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The Issues


Missouri Republican Primary for US House Districts 3 and 4 - August 2, 2022
Rumble on RINO Hunter 1776. Specifically Mark Alford is at time 16:51. 

Secure Our Elections!

We all know that something wasn't right with the election in 2020. Multiple states circumvented The Constitution of the United States in the name of a man-made virus. We must bring integrity back to our elections!
  • Sponsor Voter ID legislation
  • Fight against “For the People Act”
  • Fully investigate the 2020 election

"Bidenflation" Must End!

The left's woke and broke agenda is causing inflation at levels we haven't seen in decades. We need to get back to stable and able.
  • Make America energy independent again
  • Reduce corporate and personal income taxes
  • Decrease federal regulations and red tape
  • Stop out-of-control spending
  • Hold China accountable

Finish the Wall!

Let's be clear, a nation isn't a nation without borders. We must put an end to illegal immigration and fully fund the completion of the border wall and our border patrol.