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Speaking at Trump Rally

Election Integrity

Honest, fair and transparent elections are paramount to our nation’s future. I will advocate for Arizona and promote measures to ensure confidence in all statewide elections. I will do everything in my purview to ensure it is easy to vote and hard to cheat.

Protect Arizona Families

Strong families are the building blocks of a successful society. I will continue to support legislation that protects and strengthens the family. Parents should have the right to decide where their children attend school. I am and will always be pro-life.

Back the Blue / First Responders

I will always support law enforcement officers and first responders who work diligently to keep our neighborhoods safe. I support legislation to maintain all Arizona’s police departments funding and work to maintain stability in our communities.

Vaccine & Mask Mandates

Wearing a face covering or accepting a vaccine is an individual choice and should not be required by a governmental m