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On the Issues

RINO Hunter 1776 take on the Florida US House Districts 1,2, and 3

Gaetz signed a term limits pledge for 3 terms legislation. Well, this would be Gaetz 4th term. Hmmm....Gaetz hangs with Marjorie Taylor Green and Jim Jordan but they have NOT endorsed him. Hmmm.... Gaetz voted to take money from people (taxes) to buy the people's land to make it federal land. Hmmm...  Gaetz voted to extend an Obama program that requires truckers to retro-fit their trucks because of climate change fears. Hmmm...  Voted to repeal the Trump Administration reforms in regard to methane emissions. Hmmm... Gaetz missed 200 votes. Gaetz is a RINO--Not horrible but trending that way. He talks fiery conservative and one would expect him to be alot more conservative in his spending than he actually is. 

Bryan Jones would have been awesome but decided to get out of the race to help Lombardo defeat Gaetz.



Election Integrity & Cheating

The federal government should NEVER meddle in state elections