the House, where he was named the Missouri Republican Assembly’s Legislator of the Year in 2011.

Eric has received 100 percent conservative rankings from leading national cons



Election Integrity

Our elections must be made trustworthy again.  If we can’t trust the counting of votes, we lose trust in our Republic.

Voting is a right, and with rights come responsibilities (please see my writings on the Second Amendment above).  

Citizens that choose to exercise their right to elect their representatives and thereby hold power over the State have a responsibility to declare themselves by their identity to that State.

The State may not compel you to reveal for whom you voted, but it must insist on publicly knowing who voted.  There is no reason for a Citizen not to declare himself or herself appropriately when voting.

No state currently has any laws that place an undue burden on obtaining proper identification, and all attempts to prevent states from identifying voters and preventing election fraud are obvious attempts to influence elections.

This issue will need to be raised to the Constitutional Amendment level.  In our current system, the individual states deci

The Issues


Missouri Republican Primary for US House Districts 3 and 4 - August 2, 2022
Rumble on RINO Hunter 1776. Specifically Mark Alford is at time 16:51. 

Secure Our Elections!

We all know that something wasn't right with the election in 2020. Multiple states circumvented The Constitution of the United States in the name of a man-made virus. We must bring integrity back to our elections!
  • Sponsor Voter ID legislation
  • Fight against “For the People Act”
  • Fully investigate the 2020 election

"Bidenflation" Must End!

The left's woke and broke agenda is causing inflation at levels we haven't seen in decades. We need to get back to stable and able.
  • Make America energy independent again
  • Reduce corporate and personal income taxes
  • Decrease federal regulations and red tape
  • Stop out-of-control spending
  • Hold China accountable

Finish the Wall!

Let's be clear, a nation isn't a nation without borders. We must put an end to illegal immigration and fully fund the completion of the border wall and our border patrol.