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Enough of the Nonsense!

"I’ll stop the nonsense and fight to return Louisiana, and the country, back to their great potential!"

I’m not a politician, but like you I’m fed up with the fools and fanatics in government destroying and our lives and freedoms while living by a different set of rules for themselves. It’s time for it to end!

Only a few short years ago, Louisiana was a state of economic growth, a worldwide tourist destination where millions came to celebrate its distinctive beauty, and one-of-a-kind food, festivals, and culture. Today, it’s a grim shadow of its former self.

Under Democratic rule New Orleans has become the murder capital of America! Homicides are up 155%, Carjackings are up 191%, and the homeless crisis is out of control.

Combined with some of the most burdensome business regulations in the country, people who once called Louisiana home are now calling it quits!

LA is 25th among states in total population, yet ranked 5th in people leaving, while surrounding states li

On the Issues


President Trump understood the danger of letting communist China take advantage of Americans would only lead to global chaos. That's why our country was stronger under his leadership. Now we have a “President” who can’t even operate a bicycle without falling over, let alone our storied country.
New Hampshire needs strong leaders in Congress, like me, an American small business owner who knows how to MAKE AMERICA FIRST by returning to our most prosperous policies of MADE IN AMERICA!
America First Bob Burns is leader of the pack. Vote Bob Burns for District 2.

New Hampshire US House, District 2 Debate

Endorsements--how good are they? America Conservative Union rates these endorsers. These show a RINO who became more conservative. Someone who only served one year. A clear RINO. And an amazing patriot who has consistently stayed conservative over the years.


RINO Hunter 1776 picks Bob Burns for District 2, NH

Bob Burns fights for New Ha

  • Choose the person who has made life and death decisions from Ramadi to the streets of NY and saved real people's lives!
  • Choose the man with the courage of his convictions, the training to fight and solve problems, and the discipline to see things through.

Vote Mike Rakebrandt for Congress to stop the Democrats from their destructive policies, and help take our country back!



I intend to legislate and support America First policies with an eye towards good stewardship of our district and our nation. I will work towards real infrastructure upgrades and an improved economic environment, with a focus on job creation and small business needs, while also protecting our natural resources. 


I will further support and legislate
for the following national and local policies:


  • Finish the wall to secure our  southern border
  • Fully fund ICE and

About Jordan



I come from a family of veterans and have served my country honorably for almost 9 years. I helped initiate two lawsuits against the unlawful shot mandates and I continue to help our veterans who are being persecuted for their religious beliefs. I am not afraid to fight and I will not back down. I will work tirelessly, as I always have, to fix our country. Help me bring integrity back to our government.  


  • Election Integrity- Audit 2020!
  • Medical Freedom- No Mandates 
  • Pro-Life 
  • 2A 
  • National Security 
  • Quality Education Teaching Pro-American values


The 2020 elections were unconstitutional! The current administration is destroying our country. We need to AUDIT 2020.  We The People deserve honest and secure elections! I pledge to do all I can to audit our elections, win or lose. 


We have a government implementing unlawful policy. We have a right to medical freedom- EVEN IN THE MILITARY. I pledge to do everything to keep


Christian. Constitutionalist. Conservative.

Regina Piazza, Florida State Senate

"As a veteran, I know what it means to serve sacrificially and I will always do the same for my fellow citizens. "

- Regina Piazza


2nd Amendment

I’ll be blunt. Red flag laws are unconstitutional.  The 2nd Amendment is the foundational right that equips you to protect all other rights. But red flag laws jeopardize and even outright violate them.  That’s why, in the Senate, I’ll work to repeal red flag laws, and I’ll support Constitutional Carry.  As a veteran and gun owner myself, I know how precious your right to defend yourself, your family, and your property is. And it’s a right that we must actively work to protect. The government does not exist to grant or allow freedoms – it exists to protect and defend them. Therefore, I will fiercely defend your 2nd Amendment rights in the Florida Senate, and I’ll make sure that our state continues to shield you and your rights from encroaching federal overreach.

Attainable, Sustainable Hous

Meet Charity

This is my country and I believe in her, and I believe in her flag, and I’ll defend her, and I’ll fight for her and serve her.
General Daniel “Chappie” James

10746020286?profile=originalI have been a constituent of the Second Congressional District of Wisconsin all my life, and I understand the frustration we all have when our politicians do not actively represent the needs of the people. For years, we have been represented by Mark Pocan and his Socialist Policies. It is time for our voice in Washington to be Of, By, and For the People.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of EVIL, is for Good Men to do nothing, as they must if they believe they can do nothing.”

~ Sir Edmund Burke
  EconomicsOur representatives in Congress need to remember that they are spending Your Money I stand for a balanced budget and responsible spending. The current state of our economy and the historic inflation rates we see every day are the direct result of irresponsible budgeting and spending in Congress. I will do my be



I’m running for Congress to “serve” – not to serve big business, not to serve the political elites – but to serve everyday Minnesotans who are increasingly concerned about our country’s future.

“We need representatives in D.C. who serve their districts, because America’s future is at stake. I’m a native Minnesotan who served 9 years active duty in the Marine Corps (most of which was in the elite Marine Special Operations unit, Marine Raiders), with four overseas tours, so I know service starts with protecting our nation – not open borders and defunding the police. Congress needs to serve our children and future generations with schools that educate, not indoctrinate. And we also need to serve  hard working everyday Americans with an economy that grows while cost of living and gas prices don’t.

I was born and raised in Minnesota, and after 9 years of active duty in the Marines, my wife Marie and I returned home to put down roots in Prior Lake. We’

Faithfully Serving our Schools and Communities

Chad decided to run because he saw a school board that was hostile toward concerned parents and indifferent toward teacher's struggles.  Chad will work diligently to serve the parents, protect the children, and advocate for the teachers.

Please follow Chad's campaign Facebook page  HERE


Parents need to be confident that their children are receiving a quality education without indoctrination and that the schools are fully transparent in all areas concerning their children.  Parents are the decision makers for their children. 

Teachers need to be confident that they will receive the support they need to succeed and are viewed as professionals with favorable compensation and a code of student conduct that is strongly enforced.

When speaking with people, the topic I get asked most frequently about is gender identity and sexual orientation.  My position is simple- schools should be silent on these sensitive, non-academic issues.  These topics shoul

Why I'm Running10544812461?profile=RESIZE_710x

I am running for Oklahoma’s State Senate to defend Oklahomans against further communist infiltration, and to change our path from godlessness to humility and hard work.

The rule of law is ignored because people do not fear God. The Bible is God’s word and is sufficient for leading a prosperous and peaceful life. Public officials need to appeal to the authority of Scripture more often and with greater deliberation. Elections should be one day, conducted using watermarked paper ballots, with results announced on Election Day.

Economics: China has launched a three decade campaign of unrestricted economic warfare against the United States. They exploit their cheap labor to lure our industries to China, flooding our markets with low-quality goods and decimating our manufacturing base. It’s time to seriously punish companies that sell out to China, so we can keep our industry right here in Oklahoma. Oklahomans should also be protected against debanking from evil bankers and pro





Our founding fathers believed that all religions should be protected. Fast forward, and now the Dirty Democrats in DC are destroying religious freedom by taking away religious exemptions for vaccinations. I will fight in DC for everyone’s religious freedoms.


Without election integrity we have a dictatorship; with a dictatorship we have no other rights. The fast erosion of our rights is why election integrity is the most critical issue for voters. I will fight to correct this injustice when I get into DC.


Everybody’s medical decisions are a personal responsibility, not the government’s business. There is nothing in the Constitution that allows the government to control your medical care, nor do they have the right to mandate forced medical care such as vaccines for your children. In DC, I will make it my responsibility to keep the government out of your health decisions.


The Second Amendment is very cle