Shaun Clarmont, WI, US House, District 8

Shaun Clarmont, WI, US House, District 8

Meet Shaun Clarmont

Facebook Page

Hello, I want to become the U.S. Congressional Representative for the 8th District of Wisconsin.

My name is Shaun Clarmont.

I come before you with great concern for the future of our country. I am a Wisconsin native and I live and operate a small business in the Northeast Wisconsin community. I have established a solid business and I have lived a fulfilling life in the Green Bay area. For this I feel a great sense of obligation to give back to the community which gave me the opportunity to succeed. I am a God fearing conservative running on the Republican ballot and these are my beliefs.


I am a patriot and constitutional conservative.

I believe in one God and utilize Judaeo Christian values.

I am a gun owner and I support the second amendment.

I believe in free speech and the necessity of a free and honest media.

I believe in supporting our civilian police force.

I believe in America first and american sovereignty.

I believe in government transparency and a full audit of the Federal Reserve system.

I believe in secure borders and the vetting of individuals seeking citizenship in America.

I believe in American small business entrepreneurship and the promotion of small farming and localized industry.

I am an advocate for smaller government along with cleaning up the corruption within its walls.

I want to re-evaluate federal social and education programs and shrink them to levels inline with the states' needs.

I believe in a privatized medical industry without federal intervention.

I believe in the medicinal "Right to try Option" regarding personal health decisions.



From his Facebook page.


Endorsed by RINO Hunter 1776.