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What We Stand For


Accountability, Integrity, Transparency

Individual Rights Under the Constitution 

The bill of rights has repeatedly been infringed by The US Government. The right to Freedom of Speech and Protest was violated during the year of 2020. Innocent protestors were violently put down by the policing forces of those areas. The 2nd Amendment has been under attack and "debated" since this countries inception. I believe the Founding Father's were very clear and it can not be left up for interpretation, and it should not be infringed upon. The 4th Amendment has been under attack as well. All over the nation we are seeing illegal search and seizures of people's vehicles and homes. I will fight for and defend your individual rights to the last breath.

Government Accountability

There are 1,046 Federal programs without reauthorization from Congress to include, but are not limited to the ATF, DEA, The State Department, and The Federal Election Committee. I would see these programs audited

For a United Minnesota


CICELY DAVIS IS Unafraid OFHard Work

Born into a working-class family in Rochester, New York, Cicely moved to Minnesota where she was raised by a single parent and worked her entire life to build the success she has today.

When she and her mother moved to Minnesota, the lack of diversity presented a real challenge. But what Minnesota lacked in diversity was made up for in the realm of education, economic opportunity, and safety.

Now, she’s running for Congress to rebuild the Minnesota that captured her heart all those years ago.



CICELY DAVIS IS Unafraid OFSpeaking Up

When Barack Obama became president, Cicely found herself disappointed in his divisive leadership and empty promises.

Cicely was the State Director of BLEXIT MN, an organization founded by Candace Owens, where she championed entrepreneurship and empowers minority communities to escape government dependence.

As our congresswoman, Cicely will stand up to Marxism and end the weaponization of race by politicians

Not a career politician; a man who serves country, community, and God.



Jerry was born and raised in New Madrid and Pemiscot counties in the Missouri Bootheel in the town of Portageville. His family farmed in the area, raising cotton, corn, and other crops. Jerry’s parents also owned and operated several full-service gas stations and garages during his childhood and young adult hood. Working in the cotton fields and tending the family service stations instilled a work ethic Jerry carries with him today. His parents raised 4 boys, Larry, Gary, Jerry, and Terry. All the Barham boys proudly served in the military during the VIETNAM era. Larry, the oldest, was killed in action during the Vietnam war in 1968. Larry’s life, and death, had a profound impact on Jerry’s life moving forward.

Jerry joined the US Navy in 1968, wanting to serve as his older brother had.  He attended Boot Camp at the Great Lakes Training Center in Great Lakes, Illinois.  From 1968-74, based

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We need to return to curricula that concentrate on the objective standards in math, sciences, reading, writing and civics - the study of history, government, and economics. There is no reason to incorporate the social/political agendas in the curriculum.


I would like to see the Pledge of Allegience and a moment of silence reinstated to begin each school day. 


As a Marine Officer and Pilot for 21 years, I have served in many leadership & teaching positions including an attache' tour. I was a platoon commander and the head instructor/evaluator in three separate aircraft platforms. I left the airlines in order to be home with our five daughters, now 17 grandkids, and taught JROTC & coached for 22 years in Escambia County. After retiring I woked for SAIC as a Counter-Terrorism Instructor.


To maintain our educational system's quality, we



Election Integrity

Delete all current voter rolls. Everyone reregister.

Voter ID: we must use the same criterial used to receive a U.S. passport.

Insure voting machines are not connected to the internet.

In-person and absentee voting only; no mail-in voting or ballot harvesting.

Election judges for both parties on location at all times.

It’s the late ballots, the middle of the night ones, the stopping of voting calculators, the ones found in suitcases in somebody’s trunk, the lack of chain of control, the unverified signatures that are an issue. 


Massachusetts is currently working a bill that would give taxpayers the option to opt out of having their tax dollars used for abortion-related activities. This would be on the form used to file State taxes.

We are currently at up to 20 weeks pregnant to receive an abortion. How about we take that down to conception.

My body my choice is not an argument. Once you have another life inside of you, it is no longer just your body.

Mandates & M

Policy Issues


I believe that freedom is our most essential value and that it’s value most under threat in the United States. I will always fight to give you more freedom, not less. That means being an advocate for your:

  • Freedom of expression
  • Freedom to own a gun
  • Freedom of movement
  • Freedom of speech
  • Freedom to do business
  • Religious freedom
  • And so many others


Have you ever watched a Congressional Big Tech hearing only to be frustrated beyond belief when you realize that a LARGE number of our representatives don’t understand the technology they’re supposed to be holding accountable? I have. It was just another motivator to run for office. We need people who understand the algorithms and who understand how Big Tech is abusing our citizens by intruding on their privacy.

Trust Busting: I believe that Big Tech companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Twitter are monopolies who have grossly abused their power. Countless small businesses all over our country have been de