Carrie Lawlor, FL, US House, District 22

Carrie Lawlor, FL, US House, District 22

It’s about the People, not the Politics

The time has come to CHOOSE FREEDOM over fear.


Some people stand for all the right stuff and some people are wrapped in armor and FIGHTING for the right stuff. That is Carrie Lawlor. 

Carrie Lawlor is "We the People". She is someone who said "enough is enough". I have to change my entire life because our country is in peril. I have to literally fight all the swampy creatures. 

She is not going to Washington DC to "make nice" and build back better. She is going to DESTROY all the corruption and save our country. 


RINO Hunter 1776



The issues facing our country today should not be partisan. Placing people in boxes and choosing sides brought us to the precipice we are at today. It is time to work together and save the country we love.

Inflation is weighing on all of us. As gas prices climb and store shelves are sparse it has become an egregious tax on those who can afford it the least.

Government spending is out of control. While we send billions to Ukraine in their conflict with Russia. We have given up portions of our reserves to assist the EU in reducing their reliance on Russian oil all the while we are paying the price at the pump with costs more than doubling. We have shut down pipelines and we have limited our ability to drill for oil. We are no longer energy independent — they want us to buy from Venezuela. Petroleum costs factor into almost every aspect of our lives from packaging to supply chain. We need to become energy independent once again and not through unstable methods such as wind towers and solar panels. It is time we put the brakes on spending outside our nation and focus on our people here at home who need relief.

Supply-chain issues need to be resolved. We need to focus on feeding our families at home.

Some of the supply chain crisis has been manufactured in a sense. From preventing truckers from bringing supplies across the border due to vaccine status to shipping pallets of baby formula to the border rather than stocking our store shelves first is a crisis created by a lack of common sense. Close to 20 food processing facilities have had “accidents” which forced them to close since January 2021. Biden says its due to Ukraine — but we can see that there is so much more to the story than the blame game.


I believe we should respect and support our Police Officers. Back the Blue so they can continue to serve and defend our communities.

Officers place their lives on the line every minute they are on the job. This isn’t just a career to them, it is a calling. I am thankful that there are people brave enough to stand to defend us especially in times such as these.

Stop Catch and Release

When someone commits a crime (especially a violent one) it is not fair to society to release them on recognizance. Laws are there for a reason. We all have the right to due process and a trial by a jury of our peers. We are all innocent until proven guilty however, too many times people are “free to go” after having committed a crime and their trial may not be for months. To allow an alleged murderer, trafficker, or rapist free during those months can severely impact the wellbeing of society.

Focus on America First

Right now our government is focused on what is going on abroad versus taking care of the people in America. The US has provided more support to Ukraine than its neighbors in the EU. Why should we as a country bankrupt ourselves for a war across the sea? We need to reduce our commitment to NATO until others pay their fair share.

Larger than the issues in Ukraine is the fact that the US Government signed over the sovereign rights of its citizens to the WHO for whenever they deem it is an emergency. The fact that we have allowed a global entity to have control over our rights and that they can lock us down and force vaccinate is the greatest threat we are facing today.

We need to focus on America First and we need to regain our sovereignty in all aspects.

I believe parents have the right to guide their children’s education – the government does not.  

Critical Race Theory has no place in our classrooms.  When a child is born, they don’t differentiate who they want to play with, who they admire or who they love by the color of their skin… they judge people by how they are treated.  To say that one race is critical disparages others.  We all have one common bond — we all belong to the human race.  As Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Judge a man not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.”  That is what we should be teaching our children. 

I believe parents have the right to guide their children’s education – the government does not.   The government is not the parent of your children and their indoctrination of children through the education system must stop.   As parents we have the right to guide our children’s education.   Children should be safe and grow up without “grown up” matters being thrust upon them. 

Parents are not domestic terrorists for wanting to have a say in how their children are taught.  Parents entrust their children to schools for 8-hours a day, the schools should be held accountable to the parents for the care and education of the child.

I believe people have the right to bodily autonomy – not to be forced or coerced into a medical procedure by a government or employer that says you cannot work if you do not bend the knee and take an experimental vaccine.

I believe people have the right to breathe freely without restrictions. 

We are all free people.  We were not born with a mask on.  People have the right to breathe freely without restrictions. 

People have the right to bodily autonomy – and under no circumstances should they be forced or coerced into a medical procedure by a government or employer that says you cannot work if you do not bend the knee and take an experimental vaccine.

Any decision that impacts an individual’s body or ability to breathe is a matter between the person and their trusted medical professional – NOT THE GOVERNMENT OR AN EMPLOYER. 

It is a slippery slope if we begin to allow for mandates that infringe on bodily autonomy as once you give away your freedom you cannot get it back. 

I believe women, who have worked for so long to achieve equality, have the right to say no to biological men competing in women’s sports. 

Women as a group have long battled for equality.  We have battled in the workforce for equal pay and opportunities.  We have fought in sports to create teams and leagues of our own as we were not allowed to play in the men’s arena.  When men went off to fight in WWII, the women kept baseball thriving as a national sport.  When the men came back we were again told to sit on the sidelines.  I am grateful that women now have leagues of their own to play the sports that they want and that it is not just nationwide, it is worldwide.  This gives our children something to aspire to and role models to look up to.  We cannot dilute the sanctity of women’s sports by forcing biological women to compete against biological men in physical competition especially when these sports are played on a High School or College field that may determine the opportunity for scholarship and their future.

Trans women, should have a league of their own as well – but it should not be the same league as biological women.  Level the playing field for all players.

I believe our citizenship in this country is priceless and should not be diluted by granting the right to vote to non-citizens.

When a person comes to your home, you welcome them through the door — not the window. The same goes for our country. I am happy to welcome any person who comes to our country legally and with good intent. We have borders for a reason, without borders we have no country. We must keep our borders secure from those who may wish to do us harm.

I believe to save our country and our freedom we need to ensure our vote and thus our voice counts.

With the irregularities and fraud that occurred during the 2020 General Election there is no path forward without learning from the past. We need to #Fix2020 in order to secure all of our future elections. Until we go back to paper ballots our elections can be manipulated.

When I am elected to Congress, I will fight to ensure that we remain free on paper and obtain freedom in fact.

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Red America First 07-06-22 debate with Carrie Lawlor and Kelly Nash



America, as it was intended by our forefathers, was to be free.  We were not founded by politicians; we were forged by the will of the everyday person who believed in freedom.  It is time to go back to our roots.  It is time for the people to take back the government and make it work for us.  It is time to embrace freedom… while we are still free on paper.

It is time to embrace freedom while we are still free on paper

I am an American, a wife, a mother and a Patriot.  I was raised by hard working parents who instilled in me a strong faith in God and the values that made me who I am today.  They fought hard to give me the opportunity to go to college, to be able to speak freely, and to build a better life.  Growing up in Elmhurst, NY gave me the opportunity to experience and embrace the many cultures that make up the American experience.  We are all better together.  As a result, I have been blessed to know people from all walks of life.  My experience in the business, legal, and financial realms provided me the unique perspective on how legislation impacts everyday Americans and that now more than ever, we need to ensure that the government has the people’s interest at the forefront – not the lobbyists.  It is our job to make sure the American dream continues to live on and is not written off as an idea that has no more weight than a fairy tale.  We are America.  Our country was founded by the bartender, the printer, the blacksmith, the everyday common man, the people – and today, we must ensure that our country and its people are free, as God and our forefathers intended.