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Vote in Primary Election on August 9, 2022

[S]elections in Minnesota: How Machines Controlled 2020


An introduction to how machines controlled our elections in 2020 (and how they may in 2022) and what county commissioners, candidates, and patriots can do right now to make our elections trustworthy, for the first time in our lives.


The Machines Must Go

We've gone from "prove it" to "what can we do about it?" Here's what you can do...

If you do not accept the machines counting votes, make your voice heard at county commissioners meetings (every other Tuesday).

If no one is yet doing this in your county, be a leader. Speak from what you know and emphasize:

- No more rigged machines
- Paper pollbooks
- Hand tally (hand count) the paper ballots
- The MN legislature should also ban absentee and mail-in ballots (except for long-distance military)
- County Commissioners have the power to remove epollbooks, electronic voting equipment, and return to hand tallying paper
- County Commissioners are responsibl



Election Transparency

We must insist our elections are free from fraud, cyber-hacking, soft-ware manipulation, 100% safe and secure. No voting by non-U.S. Citizens.

Jo Rae is working with various Election Integrity groups to ensure your vote is counted as you intended. (Editors Note: Like Seth Keshel's Contract for America II)

Public Safety First

We cannot live our lives if our streets are not safe. The Number One Duty of the government is to protect the people. Jo Rae supports local, state and federal law enforcement officers that uphold the U.S. Constitution and Oregon’s Constitution. She will make public safety a top priority.

Economic Prosperity not Inflation

The Federal Reserve Board controls the economy, interest rates, manipulation and the flow of money, causing inflation and deflation. Jo Rae Perkins will insist the Treasury takes charge according to the U.S. Constitution. She will vote against raising the debt ceiling, will vote to ‘End the Fed.

Natural Resource Management


About Me

10605941089?profile=RESIZE_400x10605940300?profile=RESIZE_400xAlthough I am not a native, I have called Arizona my home for over 30 years! I am a true Constitutional Conservative, happily married wife, bonus mom & Nana, cowgirl, and a Registered Nurse. I am 100% a Trump supporter who thinks the RINO's have to go, an American who loves her country, and an Arizonan who knows we need change at the State level!


Presidential Endorsement Press Release

July 7, 2022

Today Janae Shamp had the complete honor to speak with President Trump after receiving his official endorsement of her candidacy for the Arizona State Senate LD 29.

"It was wonderful to talk with President Trump again and I am thrilled and honored to have the endorsement of our President! It is humbling, but it also gives me an even greater sense of responsibility for doing everything we can to win this race and put We The People back in charge of the State Capitol" candidate Janae Shamp stated.

"Janae Shamp, who was spurred to action by the Rigged and Stolen 2020 Presidential election, is



Dan stands with parents and teachers fighting against the Bloated Bureaucracy State Public School “SuperBoard.”

Dan stands for parental rights in the classroom.

Dan is against gender identity indoctrination in our schools.

Dan Cox stands against Critical Race Theory in Maryland schools.

Dan has protected our natural right to build firearms, a right which George Washington exercised to win our Independence.

Dan sustained the Governor’s veto of HB 4 - “Long Gun Transfer Act.”

Dan supports constitutional carry and shall-issue permits for full reciprocity in the U.S.

Dan stood against a Communist Party of China (CCP)-Style Gun Tracking bill with its patent in his Judiciary Committee.

Dan presented a Bill, “Consent of the Governed Act,” to re-establish Constitutional governance in Maryland, ending the lockdowns.

Dan spoke out against the lockdowns on State Capital Grounds in May 2020.

Dan stood with small businesses through the unconstitutional lockdown.

Dan opposed HB 403 which would allow Mar

Views on Election Integrity

Maelstrom News recorded Jenna last August after her 7 hour drive to Tallahassee to speak for 30 seconds on the importance of election integrity. They show her actual "speech" and an interview with her on the way home. 

About Jenna



There’s nothing extravagant or over-the-top about me. In fact, I’m just like YOU! I’m a hardworking, strong-willed Mother of two, and devoted Wife that became fed up with sitting on the proverbial sidelines, yelling at my television and made the conscious decision to run for Florida’s House of Representatives where I can be the voice for my Friends and Neighbors from my community.

 Originally hailing from New York, I made the transition here to beautiful South Florida with my Parents at a young age and found my forever home where my roots are firmly planted in the salt water of our glistening Atlantic Ocean. I graduated High School with honors here and eventually attended Florida State University in Tallahassee, right

Ralph Rebandt for Michigan Governor


Day One: Investigate the Election Fraud of 2020

On Day One as the 50th Governor of the State of Michigan, I will open an investigation into the 2020 election. I am the only Michigan Governor Candidate who was at the TCF Center and who witnessed election fraud and the breaking of Michigan Election Law. I will investigate who ordered and allowed the Detroit Police to keep out Republican and Independent Election Poll Watchers and Election Poll Challengers from the counting room, and who ordered and allowed cardboard to be put up on the windows to inhibit a fair and transparent election. If a full forensic audit has not been conducted prior to my inauguration, I will call for one immediately. But I will not stop there. Those who are guilty of the breaking of Michigan Election Law will be prosecuted. We absolutely must have free, fair, and transparent elections in order to survive as a country.


Endorsed by:

Southeastern Michigan Association Chiefs of Police

Free, Fair and Lawful Elections


We are blessed to live in a country framed by brilliant men, our Founding Fathers, who went to great pains and deliberations to construct a Republic that would protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all citizens. When our Constitution is violated, we must reinforce and defend it, for the sake of not only America, but the free world and all of western civilization.

When laws are broken, we must prosecute the perpetrators. When corruption is at play, we must end it. When the Republicans encourage us to “move on,” and Democrats block justice at every turn, neither party is serving the people. Tim Ramthun courageously investigated claims of fraud and spoke the truth. He won’t stop.

Representatives are not supposed to consider themselves members of an exclusive club for their own benefit. They are elected to represent the people, and the people know there was outcome altering fraud during the 2020 election. Those who look the other way and have