michael johnson (1)


"Sarasota and Manatee County residents need a fighter in Tallahassee who will keep the West Coast of Florida beautiful and free from political corruption"


Florida's Values.  America's Future.

  • Less Taxes, Less Big Government Spending

  • Introduce bills to fight the Drug Epidemic

  • Address gun violence

  • Take on drug companies selling addictive drugs

  • Help dog and cat shelters

  • Put drug dogs near schools to stop drug dealers from targeting our children

  • Support technical schools and give tax credits to businesses to train
    new employees in manufacturing skills

  • Support small clinics and hospitals in every community

  • Senior citizen support for medical, housing and transportation needs

  • Introduce bills to reform DCF and family disputes

  • Eliminate redundant state agencies

  • Limit payouts to politicians

  • Campaign finance reform

  • Improve transportation flow and infrastructure

  • Teach history based on facts



  • Stop Corruption in the Republican