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Election Transparency

We must insist our elections are free from fraud, cyber-hacking, soft-ware manipulation, 100% safe and secure. No voting by non-U.S. Citizens.

Jo Rae is working with various Election Integrity groups to ensure your vote is counted as you intended. (Editors Note: Like Seth Keshel's Contract for America II)

Public Safety First

We cannot live our lives if our streets are not safe. The Number One Duty of the government is to protect the people. Jo Rae supports local, state and federal law enforcement officers that uphold the U.S. Constitution and Oregon’s Constitution. She will make public safety a top priority.

Economic Prosperity not Inflation

The Federal Reserve Board controls the economy, interest rates, manipulation and the flow of money, causing inflation and deflation. Jo Rae Perkins will insist the Treasury takes charge according to the U.S. Constitution. She will vote against raising the debt ceiling, will vote to ‘End the Fed.

Natural Resource Management