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Freedom Fighter For Florida


I am in this fight at a great personal cost. I am not in this for myself. I am not in this to make friends in Tallahassee or to become an enriched career politician. I am here for the love I have for this great state. I want to make Florida better for our future children and grandchildren. I am in this to fight for you. I will be the most conservative legislator in the Florida Senate.

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Medical Freedom

We must end medical tyranny. Medical coercion and mandates violate our constitutional rights.

Election Integrity

We must restore confidence in our elections. If we refuse to make this right, the fraud will NEVER END. In 1st 30 days will write legislation to mandate one day voting, paper ballots.

Two-Tier Justice System

We must uphold law and order. We must put an end to a justice system that protects the radical left and ruling class RINOs in our state and country. There's a blatant disregard for our laws as t


Christian. Constitutionalist. Conservative.

Regina Piazza, Florida State Senate

"As a veteran, I know what it means to serve sacrificially and I will always do the same for my fellow citizens. "

- Regina Piazza


2nd Amendment

I’ll be blunt. Red flag laws are unconstitutional.  The 2nd Amendment is the foundational right that equips you to protect all other rights. But red flag laws jeopardize and even outright violate them.  That’s why, in the Senate, I’ll work to repeal red flag laws, and I’ll support Constitutional Carry.  As a veteran and gun owner myself, I know how precious your right to defend yourself, your family, and your property is. And it’s a right that we must actively work to protect. The government does not exist to grant or allow freedoms – it exists to protect and defend them. Therefore, I will fiercely defend your 2nd Amendment rights in the Florida Senate, and I’ll make sure that our state continues to shield you and your rights from encroaching federal overreach.

Attainable, Sustainable Hous



Election Integrity

Delete all current voter rolls. Everyone reregister.

Voter ID: we must use the same criterial used to receive a U.S. passport.

Insure voting machines are not connected to the internet.

In-person and absentee voting only; no mail-in voting or ballot harvesting.

Election judges for both parties on location at all times.

It’s the late ballots, the middle of the night ones, the stopping of voting calculators, the ones found in suitcases in somebody’s trunk, the lack of chain of control, the unverified signatures that are an issue. 


Massachusetts is currently working a bill that would give taxpayers the option to opt out of having their tax dollars used for abortion-related activities. This would be on the form used to file State taxes.

We are currently at up to 20 weeks pregnant to receive an abortion. How about we take that down to conception.

My body my choice is not an argument. Once you have another life inside of you, it is no longer just your body.

Mandates & M



Election Integrity

I will draft and support legislation that will: 

  • Allow the de-certification of elections and withdrawal of electors to the Electoral College by the Legislature after their certification.

  • Call a Special Session of the Legislature if the Governor does not do so.

  • Require all counties in Arizona to release a list of all eligible voters one week (7 days) prior to each election.

  • Require all counties in Arizona to do the following within ten (10) days of any election to:

  1. Release publicly the "Cast Voter Record" which is a spreadsheet containing a representation of each ballot and all voter selections that were counted on that ballot.

  2. Release images of all ballots, numbered so that they can be quickly found on the Cast Vote Record.

  3. Release, on the day after an election, an online sortable list of who actually voted; including the name, address, and precinct of each voter.

  • Require each county in Arizona to tighten its voter rolls, by eliminating deceased voters and those who are