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  • US Constitution’s Original Intent
  • Second Amendment
  • Border Security/Legal
  • Immigration
  • Military Readiness
  • Education Reform
  • Election Integrity
  • Energy Independence
  • No Medical Mandates
  • Health Freedom
  • Term Limits

“Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid”

Here is some of what Sid wants to achieve, putting America First!

Sid Preskitt

Introduce Legislation to hold elected officials accountable to their Oath:“The Oath of Office Accountability Act”

Introduce Legislation for mandatory prison for anyone convicted of election fraud:“The American Election Integrity Act”

Introduce Legislation for health and medical freedom whereby doctors and medical practitioners have the freedom to practice medicine without restrictions for all types of natural, nutritional and integrative healing treatments. Your body, your choice, informed consent, no mandates.“The Americans Deserve Health Freedom Act”

Introduce Legislation to insure an America First energy policy prohibiting importing natural gas or petroleum when the U

My Platform



I am a beekeeper and I’ve got thick skin.  I have taken the stings of the bees to put honey on your table.

I will take the stings of politics to put honesty in your government.

From “Save the bees” to “Save our country”, I got this.  Vote for me, vote for my team, vote America First.



Restore Liberty

Stand for Health Freedom

Republican Liberty Caucus


Your Pocket Book

Inflation is hitting us hard, and with a $14 an hour minimum wage in Florida in the near future, we need to make sure that Gas and Food doesn’t rise along with it.

Inflation is real and our personal buying power needs to be protected against Federal takings.  Alaska gives back to its citizens out of the state’s prosperity.  Why not Florida?!  It’s a prosperous state! Let’s make the people prosper too! 

Your Family's Education

Let the parents be parents; teachers and school boards don’t need to control the way we raise our children.  I have had the fortune of homescho


"Sarasota and Manatee County residents need a fighter in Tallahassee who will keep the West Coast of Florida beautiful and free from political corruption"


Florida's Values.  America's Future.

  • Less Taxes, Less Big Government Spending

  • Introduce bills to fight the Drug Epidemic

  • Address gun violence

  • Take on drug companies selling addictive drugs

  • Help dog and cat shelters

  • Put drug dogs near schools to stop drug dealers from targeting our children

  • Support technical schools and give tax credits to businesses to train
    new employees in manufacturing skills

  • Support small clinics and hospitals in every community

  • Senior citizen support for medical, housing and transportation needs

  • Introduce bills to reform DCF and family disputes

  • Eliminate redundant state agencies

  • Limit payouts to politicians

  • Campaign finance reform

  • Improve transportation flow and infrastructure

  • Teach history based on facts


  • Stop Corruption in the Republican

Meet Nathan Wesenberg - The Conservative For Senate


Husband, Father, Wildlife Biologist, Lifelong Resident of Little Falls, and Patriot

Nathan is a wildlife biologist by trade, and a patriot by choice. As a husband, father, Christian and life-long resident of Little Falls, he can no longer stand idly by and watch politicians greenlight California Car Regulations, Tax Hikes, Spending Increases, Mask Mandates, Emergency Powers, and other atrocities that threaten your way of life.

You can count Nathan to be a bold advocate for the issues that matter most. Slashing taxes, protecting our second amendment rights, and standing up for your children (born or unborn).


Morrison County Record, Apr 14, 2022

“People want a fresh face who isn’t a part of the political class and someone who will fight for their values, not be a rubber stamp for party leadership,” he said. “Our country is not recognizable to the one I grew up in. We need to fight back now, to save our nation for our children



Speaking at Trump Rally

Election Integrity

Honest, fair and transparent elections are paramount to our nation’s future. I will advocate for Arizona and promote measures to ensure confidence in all statewide elections. I will do everything in my purview to ensure it is easy to vote and hard to cheat.

Protect Arizona Families

Strong families are the building blocks of a successful society. I will continue to support legislation that protects and strengthens the family. Parents should have the right to decide where their children attend school. I am and will always be pro-life.

Back the Blue / First Responders

I will always support law enforcement officers and first responders who work diligently to keep our neighborhoods safe. I support legislation to maintain all Arizona’s police departments funding and work to maintain stability in our communities.

Vaccine & Mask Mandates

Wearing a face covering or accepting a vaccine is an individual choice and should not be required by a governmental m

About Me

10605941089?profile=RESIZE_400x10605940300?profile=RESIZE_400xAlthough I am not a native, I have called Arizona my home for over 30 years! I am a true Constitutional Conservative, happily married wife, bonus mom & Nana, cowgirl, and a Registered Nurse. I am 100% a Trump supporter who thinks the RINO's have to go, an American who loves her country, and an Arizonan who knows we need change at the State level!


Presidential Endorsement Press Release

July 7, 2022

Today Janae Shamp had the complete honor to speak with President Trump after receiving his official endorsement of her candidacy for the Arizona State Senate LD 29.

"It was wonderful to talk with President Trump again and I am thrilled and honored to have the endorsement of our President! It is humbling, but it also gives me an even greater sense of responsibility for doing everything we can to win this race and put We The People back in charge of the State Capitol" candidate Janae Shamp stated.

"Janae Shamp, who was spurred to action by the Rigged and Stolen 2020 Presidential election, is

Why I'm Running10544812461?profile=RESIZE_710x

I am running for Oklahoma’s State Senate to defend Oklahomans against further communist infiltration, and to change our path from godlessness to humility and hard work.

The rule of law is ignored because people do not fear God. The Bible is God’s word and is sufficient for leading a prosperous and peaceful life. Public officials need to appeal to the authority of Scripture more often and with greater deliberation. Elections should be one day, conducted using watermarked paper ballots, with results announced on Election Day.

Economics: China has launched a three decade campaign of unrestricted economic warfare against the United States. They exploit their cheap labor to lure our industries to China, flooding our markets with low-quality goods and decimating our manufacturing base. It’s time to seriously punish companies that sell out to China, so we can keep our industry right here in Oklahoma. Oklahomans should also be protected against debanking from evil bankers and pro

Meet Senator Wendy Rogers



Protecting Our Forests And Water
I support clean water and protecting our forests. I support an increased budget for forest and water management as well as stiffer penalties for those who litter and commit arson in our forests.

More Jobs And Better Wages
I support heavily recruiting companies to come to rural Arizona to create jobs. We must protect the free market, keep regulations low, and keep taxes low. I support any and all ways to allow businesses to conduct commerce in Arizona. We must unleash the free market!

Better Healthcare
I support pre-existing conditions. We need to lower the cost of prescription drugs, provide transparent medical billing, and more healthcare options for our citizens. The time for better healthcare solutions is now.

Take Care Of Our Veterans
As a veteran, I understand that Arizona needs to do more to take care of our great veterans. They put their lives on the line for us, we need to help take care of them and their families. I will stri