Michael Johnson, FL, State Senator, District 22

Michael Johnson, FL, State Senator, District 22


"Sarasota and Manatee County residents need a fighter in Tallahassee who will keep the West Coast of Florida beautiful and free from political corruption"


Florida's Values.  America's Future.

  • Less Taxes, Less Big Government Spending

  • Introduce bills to fight the Drug Epidemic

  • Address gun violence

  • Take on drug companies selling addictive drugs

  • Help dog and cat shelters

  • Put drug dogs near schools to stop drug dealers from targeting our children

  • Support technical schools and give tax credits to businesses to train
    new employees in manufacturing skills

  • Support small clinics and hospitals in every community

  • Senior citizen support for medical, housing and transportation needs

  • Introduce bills to reform DCF and family disputes

  • Eliminate redundant state agencies

  • Limit payouts to politicians

  • Campaign finance reform

  • Improve transportation flow and infrastructure

  • Teach history based on facts



  • Stop Corruption in the Republican Party and Corruption in how money makes its way into political campaigns
  • Fight for the residents of Florida and residents of Sarasota County and Manetee county to preserve their way of life.
  • Every one has the right to vote. Voters rolls need to be cleaned up, clear and transparent voting processes and oversight .



The Status Quo Is Not Working...

The number one question I get is "Why are you running?" Political corruption runs rampant in our government at the federal and state level. In these troubling times, we can not have another political insider in our state congress. I do not have the confidence in the incumbent candidate running for SD22 to mantain their integrity. That is why I decided to run for this position. My platform is all about policy that benefits the average citizen, NOT what benefits corporations and special interests. 


Florida should be the best place in the country to start and run a business. In the State Senate, I’ll cut red tape and streamline the process to build wealth and create jobs. 


People, not politicians, know best how to spend their money. And efficient state government saves
all of us money and makes our lives easier.


Political indoctrination has no place in schools. The rising generation should be taught the truth about this country, including American greatness. Parents should have the loudest voices in their children’s education, and I reject any attempt by school boards to silence them. Our kids should learn practical life skills beginning in Grade 6, so they are prepared to be productive and responsible members of society by the day they graduate high school.

Election Integrity

Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of our democracy. Supervisors of Elections should be tasked with cleaning voter roles that contain names of people who no longer live at their stated addresses. This protects everyone’s right to vote while making it harder to cheat. I also support poll watchers who make sure that every legitimate vote is counted. After all, your vote is your voice!

Right to Life

I’ll protect the unborn as a State Senator. Protecting life means helping mothers and fathers as well as their children, and Florida should be the best state in the nation to raise a family.

Tough on Crime

Law enforcement agencies deserve defending, not de-funding! At the same time, law enforcement cannot be everywhere at once, and law-abiding gun owners are a critical piece of community safety. I support the Second Amendment as the founders intended, and I won’t let the government infringe on the rights of law-abiding Floridians to own guns 

Insurance Reform

Floridians are struggling with high insurance premiums, and I’ll create meaningful reform to reduce premiums and streamline adjuster processes. Your insurance policy should work for you, not against you, and strong consumer protections can make that a reality.

Health and Safety

The drug epidemic is a tragedy that must be stopped in its tracks. I will stand up to Big Pharma to make sure addictive painkillers don’t fall into the hands of dealers who sell them to our most vulnerable neighbors, especially impressionable young people.


Having clean water and preserving wildlife areas is vital to our way of life in Florida. Toxic, chemical runoff that pollutes our aquifers and waterways needs to be addressed. We need to keep open spaces and parks in our cities and encourage conservation areas for wildlife. Beaches are Sarasota and Manatee counties' most precious commodity.  


Last, but not least. I would like to guarantee medical, housing, & transportation services for senior citizens. I support small clinics & small hospitals in every community.