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Meet Tina


Tina Forte grew up in the Throggs Neck area of the Bronx. She learned the value of hard work and love of country from her father, a Marine Corps veteran, and her mother, an entrepreneur. Tina learned that through perseverance and hard work, she could achieve the American Dream.

As a small business owner, wife, mother, and grandmother, Tina Forte understands the issues facing New Yorkers. Time and time again, politicians talk, make promises, and fail to deliver – Unemployment is still high, inflation is squeezing family budgets, crime is on the rise, taxes keep going up, and our schools continue to fail our students. Tina has been a vocal activist, fighting for families, and calling out hypocritical politicians. She has raised awareness for veterans issues, fought against draconian lockdowns and mandates, demanded schools open for students, and always supported our law enforcement.

Radical socialist politicians routinely degrade America and the dream it represents. They’ve vilifi

  • Choose the person who has made life and death decisions from Ramadi to the streets of NY and saved real people's lives!
  • Choose the man with the courage of his convictions, the training to fight and solve problems, and the discipline to see things through.

Vote Mike Rakebrandt for Congress to stop the Democrats from their destructive policies, and help take our country back!



I intend to legislate and support America First policies with an eye towards good stewardship of our district and our nation. I will work towards real infrastructure upgrades and an improved economic environment, with a focus on job creation and small business needs, while also protecting our natural resources. 


I will further support and legislate
for the following national and local policies:


  • Finish the wall to secure our  southern border
  • Fully fund ICE and




I. Utilize leverage over state assembly and senate to ensure full repeal of bail reform

II. Sign an executive order protecting qualified Immunity

III. Add resources to stop subway and train crime immediately as governor with majority control
of the MTA Board

Over the last year, there has been a national push to “defund the police” with the empirically unsupported idea that the police are systemically racist. This vitriol toward our law enforcement officers is dangerous not only for our police officers but for the New Yorkers who depend on local law enforcement to defend their neighborhoods from criminal activity. 

In practice, proactive policing is verifiable as one of the most ef